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Then and served
Then comes the choripán ( a kind of spiced sausage made with pork or lamb and placed between two slices of bread ), and lastly meat such as asado de tira, vacío ( hindquarter ), lomo ( tenderloin ), colita de cuadril ( rump ), matambre ( rolled stuffed steak cut into slices and served cold ), entraña ( innards ); the list is never-ending.
Then they would shake the shaker either by hand or by machine before it is served.
Then the cake is served to the guests.
Then the wealthiest community in Texas, Independence had won the bid for Baylor College, where Burleson served as second president.
Burgh Island is closely linked to Agatha Christie, as it served as the inspirational setting for both And Then There Were None as well as the Hercule Poirot mystery Evil Under the Sun. The hotel and its eloquent Art Deco styling was also a bolt hole in the 1930s for the likes of London's rich and famous, including Noël Coward.
Then a flour-water paste ( add fat, and it becomes pastry ), wrapped around meat, served to: cook the meat ; seal in the juices ; and provide a lightweight sealed holder for long sea journeys.
Then, as now, Hugo ’ s businesses served an area extending as far north as Kent, Speer, Hamden, and nearly to Rattan.
Then from 1903 through 1930, the village was served by the Rockford & Interurban RR., an electric line with frequent passenger service from Rockford or Pecatonica and Freeport.
Then, Cornelius Bernhard Hanssen served from 1900 to 1921, interrupted by Bernhard Severin Sannerud in the years 1916 through 1918.
Then it was proposed that all the colored people sit in the back corner and get served there, again the group declined.
Then he served as the sports editor of the Press and the Sun Press until 1929.
Then, after two years as Commandant of the Army Service School in Fort Leavenworth, he served three years as Commander of the Department of Luzon in the Philippines, then was briefly shifted to the same role in the Hawaiian Department ( 3 April 1913 to 22 January 1914 ).
Then, on 70 minutes, the Red Star defence broke down a Bayern attack and Pančev served Savićević perfectly, who ran from centre to the penalty area, and was untouchable for Kohler and Aumann, the result was 1-2 and about 15, 000 Red Star fans on the north tribune celebrated the victory.
Then he served briefly as the CAR's ambassador to Canada — replacing Sylvestre Bangui — and the Federal Republic of Germany before being named Minister of in March 1979.
Then Blakeney served on the board of directors of the successor corporation.
Then he served as Director of the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory and as Executive Vice President of the Midwest Research Institute from 1997-2005.
Then from 1991 to 2005 Wallace P. Carson, Jr. served as chief justice of the court for a record 14 years.
Then Father Hoffman, who had served in Europe began to advance the cause to Vatican officials.
He has also recorded and performed as a solo artist, and served as a guitarist, songwriter and record producer for the likes of Duran Duran, Robert Palmer, Rod Stewart, The Almighty, Thunder, Love and Money, Mark Shaw, Then Jerico, C. C. Catch, Paul Rodgers ( with The Law ), Belinda Carlisle, Gun and many more.
Then on the first of August 1934 he was transferred to The Chief Directorate of Camps and Labour Colonies well known as GULAG, where he served to 1937, mainly as operative officer in 3rd Section of Security Department of GULAG of the NKVD.
Then, on the eve of their Glorification will be served an especially solemn Requiem, known as the " Last Panikhida.
Then, in June 1962, Johnson retired from the active ranks again and served out the year as Baltimore's bullpen coach.
Then from 1938 to 1941, he served as Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Tanganyika Territory British Mandate.
Then, Celebrezze served as an assistant prosecutor in the Cuyahoga County, Ohio prosecutor's office.
Then he served in the 71st Belev regiment, and in 1866-1868 studied at the Moscow Infantry School.

Then and State
Then in 1947 he opened the Wills Point nightclub in Sacramento and continued touring the Southwest and Pacific Northwest from Texas to Washington State.
Then the drugs were transported to coastal towns in Tamil Nadu such as Tuticorin, Rameswaram, Ramanathapuram, Nagapattinam and Kochi, in Kerala State.
Then Senate President and Democratic National Committeeman Kenneth McClintock, former Sen. Roberto Prats, Puerto Rico's Democratic State Chair and former PDP gubernatorial candidate José Alfredo Hernández Mayoral were appointed co-chairs of Sen. Hillary Clinton's National Hispanic Leadership Council while Young Democrats of America Democratic National Committeeman Francisco Domenech co-chaired Clinton's young professionals organization.
Then, in December 1965 and March 1966, Nature and The Lancet published the first preliminary reports by British cytogeneticist Patricia Jacobs and colleagues at the MRC Human Genetics Unit at Western General Hospital in Edinburgh of a chromosome survey of 315 male patients at The State Hospital outside Carstairs, Lanarkshire — Scotland ’ s only special security hospital for the developmentally disabled — that found nine patients, ages 17 to 36, averaging almost 6 ft. in height ( avg.
Then in November the New York State Police raided the infamous Apalachin Meeting in rural Apalachin, New York.
Then after a lengthy search for contractors by the State of Kentucky's Division of Abandoned Mine Lands, work commenced on the largest tract, a tract once part of the now defunct Green Coal Company.
Then, only one day later, the State of Alabama was admitted into the Union as the 22nd state on December 14, 1819.
Then in 1983 the college received university status and afterwards became part of the state university system as Eastern Connecticut State University.
Then she played NCAA basketball for Ball State University.
Then State Senator Dudley J. LeBlanc of Abbeville in Vermilion Parish, the promoter of the patent medicine known as Hadacol, was invited to crown the first Peach Festival Queen, Ann Colvin of Bernice in Union Parish.
Then TKCSA sued Alexandre Pessoa Dias, research professor of the Joaquim Venâncio Polytechnic School of Health ( EPSJV – Fiocruz ) and the biologist Monica Cristina Lima, from Pedro Ernesto University Hospital and board member of the Public University Workers Union of Rio de Janeiro State ( Sintuperj ).
Then when the new State Constitution took effect in 1792 he continued, now as governor.
Then, in November 2004, the Government introduced an amendment in the Lords which wholly removed references to the Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs, changing them to ones about the Lord Chancellor, with the positions of Secretary of State and Lord Chancellor envisaged as being held by the same person.
Then the body was transported to Little Rock to lie in state in the rotunda of the Arkansas State Capitol.
Then, Dr. Octopus took the ambassador of the newly-formed Free Palestinian State hostage, demanding that in exchange for the ambassador's freedom, Spider-Man would meet him in Times Square and unmask himself in front of the world.
Then, in the poolroom at Chicago's Musicians ' Union on State & 39th, Earl Hines met Louis Armstrong.
Then State Senator Harold Montgomery, State Representative, Parey Branton, Mayor Frank T. Norman, and other local officials presented Hennigan with a signed document of his accomplishments.
Then, after she takes on the Parliament Robe of State and Imperial State Crown in the Robing Chamber, the Queen proceeds through the Royal Gallery to the House of Lords, usually accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and immediately preceded by the Lord Great Chamberlain and the Earl Marshal, and by one peer ( usually the Leader of the House of Lords ) carrying the Cap of Maintenance on a white rod, and another peer ( generally a retired senior military officer ) carrying the Great Sword of State.
Then he became Secretary of State for Local Government and Regional Planning until the election defeat of June 1970.
Then, New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey called upon him to head the state commission that laid the groundwork for the State University of New York system.
Then on 19 June 2009 the SBI board approved the merger of its subsidiary, State Bank of Indore, with itself.

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