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Up and two
Up front, he paid $ 1, 500 of the total $ 1, 800 value of the property ; the rest was meant to be paid by the Alcotts over a two year period.
Ian Anderson plays balalaika on two songs from the 1969 Jethro Tull album Stand Up: " Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square " and " Fat Man ".
British singer Kate Bush featured the balalaika, played by her brother Paddy Bush in two of her Top-40 singles, " Babooshka " and " Running Up That Hill ".
The group had no major hits in 1980, but by 1981 they released two Top Ten hits with " Oh No " (# 4 U. S .) and their first upbeat single in almost five years, " Lady ( You Bring Me Up )" (# 8 U. S .)
Having partnered previously with Gygax on Don't Give Up the Ship !, Arneson introduced Gygax to his Blackmoor game and the two then collaborated on developing " The Fantasy Game ", the role-playing game ( RPG ) that became Dungeons & Dragons, with the final writing and preparation of the text being done by Gygax.
Up to reversal of the orientation of a simple closed curve, if it lies within one of the two crosscaps that make up the Klein bottle, then it is in homology class ( 1, 0 ) or ( 1, 1 ); if it cuts the Klein bottle into two Möbius bands, then it is in homology class ( 2, 0 ); if it cuts the Klein bottle into an annulus, then it is in homology class ( 0, 1 ); and if bounds a disk, then it is in homology class ( 0, 0 ).
* " Pile Up " ( manga, two parts ) ( 1987 ), published in Young Magazine Kaizokuban
Other than the images at Dura of the two ‘ magi ’ with scrolls, there is no direct and explicit evidence for the carriers of such doctrines .... Up to a point, Cumont ’ s Iranian paradigm, especially in Turcan ’ s modified form, is certainly plausible.
Mad also devoted two pages to an attack on the movie, titled Throw Up the Academy.
: Optimized performance: Up to two times faster than X3, Ultimate version with Nik Color Effects included
Up to around 450, 000 gallons ( about 11, 000 bls ) of crude oil spilled over the Sabine River when the tanker Eagle Otome which was carrying the shipment struck two chemical-carrying barges due to loss of engine power on January 24, 2010, at 10 AM local time.
Up to isomorphism, the STS ( 7 ) and STS ( 9 ) are unique, there are two STS ( 13 ) s, 80 STS ( 15 ) s, and 11, 084, 874, 829 STS ( 19 ) s.
* Up to 4, 900 lb ( 2, 220 kg ) on four internal and two external hardpoints, including:
Up until the mid-twentieth century, the use of the word Adoshem, combining the first two syllables of " Adonai " with the last syllable of " Hashem "', was quite common.
In recent years, there have been non-bracelet events at the WSOP ; two of the most notable are the " World Series of Rock Paper Scissors " and " Ante Up for Africa.
Up to then, only B-movies and British films had been telecast, often edited or in two parts if they ran more than ninety minutes.
* Probably 3rd century – Jonah Swallowed and Jonah Cast Up, two statuettes of a group from the eastern Mediterranean, probably Asia Minor, are made.
Up to two players may progress in this mode.
Up to two of the player's " ghost car " saves may be copied to another player, and up to two received in return.
Tharp also created the dance roadshow Cutting Up, ( 1991 ) with Mikhail Baryshnikov, which went on to tour and appeared in 28 cities over two months.
Up until three-quarter time, Hird had 19 disposals and one goal ; in the final quarter, he managed 15 disposals and two goals, the latter of which was most memorable.
Up to two million people may have visited Tiananmen Square on April 4.
The name Land for Peace is derived from the wording of the resolution's first operative paragraph which affirms that peace should include the application of two principles ; Withdrawal of Israeli forces ( Giving Up Land ), and Termination of all claims or states of belligerency ( Making Peace ).

Up and extended
Up until this time, most artists painted horses at a trot with one foot always on the ground ; and at a full gallop with the front legs extended forward and the hind legs extended to the rear, and all feet off the ground.
Two other key songs written and recorded for SMiLE -- " Cabin Essence " and " Surf's Up " -- were compiled by Carl Wilson and included on the 20 / 20 and Surf's Up LPs in more or less the same form as Wilson had intended them for SMiLE, while the song " Cool Cool Water " ( an extended track built around the SMiLE fragment " I love to say Dada ") later appeared on the Sunflower album.
One Flight Up features an extended solo by Gordon on the track " Tanya " recorded in Paris in 1964 with trumpeter Donald Byrd, while Gettin ' Around was recorded during a visit back to the US in May 1965, as was the unreleased album Clubhouse.
** Up to 4 × drop tanks for ferry flight / extended range / loitering time
" New Ways of Living ," and " A New Story for the Human Journey ," plus an extended quote, " Time is Up!
Their first songwriting collaboration, " Stop, Look, Listen ( To Your Heart )", became a Top 40 pop hit for the Stylistics, beginning an extended collaboration that also yielded the group's most successful recordings, including " You Are Everything ", " Betcha by Golly, Wow ", " Break Up to Make Up ", and " You Make Me Feel Brand New ".
** Up to 3 external fuel drop-tanks ( 1 × under-fuselage, 2 × under-wing ) for extended range and loitering time
His single, " Party Up ", was released as a digital download and an extended play.
" You Know My Name ( Look Up the Number )" was available only in mono until 1996, when an extended stereo mix was finally issued on Anthology 2.
Up to 5 feet ( 1. 5 metres ) thick, the Slab was progressively extended and by spring 1941 the increased protection had enabled the Cabinet War Rooms to expand to three times their original size.
Robots in Disguise then recorded and released an extended play entitled Mix Up Words and Sounds through Splinter, produced by Chris Corner.
They released a digital extended play titled Suited Up and Ready, and charted in early 2012 with " Born to Be Blue ".
** Up to 3 external drop tanks ( 2 × under-wing, 1 × under-fuselage ) for extended range / loitering time
# " Turtle Turtle Up ( extended version )" – 16: 16
Up to three additional points are awarded depending on the grades achieved in the extended essay and theory of knowledge, so the maximum possible point total in the IBDP is 45.
The track " Live It Up " was also extended and remixed for the B-side of the international 12 " single, the 8 minute version was included on the deleted 1994 UK CD edition of Autoamerican but was re-issued as part of EMI's lavish 14 disc Singles Box in 2004.
Up until the early 7th century, when the Empire still extended over large areas and many peoples, the use of the name " Roman " always indicated citizenship and never descent.
The band recorded a demo, which drew the attention of Modular Recordings, they signed with the label and released a seven-track extended play, Blow Up, in November.
Jones took on lead vocals and the band signed with the Green Label to release " My Buzzsaw Baby ( Really Cut Me Up )" and an extended play, The Johnnys in November.

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