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put and Academy
In 1785, the Russian Academy of Sciences put a marble bust of Leonhard Euler on a pedestal next to the Director's seat and, in 1837, placed a headstone on Euler's grave.
In March 1938, Sennett was presented with an honorary Academy Award: " for his lasting contribution to the comedy technique of the screen, the basic principles of which are as important today as when they were first put into practice, the Academy presents a Special Award to that master of fun, discoverer of stars, sympathetic, kindly, understanding comedy genius-Mack Sennett.
Scientists from laboratories hired out by the recent excavators of the site, The Academy of Athens, say that they can use the electrons trapped on the inner surface of the stones to positively identify the date that the stones were quarried and put together.
During his attendance at Bash Street Academy, Fatty was put through an intense fitness programme in order to make him muscle-bound.
The Academy Award for Best Motion Picture is considered the most important of the Academy Awards, as it is the final award presented, and represents all the directing, acting, music composing and writing efforts put forth for a film.
At the time the sequel was aired, Scott mentioned in a TV Guide interview that he told the Academy to donate his Oscar to the Patton Museum but since the instructions were never put in writing, it was never delivered.
Nearby entertainment is found at the Interlochen Arts Center with shows throughout the year put on by the students of the Interlochen Arts Academy students, national and international acts.
In 1858, an institution of learning called the " Savannah Male and Female Academy " was started, which seemed to put new life into the town.
This early release date put it in line for the upcoming 74th Academy Awards nominations.
Eagels was posthumously put " under consideration " for nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of the married woman.
Occasionally, the mere existence of the treaty has been put into doubt, But its text in Mongolian language has been published by the Mongolian Academy of Sciences in 1982, and in 2007 an original copy in Tibetan language and script surfaced from Mongolian archives.
The Council soon put together a proposal for the rehabilitation and restoration of the old Lansingburgh Academy so it could be used as an expanded branch of the Troy Public Library, and as a neighborhood arts center.
When Joseph Priestley was at college at Daventry Academy 1752 – 1755, he records that, during the morning of Wednesday 22 May 1754, he went with a large company to drink whey .” This was probably ‘ sack whey ’ or ‘ wine whey .’ A contemporary recipe for ‘ wine whey ’ instructs: Put a pint of skimmed milk, and half a pint of white wine into a basin, let it stand a few minutes, then pour over it a pint of boiling water, let it stand a little, and the curd will gather in a lump, and settle to the bottom, then pour your whey into a China bowl, and put in a lump of sugar, a sprig of balm, or a slice of lemon .”
His lecture at the Academy has also put Dirichlet in close contact with Fourier and Poisson, who raised his interest in theoretical physics, especially Fourier's analytic theory of heat.
Many individuals have attempted to put a specific date on the symbolic " end " of antiquity with the most prominent dates being the deposing of the last Western Roman Emperor in 476, the closing of the last Platonic Academy by Justinian I in 529, or the invasion of Italy in 535 by the forces of Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I.
Students whose GPA drops below this threshold are put on academic probation, and if they do not bring their GPA back above a 3. 0 they are dismissed from the Academy, and the number of elective courses that a student may take in a given semester is dependent upon his or her GPA during the previous semester.
Jedi Academy dishes out more action sooner but fails to put it in as solid a context as the previous game.
" Except for this coauthor award, the Motion Picture Academy excommunicated Orson Welles ... as Pauline Kael put it, ' The members of the Academy ... probably felt good because their hearts had gone out to crazy, reckless Mank, their own resident loser-genius.
These artifacts were excavated by the Anyang Working Station of the Archaeological Institute of the Chinese Social Science Academy and the Historical Relics Working Team of Anyang Municipality in the northern and southern lands of Liujiazhuang village and the eastern land of Xiaomintun village and put on display within the hall.
Under the direction of senior Salah Czapary, Wootton students put together a production of a stage adaptation of the Academy Award Winning short film, West Bank Story co-written by Ari Sandel and Kim Ray with music by Yuval Ron.
After 1978 the Soviet Union put forward a demand that the USSR Academy of Sciences approve all Soviet candidates for the Fields Medal, before it was awarded to them.

