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We and saw
We saw it frequently afterward, but our suggestion for the very first encounter is near sunset.
We saw Giuseppe Berto at a party once in a while, tall, lean, nervous and handsome, and, in our opinion, the best novelist of them all except Pavese, and Pavese is dead.
We saw similar displays in the other three campgrounds in this 70-mile-long National Seashore Recreation Area.
We walked miles and saw various shrines and gardens.
We visited the Okamoto home -- where for the first time I saw the famous tea ceremony.
* We saw a light ashore-The Diary Junction Blog
After Peligro joined the band, the extended play In God We Trust, Inc. ( 1981 ) saw them moving toward full on hardcore / thrash.
He described the Cold War: " We face a hostile ideology global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose and insidious in method ..." and warned about what he saw as unjustified government spending proposals and continued with a warning that " we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military – industrial complex.
At the time the two of us were in Heliopolis and we both witnessed the extraordinary phenomenon of the moon hiding the sun at the time that was out of season for their coming together ... We saw the moon begin to hide the sun from the east, travel across to the other side of the sun, and return on its path so that the hiding and the restoration of the light did not take place in the same direction but rather in diametrically opposite directions ..."
1987's Life as We Know It saw a decline in sales, but still managed to provide the band with the hits " That Ain't Love " ( U. S. # 16 ) and " In My Dreams " ( U. S. # 19 ).
Then, when We decreed ( Solomon's ) death, nothing showed them his death except a little worm of the earth, which kept ( slowly ) gnawing away at his staff: so when he fell down, the Jinns saw plainly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have tarried in the humiliating Penalty ( of their Task ).
Price wrote: " We saw several sorts of dung of different animals, one of which Wilson called a Whom-batt, which is an animal about 20 inches high, with short legs and a thick body with a large head, round ears, and very small eyes ; is very fat, and has much the appearance of a badger.
In the churches of the Germans his emissaries saw no beauty ; but at Constantinople, where the full festival ritual of the Byzantine Church was set in motion to impress them, they found their ideal: " We no longer knew whether we were in heaven or on earth ," they reported, describing a majestic Divine Liturgy in Hagia Sophia, " nor such beauty, and we know not how to tell of it.
" We ... saw his red face lit like a hot turnip lamp as he crouched to stoke up the flames.
We want more Murdocks, for of all others he is the most active man and best engine erector I ever saw ... When I look at the work done it astonishes me & is entirely owing to the spirit and activity of Murdoch who hath not gone to bed 3 of the nights.
According to Theodore Roosevelt: " We have taken into our language the word prairie, because when our backwoodsmen first reached the land the Midwest and saw the great natural meadows of long grass — sights unknown to the gloomy forests wherein they had always dwelt — they knew not what to call them, and borrowed the term already in use among the French inhabitants.
After the missing councillors eventually arrived in Bahrain they defended their Bangkok stay, telling journalists it was a " fact-finding mission ", explaining: " We benefited a lot from the trip to Thailand because we saw how they managed their transport, landscaping and roads.
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
In the foreword to I saw it Happen, a 1942 collection of eye-witness accounts of the war, Lewis Gannet wrote: "(...) We shall be hearing and reading of this war for decades to come.
" Southwest Airlines saw his tweet, rebooked Armstrong on another flight and released this statement, " We reached out to apologize.
May 2012 saw a group of Pulp fans create a petition to attempt to gain support for a re-released We Love Life, with a deluxe edition.
I was reminded of some of those leprous facades in the vieux port at Marseille, until suddenly I was disturbed by such a bawling and caterwauling as you never heard, and there, down in the little piazza, I saw a mob of about twenty terrible young men, and do you know what they were chanting We want Blanche.
" We saw the high antenna beyond the shacks of Glint.
" We met at this coffee shop, and I saw her and I thought " Oh, God.

We and band
Nelson publicly encouraged this close bond with his officers and on 29 September 1798 described them as " We few, we happy few, we band of brothers ", echoing William Shakespeare's play Henry V. From this grew the notion of the Nelsonic Band of Brothers, a cadre of high-quality naval officers that served with Nelson for the remainder of his life.
* " Conspiracy ", a song by the pop-punk band Paramore from their album All We Know Is Falling
Devo also confirmed that they would be performing at All Tomorrow's Parties on May 6 and 8, with the May 6th performance featuring the band performing their first album, Q: Are We Not Men?
We were the outlaw country band for a brief period ,” says Hillman.
Noted Chicago Tribune columnist Bob Greene penned a 2008 book, When We Get to Surf City: A Journey Through America in Pursuit of Rock and Roll, Friendship, and Dreams, detailing his occasional appearances with Jan & Dean's touring band throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.
French-Canadian band Harmonium had a short career in the mid ' 70s during which their most notable release was Si on avait besoin d ' une cinquième saison ( If We Needed A Fifth Season ) ( 1975 ).
By the time the band released its 6th album, See How We Are, Alvin had already left the band, although he plays on the record along with Gilkyson.
* Post-rock band, Deadhorse, refer their 2010 album release We Can Create Our Own World to be directly influenced by the book and Ray Bradbury's vision in evoke imagination in his readers.
We were Theodore Supergrass and the idea was the band would be a little black character, and we wouldn't ever have to do interviews.
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
By the time the group's fourth album Strangeways, Here We Come was released in September, the band had split up.
The band continued the acoustic and organic approach that was featured on Furthermore for their fifth studio album entitled Who We Are Instead, which released on November 4, 2003.
As a part of the Blood: Water Mission charitable campaign, the band played three songs from The Shelter on the radio, including " We Will Follow ," " No Greater Love ," and the title track.
Hogarth's second album with the band, Holidays In Eden, was the first he wrote in partnership with the band, and includes the song " Dry Land " which Hogarth had written and recorded in a previous project with the band How We Live.
In a press interview following the event, Fish denied this would lead to a full reunion, claiming that " Hogarth does a great job with the band ... We forged different paths over the 19 years.
In 2003, the group released the album WAT ( an acronym for We Are Time ), which, as well as new material, featured the song " Tanz mit Laibach " ( German for " Dance with Laibach "), inspired by the German band D. A. F.
In April 1992 Minnelli performed We Are The Champions with the surviving members of the rock band Queen at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.
* Newport Living ( song ), a song by the American power pop band Cute Is What We Aim For
The band's frontman Fred Durst claimed the band had attempted to take precautions that fell on deaf ears, " We begged, we screamed, we sent letters, we tried to take precautions, because we are Limp Bizkit, we know we cause this big emotional blister of a crowd ".
Basie recalled a review, which said something like, " We caught the great Count Basie band which is supposed to be so hot he was going to come in here and set the Roseland on fire.

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