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When and group
When the family business failed, Mercer left school and on his mother's urging -- for she hoped that he would become an actor -- he joined a local little theater group.
When the victory cheer went up this officer found himself still mounted, with his horse pressed broadside against Cleburne's log parapet in a tangled group of infantrymen.
When the fate of the individual is visited on the group, then ( the warm sweet butter dripped from her raised trembling fork and she pushed her head forward belligerently ), ah, then the true bitterness of existence could be tasted.
When this and other units combined to form the present group, it was taken on as a continuing fund-raiser.
* In linear algebra, an endomorphism of a vector space V is a linear operator V → V. An automorphism is an invertible linear operator on V. When the vector space is finite-dimensional, the automorphism group of V is the same as the general linear group, GL ( V ).
When Troy was sacked by the Greeks, Aeneas, after being commanded by the gods to flee, gathered a group, collectively known as the Aeneads, who then traveled to Italy and became progenitors of Romans.
When Claudius decided to marry her, he persuaded a group of senators that the marriage should be arranged in the public interest.
When a group of different plant species was prompted by a variety of different stress signals, such as drought or cold, each plant responded uniquely.
When compressed at room temperature to 7 GPa, α-berkelium transforms to the beta modification, which has a face-centered cubic ( fcc ) symmetry and space group Fmm.
When two monosaccharides undergo dehydration synthesis, water is produced, as two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom are lost from the two monosaccharides ' hydroxyl group.
When a player removes a large group ( four bubbles or more ) some of those removed are transferred to the opponent's arena, usually delaying their efforts to remove all the bubbles from their individual arena.
Haley historian Chris Gardner, as well as surviving members of the group, have confirmed that the two singles: " Out Where the West Winds Blow "/" Who's Gonna Kiss You When I'm Gone " ( Vogue R736 ) and " Boogie Woogie Yodel "/" Baby I Found Out All About You " ( Vogue R786 ) do not feature Haley.
When a carboxyl group is deprotonated, its conjugate base, a carboxylate anion is formed.
When the sheriff returned to Cadillac, a force consisting of several hundred armed men was assembled ; this group reportedly included a brass band.
When Beaux arrived in Paris, the Impressionists, a group of artists who had begun their own series of independent exhibitions from the official Salon in 1874, were beginning to lose their solidarity.
When Catherine of Aragon travelled to London she brought a group of her African attendants with her, including one identified as the trumpeter John Blanke.
When Rachel Summers leads a group of X-Men in a fight against Wolverine and the Avengers in Indonesia, Rachel finds Hope, but her mind is drawn to the psychic plane where she meets Professor X.
When working together as a group, these player characters ( PCs ) are often described as a ' party ' of adventurers, with each member often having his or her own areas of specialty that contributes to the success of the whole.
When the orchestra stops playing ( which is often in the summer ), orchestral bassists have to find other work, either as a teacher or coach, or in another group.
When payment was not forthcoming for the first story he sold to Gernsback, Wollheim formed a group with several other authors, and successfully sued for payment.
When we wish to assert that is a group ( for example, when stating a theorem ), we say that " is a group under ".
When it declared devoid of canonical effect the consecration ceremony conducted by Archbishop Pierre Martin Ngô Đình Thục for the Carmelite Order of the Holy Face group at midnight of 31 December 1975, the Holy See refrained from pronouncing on its validity.
When the group of covalently bound atoms bears a net charge, the group is referred to more properly as a polyatomic ion or a complex ion.

When and
Punch had a poem containing the words “ When Ivo comes back with the urn ” and when Ivo Bligh wiped out the defeat Lady Clarke, wife of Sir W. J. Clarke, who entertained the English so lavishly, found a little wooden urn, burnt a bail, put the ashes in the urn, and wrapping it in a red velvet bag, put it into her husband s ( Ivo Bligh s ) hands.
When the third car s engine has been mounted, it then can be moved to the hood station ; meanwhile, subsequent cars ( if any ) can be moved to the engine installation station.
When more electrons are added to a single atom, the additional electrons tend to more evenly fill in a volume of space around the nucleus so that the resulting collection ( sometimes termed the atom s “ electron cloud ” ) tends toward a generally spherical zone of probability describing where the atom s electrons will be found.
When closed the altarpiece displayed the four panels of the legend of St. Sebastian s Martyrdom, while the opened wings displayed the Stations of the Cross.
When Ibn Habib's soldiers entered the camp, the Berber chieftain s wife Tekfah hid Abd al-Rahman under her personal belongings to help him go unnoticed.
* Rubenstein, Richard E., When Jesus Became God: The Epic Fight over Christ s Divinity in the Last Days of Rome ( New York: Harcourt Brace & Company, 1999 ).
When former President Kolingba attempted a coup d état in 2001 ( which was, according to Patassé, supported by France ), the Movement for the Liberation of Congo ( MLC ) of Jean-Pierre Bemba in DR Congo came to his rescue.
When Jesus told Lazarus sister, Martha, that Lazarus would rise again, she replied, " I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day ". 11: 24 Also, one of the two main branches of the Jewish religious establishment, the Pharisees, believed in and taught the future resurrection of the body. Acts 23: 1-8
When the second novel, Dune Messiah, opens, Muad Dib s religion has sent his fanatical soldiers on an interstellar jihad, destroying the traditional structures of government and leaving billions dead.
) When the striker s ball hits a ball that he is entitled to then take a croquet shot with.
When Cyril s bishop Maximus died Cyril was appointed bishop by Acasius of Caesaria, who was himself an Arian and viewed Cyril as a theological ally.
When she tried to collect money from her husband s estate, she faced complicated lawsuits regarding the recovery of salary due her husband.
When they reach five to six months, infants ride on their mothers backs.
When Elizabeth was 3 years old, the family moved to 142 Long Acre, where they were to live for 2 years, whilst two more children were born and her father moved up in the world, becoming not only the manager of a larger pawnbroker s shop, but also a silversmith.
When Orestes, their son, reached manhood, he was commanded by one of Apollo s oracles to avenge his father ‘ s murder at his mother s hand.
When his eighty-year-old son died, the father mourned: “ I always told him he wouldn t live long, poor boy.
When he refused, Tammany went to the New York Supreme Court and successfully sued to keep Kelly s name off the ballot.
When Election Day arrived, over 3, 500 of Kelly s supporters wrote LaGuardia's name on the ballot.
When Castaneda inexplicably disappeared and the project fell through, Fellini s mystico-shamanic adventures were scripted with Pinelli and serialized in Corriere della Sera in May 1986.
When the police use search warrants in connection with a vandalism investigation they are often seeking judicial approval to look for items such as cans of spray paint and nozzles from other kinds of aerosol sprays, etching tools or other sharp or pointed objects used to etch or scratch glass and other hard surfaces, and permanent marking pens, such as markers or paint sticks ; evidence of membership or affiliation with any gang or tagging crew, paraphernalia to include any reference to “( tagger s name ),” and any drawings, writings, objects or graffiti depicting taggers names, initials, logos, monikers, slogans, or mention of tagging crew membership ; any newspaper clippings relating details of or referring to any graffiti crime.

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