put and awkward
This is awkward for everybody, isn't it, we all got to put up with inconvenience sometimes.
This leads to several misunderstandings, which upset Catherine and put her in the awkward position of having to explain herself to the Tilneys.
Nevertheless, his tendency to make controversial statements or put her into awkward situations proved to be a drawback for her. pp 123
As a result, Judge Harper is put in an awkward spot – even his own grandchildren are against him for putting Santa Claus on trial ( when it was actually a hearing ) for lunacy.
This put teams like New Orleans, Michigan, and Philadelphia in an awkward situation.
Because Roosevelt was very popular in Kentucky, Chandler was put in the awkward position of expressing personal support of the president while opposing his hand-picked leader in the Senate and his New Deal legislation.
" To say I was put in an awkward position I think is an understatement ", Joe Aguirre, a Republican, told The Associated Press in 2008.
This put him at odds with the more cautious Liberal Democrat party leadership at the time, and he was often seen as a renegade member of the ' awkward squad ,' for example in his implacable opposition to the coalition with the Labour party formed after the 1999 elections ( he was one of only three of his party's MSPs to vote against it ).
We started playing the second movement at once, so as not to put Shostakovich into an awkward position.
Cole later confided that she felt " horrible " for being put in such an awkward position.
However, Lorenzo's job is transferring him to another city very soon and Giovanna is put in an awkward spot having to make a very quick decision.
This can prove awkward for shoppers, trying to avoid getting caught up in the game, and shopkeepers, who put shutters on their doors and windows in case ( as has happened on many occasions ) they are pushed on by the ruck.
Eleven years after Giant Tiger's first experiment with franchising, Reid emphasized the flexibility that it gave his company: The weakness of the chain stores is that they try to standardize .” Such standardization was not possible in a small chain which at the time maintained its low prices by locating in awkward and non-standard spaces such as converted bowling alleys or garages, and which refused to put money into standardized fixtures or furniture, or to invest in standardized office systems.
" Such standardization was not possible in a small chain which at the time maintained its low prices by locating in awkward and non-standard spaces such as converted bowling alleys or garages, and which refused to put money into standardized fixtures or furniture, or to invest in standardized office systems.
When he and his wife finally returned to California, his success selling 400 pair in otherwise awkward circumstances put him in the optical business.
Chinese commentators say that Stanford University was put in an awkward situation because Mosher went to places he was not allowed to go.
This put Sérurier's division in an awkward position.

put and position
It is the classroom teacher, however, who has daily contacts with pupils, and who is in a unique position to put sound psychological principles into practice.
He tries to shoot them to put them out of misery, but is stopped by Kat to keep their current position hidden.
This put him in the unusual position of having two recording contracts at the same time.
Many historians now hold the position that blitzkrieg was not a military theory, and the campaigns conducted by the German military in 1939 to circa, 1942 ( with the exception of Operation Barbarossa ) were improvised invasions put together and modified at the last moment and therefore was not a proper military strategy.
As fiduciaries, the directors may not put themselves in a position where their interests and duties conflict with the duties that they owe to the company.
In 1757, he engaged in a bitter dispute with playwright Carlo Gozzi, which left him utterly disgusted with the tastes of his countrymen ; so much so that in 1761 he moved to Paris, where he received a position at court and was put in charge of the Theatre Italien.
Criticism of other officials was allowed during these meetings, for instance, Karl Radek said to Lenin ( criticising his position of supporting peace with the Germans ), " If there were five hundred courageous men in Petrograd, we would put you in prison.
If Mary sues in tort, she is entitled to damages that put herself back to the same financial position place she would have been in had the misrepresentation not been made.
This is because damages in tort put her in the position she would have been in had the tort not taken place, and are calculated as her money back (£ 750 ) less the value of what she actually got (£ 50 ).
She believed that her monastery should not allow novices who were from a different class than nobility because it put them in an inferior position.
While in philosophy the term specifically refers to a position put forward by the American philosopher Nelson Goodman, in literature and art it refers to a variety of writers and movements.
In this position, he put his propaganda skills to full use, combating the Social Democratic Party of Germany and Communist Party of Germany and seeking to gain their working class supporters.
He couldn ’ t understand how they were put in a position to tell the Egyptians all about their family.
I would not want to put any of the Jerry Falwell Ministries in a position where we might be subservient to a future Bill Clinton, God forbid ....
However, this put the small company in the difficult position of doing both processor design and system design.
These theories primarily put forward a position on the first of the three questions above, " What is the meaning of moral terms or judgments?
After a comprehensive statement of the varied reasons slavery goes against the laws of God, man, and nature ,” the Conference answered in the affirmative to the question, do we pass our disapprobation on all our friends who keep slaves and advise their freedom ?” This position was put into action in 1783.
Mary was left in a difficult position, as almost all the Privy Counsellors had been implicated in the plot to put Lady Jane on the throne.
Later in April, Sloan sought to resolve the differences of opinion with a position paper that he hoped would set up conditions for resuming control of Opel that would put at rest the doubts of GM's more conservative financial minds.
The athlete has put himself behind his opponent, who is either in the standing, prone, or prostrate position.
Ferdinand lost his position as Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen, and Ivan Hirst, a British Army Major, was put in charge of the factory.
The 912E occupied the entry-level position left vacant by the discontinuation of the 914, while the new 924 – another Porsche-Volkswagen joint effort vehicle and the 914's official replacement – was being finalized and put into production.
Lee said " Steve Lillywhite is really not a man of his word .... after agreeing to do our record, he got an offer from Simple Minds, changed his mind, blew us off ,... so it put us in a horrible position.
Care must be taken, however, to put the combined update at the right position so that a premature free be avoided.

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