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These and terms
These responses are explicable in terms of characteristics inherent in the crisis.
These differences in turn result from the fact that my Yokuts vocabularies were built up of terms selected mainly to insure unambiguity of English meaning between illiterate informants and myself, within a compact and uniform territorial area, but that Hoijer's vocabulary is based on Swadesh's second glottochronological list which aims at eliminating all items which might be culturally or geographically determined.
These Arminians reject the concept of individual election entirely, preferring to understand the doctrine in corporate terms.
These machines were similar in technological terms to the 2600, but sold for much higher prices with associated higher profit margins.
These terms are histologic, in that a microscope is necessary to differentiate between the two.
These loanwords are three Greek musical terms.
These are often the same person, and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.
These terms are still observed, and the collection occupies room 45.
These approaches interpret the works of Christ in terms of his divinity.
These terms in the apparent acceleration are independent of mass ; so it appears that each of these fictitious forces, like gravity, pulls on an object in proportion to its mass.
These polar unit vectors can be expressed in terms of Cartesian unit vectors in the x and y directions, denoted i and j respectively :< ref > Note: unlike the Cartesian unit vectors i and j, which are constant, in polar coordinates the direction of the unit vectors u < sub > r </ sub > and u < sub > θ </ sub > depend on θ, and so in general have non-zero time derivatives .</ ref >
These terms refer to the level of sophistication of a data warehouse:
These generic forms are explored on the University of Winchester Journalism Department ' features web ' where ' long form journalism ' is classified by genre or content, rather than in terms of production as film, radio or ' print '.
These terms by themselves are not very precise, and many subtle intermediate cases exist.
These were by far the most serious attacks on Australia in time of war, in terms of fatalities and damage.
These terms, however, do not apply to other beneficiaries of government spending such as tax incentives and military spending.
These terms refer to the carbon atom in deoxyribose to which the next phosphate in the chain attaches.
These terms are normally used with the definite article in Goidelic languages, causing lenition in all cases: An Cháisc, A ' Chàisg and Y Chaisht.
These extra terms are responsible for electromagnetic radiation.
These terms refer to how the current varies in time.
These terms, like their relatives in other European languages, are no longer clearly distinguished in popular folklore.
These measurements can be considered as secondary realizations ( in a metrological sense ) of the primary definition of ET in terms of the solar motion, after a calibration of the mean motion of the Moon with respect to the mean motion of the Sun.
These terms may indicate personal attributes, location of origin, occupation, parentage, patronage, adoption, or clan affiliation.
These units are defined to be independent and so cannot be described in terms of each other.

These and have
These illiterate boors conscripted from villages all across the Czarina's empire had, Suvorov may have told Lewis, just two things a commander could count on: physical fitness and personal courage.
These new poems have only a few direct references to jazz and jazz musicians, but they show changes in Patchen's approach to his poetry, for he has tried to enter into and understand the emotional attitude of the jazz musician.
These have never gone out of style in Scandinavian homes and now seem to be reappearing here and there in shops which specialize in handicrafts.
These gentlemen already have done the party harm by their seeming reluctance to vote aid for the depressed areas and by their criticism of Mr. Kennedy for talking about a recession and unemployment.
These proposals would reduce the amount of tax that DuPont stockholders might have to pay -- from an estimated 1.1 billion dollars under present law to as little as 192 million dollars.
These arrangements would have been impossible if the business community was truly interested in the welfare of its employes.
These forty-seven special purpose governments have the authority to levy taxes, to borrow money, own property, sue and be sued, and in general to exercise normal corporate powers.
These registries are sponsored by 18 national medical, dental, and veterinary societies and have as their mission the assembling of selected cases of interest to military medicine and of establishing through the mechanism of follow-up of living patients the natural history of various diseases of military-medical importance.
These thermometers have now been sent to the United Kingdom for calibration at the National Physical Laboratory.
These provisions are designed to reflect the differences in wealth and population among the States, with the objective that a vocationally handicapped person have access to needed services regardless of whether he resides in a State with a low or high per capita income or a sparsely or thickly populated State.
These could be costly and have a serious effect both at home and abroad.
These destructive forces also have a seriously adverse effect upon the watersheds and their life-supporting waterflows, and upon the other renewable forest resources.
These specialists, I learned, have done a great deal of work to improve the size and health of the plants and the resulting flowers.
These engines have a cylinder diameter of 3-7/8 inches and a stroke length of 3 inches.
`` These recent steps do not offer the possibility of extension to the great number of senior engineers who have displayed technical competence.
These have to do with property rights, municipal official attitudes and a host of others.
These vehicles, with large sensitive areas, have collected data for long enough times to give reliable impact rates for the periods of exposure.
These dosages could have been increased by increasing the source strength which was small in this case.
These have been labeled Regions 1, 2, and 4, respectively, in Fig. 1.
These drugs have no effect on the iodide concentrating mechanism, but they inhibit organification.
These groups have varied widely from mere families, primitive, totemic groups, and small modern cults and sects, to the memberships of great denominations, and great, widely dispersed world religions.
These things have been disseminated by other means, but always in the wake of extensive publication of analytic results.
These children have been described as those who were trying to say something to adults who did not understand.
These have an upper-middle-class leadership and a middle-class membership, with rare exceptions, where working-class parents are active in local P.-T.A. matters.
These must have been for local calls strictly, as in May 1900 the `` only long distance telephone '' in town was transferred from C. B. Carleton's to Young's shoe store.

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