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Page "editorial" ¶ 294
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

We and want
`` We didn't want town work '', Jones said.
We want him back there or we want him dead ''.
We don't want Barton's Night Riders loose again ''.
We will recall that the still confident liberals of the Truman administration gathered with other Western utopians in San Francisco to set up the legal framework, finally and at last, to rationalize war -- to rationalize want and fear -- out of the world: the United Nations.
We can't think of anyone else who would want to separate serious candidates from other candidates, either.
We are slowly being regimented to having everything packaged, whether we want it or not.
We want to stimulate ideas from the bottom to the top of the Department.
We want to make sure that our junior colleagues realize that ideas are welcome, that initiative goes right down to the bottom and goes all the way to the top.
We do not want policy officers below the level of Presidential appointees to concern themselves too much with problems of domestic politics in recommending foreign policy action.
We want no part in such discussions, because we think them largely futile ; ;
We want to know when the Potlatches telephone exactly how many they are planning to bring, so that we won't end up with a splashing mob that looks like Coney Island in August.
We know now that a 15-degree differential in temperature is the maximum usually desirable, and accurate controls assure the comfort we want.
We want to know the number of people going to the mountains.
We want to study the probability function of this random variable.
`` We ask the people what they want, and they supply the labor.
We don't none of us want no trouble.
`` We don't want to know whether he's dead, yet.
`` We want to find out who knew about it '', Pratt said.
`` We must persuade them to enjoy a way of life which, if not identical, is congenial with ours '', he said but adding that if they do not develop the kind of society they themselves want it will lack ritiuality and loyalty.
We don't want to take the world by storm.
One paratrooper who gave evidence at the Tribunal testified that they were told by an officer to expect a gunfight and " We want some kills ".
We say we want to see put on the statute book something which will make our people citizens of the world before they are citizens of this country ".
We want to know, where Heaven is, how it looks, who are there, what they wear, and how to get there !” Sunday speaks of many aspects of the afterlife such as the nice weather and eternal health, although there is no mention of the resurrection of the dead.

We and past
We note that, first, America has already made great contributions in the past two years to the world's fund of knowledge of astrophysics and space science.
We know little of her past, except that as a young woman she lived in Vienna, was once married, and she carries what is presumably a Nazi concentration camp tattoo on one arm, although the tattoo itself is historically inaccurate with respect to actual camp tattoos.
Peter Raven, past President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science ( AAAS ), states in the foreword to their publication AAAS Atlas of Population and Environment: " We have driven the rate of biological extinction, the permanent loss of species, up several hundred times beyond its historical levels, and are threatened with the loss of a majority of all species by the end of the 21st century.
We have sent them to the Irish revolutionaries so that the British will pay the price for their past deeds ".
I want to make very clear to Colombians that the approaches that have been carried out and the ones that will happen in the future will be carried out within the framework based on these principles: We are going to learn from the mistakes made in the past so that they are not repeated.
The Romulan Commander Tebok explained that the Romulans had decided to concentrate on their own internal affairs for the past fifty years and said " We are back ," indicating that Romulans would again be active in galactic affairs.
" We should try to explain the past by causes now in operation without inventing extra, fancy, or unknown causes, however plausible in logic, if available processes suffice.
" We have learned a lot from past experience ," Dieter Zetsche, chairman of Daimler's board, said in a statement.
The history of the Canning Stock Route has been well documented from the colonial perspective – accounts of European explorers, drovers, prospectors and law enforcers – but increasingly the Aboriginal history of the track is also being recognised, and Aboriginal people are keen to have their story told: We wanna tell you fellas ' bout things been happening in the past that hasn't been recorded, what old people had in their head.
We watch these laidback individuals share their stories and reminisce about the past ... But these baby boomers can't handle tension ; the rift between Jeff and Maura sends tremors through the weekend.
Whereas in the past Thomas Jefferson could write to his Secretary of State, " We have not heard from our Ambassador in Spain for two years.
We cannot expect to meet the challenges of this century by toying with the structures and technologies we have inherited from the past, and the concept of Decentralised Energy should to be taken seriously.
56 when he stated "" We managed in the past without illegal immigrants to pick the tomatoes here, and I haven't heard anyone say that if we sent them all home nobody would be left to do that work.
In the introduction to the 2004 version of the book, Mezvinsky wrote that " We realize that by criticizing Jewish fundamentalism we are criticizing a part of the past that we love.
We wish that members of every human grouping would criticize their own past, even before criticizing others.
All proceeds from the sales of the items went to the " We The People " group ; a group dedicated to changing the parole laws for convicted murders such as McFadden ( who was paroled in spite of a past marked by violence ) due to overcrowding.
He said in a speech in 1939: " We National Socialists have monopolized all resources and all our energies during the past seven years so as to be able to be equipped for the supreme effort of battle.
The essence of antiquarianism is a focus on the empirical evidence of the past, and is perhaps best encapsulated in the motto adopted by the 18th-century antiquary, Sir Richard Colt Hoare, " We speak from facts not theory ".
: We were headed for an airstrip outside Celle, a small town, just past Hanover.
We conclude that four founding mtDNAs, likely of Near Eastern ancestry, underwent major expansion ( s ) in Europe within the past millennium .."
In the Meditation each of the heads casts about for the sense of its situation, considers the nature of the light, probes for certainties amid the darkness and then makes an attempt to imagine what has happened to the other two corners of this particular Eternal Triangle … We can now see that the heads are not chained exclusively to their ‘ past ’, their narration ( s ): they are victims of the light, certainly, but not only victims, for they can recognize themselves as such and can speak of the light when forced to speak by the light.
We are not trying to re-create the glories of the past, like so many other symphony orchestras.
" We contend that a Natural State, sometimes idealized by movements with a tendency to look towards the past, does not exist and has probably never existed since man's first appearance in the biosphere, insofar as humanity has always progressed by increasingly harnessing Nature to its needs and not the reverse.
A statement from ESPN said that the network has " decided to part ways with Hank Williams Jr. We appreciate his contributions over the past years.

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