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Through and period
Through this period, Apple was deep in development of the Macintosh computer.
Through the Amoraic period ( 200 to 500 CE ) and into the Geonic period, this system was displaced by mathematical rules.
Through this period, the NBA continued to strengthen with the shift of the Minneapolis Lakers to Los Angeles, the Philadelphia Warriors to San Francisco, the Syracuse Nationals to Philadelphia to become the Philadelphia 76ers, and the St. Louis Hawks moving to Atlanta, as well as the addition of its first expansion franchises.
Through papal favour he received a canonry at Saint-Quentin in 1238 and spent the period 1248 – 1259 as a canon of the cathedral chapter in Rouen, finally as archdeacon.
Through his last period of creativity Alma-Tadema continued to produce paintings, which repeat the successful formula of women in marble terraces overlooking the sea such as in Silver Favorites ( 1903 ).
Through this period, many of his poems revolve around themes of death, endurance, separation and grief.
Through the 1860 – 1871 period, various attempts to resurrect bi-metallic standards were made, including one based on the gold and silver franc ; however, with the rapid influx of silver from new deposits, the expectation of scarcity of silver ended.
Through the Gothic period, due to the versatility of the pointed arch, the structure of Gothic windows developed from simple openings to immensely rich and decorative sculptural designs.
Through this period, Norris became increasingly worried that CDC had to develop a " critical mass " in order to compete with IBM.
* Through the peace treaty of Apamea ( in Phrygia ), the Romans force the Seleucid king, Antiochus III, to surrender all his Greek and Anatolian possessions as far east as the Taurus Mountains, to pay 15, 000 talents over a period of 12 years and to surrender to Rome the former Carthaginian general Hannibal, his elephants and his fleet, and furnish hostages, including the king's eldest son, Demetrius.
Through this period, and until the German invasion of the USSR in June 1941, there was no possibility of Britain winning the war alone, and so British Grand Strategy aimed to bring the USA into the war on the allied side.
Through this period, the foot soldier ( who was pivotal to much of the Roman military engineering capability ) was largely replaced by mounted soldiers.
Through using this technology, satellite images were taken over a large geographic area and extended period.
Through this period ( 1959 – 66 ), he also served as president of the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot.
Aozora Bunko pointed that extension of the copyright term had been influenced from the document, “ The U. S .- Japan Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative .” Through these annually reports, The U. S. Government was requiring that the protected period of copyright should be extended to the Japanese government: 70 years after one ’ s death for an individual, and 95 years after for a corporation.
Through the 1950s the volunteers and staff members of the TRPS rebuilt the line and rescued it from its state of decay, during a period characterised by a " Boy's Own comic spirit of adventure, involving enthusiasm, ingenuity and a fair degree of irresponsibility ".
Through much of the postwar period the RNZAF was administered through Operations Group at Auckland, at one time supervising Strike, Transport and Maritime Operations Wings, and Support Group at Wigram responsible for training and support.
Through this period he realized she was very ignorant of Japanese culture and the religion of Buddhism.
Through this period the constant figure was Levine.
Through the Middle Ages and into the Early Modern period, the theory of the Four Humours governed theorizing about nourishment on the part of doctors, herbalists and druggists: in this context, John Russell characterized Grains of Paradise, in The Boke of Nurture as hot and moist.
" Through the UN Trusteeship Council, Bunche readied the international stage for an unprecedented period of transformation, dismantling the old colonial systems in Africa and Asia, and guiding scores of emerging nations through the transition to independence in the post-war era.
Through Eusebius Hegesippus was also known to Jerome, who is responsible for the idea that Hegesippus " wrote a history of all ecclesiastical events from the passion of our Lord down to his own period ... in five volumes ", which has established the Hypomnemata as a Church history.
Through this, it was determined that Genyornis declined and became extinct over a short period — too short for it to be plausibly explained by climate change.

Through and had
Through most of 1787 operations on both sides had been lackadaisical ; ;
Through the door, he had seen Mr. Jack walking around, waiting for Miss Ada.
Through Ampère, Ozanam had contact with leaders of the neo-Catholic movement, such as François-René de Chateaubriand, Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire, and Charles Forbes René de Montalembert.
Through Ealdred's intercession, Sweyn was restored to his earldom, which he had lost after abducting the abbess and murdering his brother Beorn.
Through Wolgemut's tutelage, Dürer had learned how to make prints in drypoint and design woodcuts in the German style, based on the works of Martin Schongauer and the Housebook Master.
Through that process a number of people were convinced and set up various fellowships that had sympathy with that position.
Although Kronecker had conceded, Hilbert would later respond to others ' similar criticisms that " many different constructions are subsumed under one fundamental idea " — in other words ( to quote Reid ): " Through a proof of existence, Hilbert had been able to obtain a construction "; " the proof " ( i. e. the symbols on the page ) was " the object ".
Through Prince Kusakabe, Temmu had two emperors and two empresses among his descendents.
Through this, the exhibition was designed to inspire greater public enthusiasm and support for the constructive work and planning by engineers and public officials who had contributed so much toward improvement of streets and highways.
Through reviewing the past or by opening up the censored literature in the libraries and a greater freedom of speech: a radical change, as control of speech and suppression of government criticism had previously been a central part of the Soviet system.
Through Boulton, Watt finally had access to some of the best iron workers in the world.
Through Japan's ambassador to the United States, Kichisaburo Nomura, Konoe had in hand what he believed to be a promising peace proposal from the United States.
Through the winning of the Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance, Hybrid Theory ’ s overall success had catapulted the band into mainstream success.
Through the revolving loan system, the Fund had by the end of 1995 made low-interest loans to German citizens amounting to around DM 140 billion.
Through his youngest daughters, Antony would become ancestor to most of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, the very family he had fought unsuccessfully to defeat.
It was formed in late 1998 as the political wing of the Maharishi Vedic Vishwa Prashasan ( MVVP ( Maharishi Global Administration Through Natural Law )), which had nominated thirty-four candidates in the February 1998 parliamentary election from Madhya Pradesh.
Through careful observation and extensive experimentation, Gall believed he had established a relationship between aspects of character, called faculties, to precise organs in the brain.
Through the teachings of Gall and Spurzheim phrenological teachings spread, and by the 1834 when Combe came to lecture in the United States phrenology had become a widespread popular movement.
It is a matter of opinion whether this demonstrates a lack of attention to craftsmanship or a conscious effort to expand the boundaries of science fiction, either into a kind of magical realism, continuing the process of literary exploration that he had begun with Stranger in a Strange Land, or into a kind of literary metaphor of quantum science ( The Number of the Beast dealing with the Observer problem, and The Cat Who Walks Through Walls being a direct reference to the Schrödinger's cat thought experiment ).
Through the late 1940s and early 1950s, R & B music had been gaining a stronger beat and a wilder style, with artists such as Fats Domino and Johnny Otis speeding up the tempos and increasing the backbeat to great popularity on the juke joint circuit.
Through their spokesman Andrew Nori, they claimed that the government of the then Prime Minister, Bartholomew Ulufa ' alu, had failed to secure compensation for loss of Malaitan life and property.
Through interviews with the FBI, it was discovered that Awlaki had previously met Nawaf al-Hazmi several times while the two lived in San Diego.
According to a study by Alternatives to Combat Child Labour Through Education and Sustainable Services in the Middle East and North Africa Region ( ACCESS-MENA ) 30 % of school children living in border villages of Yemen had been smuggled into Saudi Arabia.

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