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Page "adventure" ¶ 240
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

There and was
There was more to this than Jones had told him.
There was no one but me.
There was a ragged volley.
There was only one place where Jake Carwood's description had gone badly awry: the peace and quiet.
There was an artificial lake just out of sight in the first stand of trees, fed by a half dozen springs that popped out of the ground above the hillside orchard.
There was no chance.
There was no moon.
There a dozen giant monitors played their seventy-five-foot jets of water against the huge seam of tertiary gravel which was the mountainside.
There was only one place where the mountain might receive her -- that unnamed, unnameable pool harbored in its secret bosom.
There was a peculiar density about it, a thick substance that could be sensed but never identified, never actually perceived.
There was some idle talk, a listless discussion of this or that small happening during the day's drive.
There was to be no gunplay.
There was a light in Black's front room, but drawn curtains prevented any view of the interior.
There was no lock on the door, only an iron hook which he unfastened.
There was raw fury in his eyes, and the veins of his neck were swollen.
There was a feeling that this mission would be canceled like all the others and that this muddy wet dark world of combat would go on forever.
There was not enough room to make the usual vertical bomb run.
There was, of course, no way for the other planes to get by them.
There was no time to pick out a penny ; ;
There was a blur just under my focus of vision, a crash ; ;
There had been a good second or two during which my muffler had been blowing out, and now I was certain I'd seen her somewhere before.
There was something about the contour of her face, her smile that was like New Orleans sunshine, the way she held her head, the way she walked -- there was scarcely anything she did which did not fascinate me.

There and brush
There, although the time he spent in administrative duties slowed the flow of paintings from his brush, he executed Antiochus and Stratonice ( executed for Louis-Philippe, duc d ' Orléans ), Portrait of Luigi Cherubini, and the Odalisque with Slave, among other works.
There are 12 basic brush strokes and the same number of related turning traces, thus each sign can be reduced to a numeric code, that also serves to describe the most likely brush stroke sequence.
There are also Currawongs, Noisy Pittas, King parrots, Crimson rosellas, Wonga pigeons and brush turkeys.
There is little documentation from the man or time to explain why his brush was stilled.
There are many techniques to produce an acceptable wash, but the student method is to tilt the paper surface ( usually after fixing it to a rigid flat support ) so that the top of the wash area is higher than the bottom, then to apply the paint in a series of even, horizontal brush strokes in a downward sequence, each stroke just overlapping the stroke above to pull downward the excess paint or water ( the " bead "), and finally wicking up the excess paint from the last stroke using a paper towel or the tip of a moist brush.
There, he turned face and was given a gimmick that saw him proclaim that he was " Just a Regular Guy ", for which he was featured in vignettes and backstage segments showing him in normal situations that were then augmented by " disgusting " antics such as brushing his teeth and his dogs teeth with the same brush and eating food from the floor.
There are some unusual examples of watermedia being diluted with Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or tequila instead of water, and painter Johnny O ' Brady has " added tea to brush water ".
There are three main types of bulldozer blades: a U-blade for pushing and carrying dirt relatively long distances, a straight blade for " knocking down " and spreading piles of dirt, and a brush rake for removing brush and roots.
There will be a tokonoma ( scroll alcove ) holding a scroll of calligraphy or brush painting, and perhaps a small, simple, flower arrangement called a chabana ( 茶花 ), but no other decoration.
There are altogether 160, 000 Chinese characters in 152 lines, written with brush and ink.
There is even a practice mode for younger girls who wish to brush up on their tennis skills before taking on the real competition.
" Another Iraqi official said: " There are brush fires burning out of control all over the place from terrorists and insurgents, and he starts a new bonfire in Najaf.
There are several paths that go through the brush and cacti.
There are variable cream to rust-colored areas on the sides and top of the muzzle, chin, and as a " brush stroke " running backwards under the eye.
There are also a number of abbreviations and notations used exclusively or almost exclusively in handbell music: LV (" laissez vibrer " or " let vibrate ," similar to a piano's sustain pedal ); R (" ring ," regular ringing or meaning to end the LV ); SK (" shake ," i. e. shaking the bell continuously during the duration of the note ); TD (" thumb damp " — ringing the bell with a thumb on the casting to create a staccato note ); PL (" pluck ," which means to throw down the clapper while the bell lies on the table ); a small, solid triangle (" martellato " — to strike bell against padding of the table, pushing the casting firmly against padding as to quickly dampen sound ); SW (" swing " — to play the bell in a normal position, swing it down to the waist, then bring it back up ); BD (" brush damp ," brushing the rim of the bell against the ringer's chest to cause a quick diminuendo ); and an upward arrow, usually with a curve at the bottom (" echo ," — ringing the bell and then touching it very briefly to the table, creating an echo effect ).
There are many different kinds of discs that are used for various materials and tasks, such as cut-off discs ( diamond blade ), abrasive grinding discs, grinding stones, sanding discs, wire brush wheels and polishing pads.
There were also bonus boards, which were surreal objects replacing the snowboard, such as a penguin, a NES controller, a paint brush, and a very fast rocket.
There are countless brush artists who carry on the tradition, not only in the US but across the globe — The Doc in Compton, Preacher ( Peter McDermott ) in San Antonio Texas, Steve Kafkain Arizona, Alton Gillespie in Fort Worth, Texas, Victor in Nebraska, Morkel Snorkel in Amherst, Alan Johnson Blairstown, New Jersey, Cliff Anderson Minneapolis, Minnesota, Gator in Tennessee, One Arm Bandit in New England, Anthony White in Florida, SCORCH ( Lee Daniel ) in Central California / Oklahoma, MWM from Hot Rod Surf in San Diego, KONG in San Diego, Brando in Chicago, Tommy " Itchy " Otis in Los Angeles, Von Hot Rod, and Herb Martinez to name a few of the US stripers.
There is a generalized notion of other " scholar " objects including roots and natural brush rests.
There is also a biologically diverse area of larger trees and mid-growth brush in an immediate westerly direction to this area.
There was also a sleeve for the insertion of a brush plume.

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