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Under and more
Another speaker, William H. Draper, Jr., former Under Secretary of the Army and now with the Palo Alto venture capital firm of Draper, Gaither & Anderson, urged the U.S. to `` throw down the gauntlet of battle to communism and tell Moscow bluntly we won't be pushed around any more ''.
Under Sargon, the ensis generally retained their positions, but were seen more as provincial governors.
Under the Roman alliance, the more oligarchic parts of the Athenian constitution, the Areopagus and election of officials, became relatively more important, and the Assembly and selection by lot less so.
Under the strong rule of Abdur Rahman these outlying territories were closely welded to Kabul ; but after the accession of Habibullah the bonds once more relaxed.
Under Grimond ( who retired in 1967 ) and his successor, Jeremy Thorpe, the Liberals regained the status of a serious third force in British politics, polling up to 20 % of the vote but unable to break the duopoly of Labour and Conservative and win more than fourteen seats in the Commons.
Under Selig's watch, the Brewers also won seven Organization of the Year awards, although they posted one of the worst winning percentages in the history of Major League Baseball, over periods of ten years or more.
Under the succeeding Han Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, Confucian ideas gained even more widespread prominence.
Under Mason's guidance, Compaq utilized its assets more efficiently instead of focusing just on income and profits, which increased Compaq's cash from $ 700 million to nearly $ 5 billion in one year.
Under the more recent Angiosperm Phylogeny Group ( APG II ) system, the circumscription of the order is much the same but the families are circumscribed differently.
Under the influence of English, which uses the preposition " to " for both indirect objects ( give to ) and directions of movement ( go to ), the term " dative " has sometimes been used to describe cases that in other languages would more appropriately be called lative.
Under the liberalization rules of the day ( 1979 ), BT was barred from manufacturing, selling or supplying PBXs of more than 200 extensions.
Under the current state formula for paying school vouchers, however, Milwaukee residents pay more in property taxes for voucher students than for students attending public schools.
Under the single-tier system the administrative board may delegate the power of management to one or more of its members.
He began, however, getting more involved in live action films, producing classics like 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea ( 1954 ), and Old Yeller ( 1957 ).
Under Garret FitzGerald, the party's more liberal or pluralist wing gained prominence.
Under his presidency he worked to give directors more artistic control of their films.
Under the next three centuries of Hellenistic Egypt, the Coptic writing system evolved and the Library of Alexandria was opened, and this likely had an influence upon books of magic, with the trend on known incantations switching from simple health and protection charms to more specific things such as financial success and sexual fullfillment.
Under Jean-Claude Duvalier, Haiti's economic and political condition continued to decline, although some of the more fearsome elements of his father's regime were abolished.
Under the Constitution of 1791, France would function as a constitutional monarchy with Louis XVI as little more than a figurehead.
Under previous governments, especially those led by the CDU, the West German government had shown more rhetorical support for German refugees and expellees.
Under constitutional changes in 2004, the MPR became a bicameral legislature, with the creation of the Dewan Perwakilan Daerah ( DPD ), in which each province is represented by four members, although its legislative powers are more limited than those of the DPR.
Under the law, a region can be created out of one or more existing governorates or two or more existing regions, and a governorate can also join an existing region to create a new region.
Under this model, simple comparisons like < code > if a < b </ code > do not mean " if the operations to the right evaluate to true " as they would under most languages ; instead it means something more like " if the operations to the right succeed ".

Under and English
Under English law, successive versions of Table A have reinforced the norm that, unless the directors are acting contrary to the law or the provisions of the Articles, the powers of conducting the management and affairs of the company are vested in them.
Under Mourinho, Chelsea became the fifth English team to win back-to-back league championships since the Second World War ( 2004 – 05 and 2005 – 06 ), in addition to winning an FA Cup ( 2007 ) and two League Cups ( 2005 and 2007 ).
Under the name Uxbridge English Dictionary making up daffynitions is a popular game on the BBC Radio 4 comedy quiz show I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.
He appreciated English beer, taken regularly and moderately, despised drinkers of lager and wrote about an imagined, ideal pub in his 1946 newspaper article " The Moon Under Water ".
Under the charter forming the Hudson's Bay Company, the company was required to give two elk skins and two black beaver pelts to the English King, then Charles II, or his heirs, whenever the monarch visits an area that was formerly Rupert's Land.
Under Æthelstan's successors Edmund and Eadred the English kings repeatedly lost and regained control of Northumbria.
Under early English rule Jamaica became a haven of privateers, buccaneers, and occasionally outright pirates: Christopher Myngs, Edward Mansvelt, and most famously, Henry Morgan.
Under the English legal system, judges are not necessarily entitled to make their own decisions about the development or interpretations of the law.
Under English law, there is an additional peremptory plea, that of special liability to repair a road or bridge.
Under English law, local government authorities have the legal obligation to repair roads or bridges ; but, in certain circumstances, the responsibility lies with a landowner instead.
The Canonbury Tavern, Canonbury, was the prototype for Orwell's ideal English pub, The Moon Under Water.
Under English law effective during the ratification of the U. S. Constitution, there were essentially five species of treason.
Under the influence of Walter Bagehot's The English Constitution, Wilson saw the United States Constitution as pre-modern, cumbersome, and open to corruption.
Under a parliamentary ruling in favour of free trade, these private newcomers are able to set up a new company, called the New Company or English Company.
* Under Edward III, English begins to replace French as England's official national language, when Parliament is addressed in it for the first time following the Norman Conquest of 1066.
Under English law, the burden of proving ( on balance of probability ) the literal truth of every disparaging statement is on the defendant.
Under the policies of the English government at the time, the semi-autonomous Irish princes and lords were left mostly to their own devices.
Under his son, Henry VIII of England, the Laws in Wales Acts 1535-1542 were passed, integrating Wales with England in legal terms, abolishing the Welsh legal system, and banning the Welsh language from any official role or status, but it did for the first time define the England-Wales border and allowed members representing constituencies in Wales to be elected to the English Parliament.
Under the Act of Settlement passed by the English Parliament in 1701, Frederick was in the direct line of succession to the British throne.
Encouraging the unitary concept-that the later novels feature ' Harry Palmer ' - is the 1974 dust jacket to the Harcourt, Brace & Jovanovich American edition of Spy Story, in which the cover blurb states, " He is back, after five long-years ' absence, the insubordinate, decent, bespectacled English spy who fought, fumbled, and survived his outrageous way through the best-selling Horse Under Water, Funeral in Berlin, and the rest of those marvellous, celebrated Len Deighton spy thrillers.
* Dalton-Puffer, Christiane ( 1995 ) " Middle English is a Creole and its Opposite: on the value of plausible speculation " in Jacek Fisiak ( ed ), Linguistic Change Under Contact Conditions
Under the hail of English arrows, the crossbowmen suffered heavy losses and were unable to approach the English lines to where their crossbows would have been effective.
* 1916 – Le feu ; English translation: Under Fire ( novel )

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