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William and was
The exception was an Iron Mountain settler named William Lewis.
William Gilmore Simms, sturdy realist that he was, pleaded for a natural robustness such as he found in his favorites the great Elizabethans, to vivify the pale writings being produced around him.
Miriam was stopped at the Taliesin gate, and William Weston, now the estate foreman, came out to parley.
she also went to Washington and appealed to Senator George William Norris of Nebraska, the Fighting Liberal, from whose office a sympathetic but cautious harrumphing was heard.
he collaborated on a song with William Hartman Woodin, who was Secretary of the Treasury, 1932-33.
A lone pro-Hearst voice from New York City was that of William Devery, who had been expelled as a Tammany leader but still claimed strong influence in his own district.
William Coddington, who was running the colony, felt constrained to move seven miles south where, with others -- as mentioned above -- he founded Newport.
But Morgan did not leave before he had written a letter to a William Pickman in Salem, Massachusetts, apparently an acquaintance, praising Washington and saying that the slanders propagated about him were `` opposed by the general current of the people to exalt General Gates at the expense of General Washington was injurious to the latter.
The CTCA program of activities was profuse: William Farnum and Mary Pickford on the screen, Elsie Janis and Harry Lauder on the stage, books provided by the American Library Association, full equipment for games and sports -- except that no `` bones '' were furnished for the all-time favorite pastime played on any floor and known as `` African golf ''.
He wrote eloquently to William James that impartial history was not only impossible but undesirable.
To the Weston house came once William Allen Neilson, the president of Smith College who had been one of my old professors and who still called me `` Boy '' when I was sixty.
In the earlier sessions there was plentiful discussion on the natural law, which Dr. William V. O'Brien of Georgetown University, advanced as the basis for widely acceptable ethical judgments on foreign policy.
William, he was called, in honor of the man who was at once Shelley's pensioner and his most bitter detractor.
After the Juniors were welcomed and congratulated for qualifying for the Finals of the Junior Class, Mrs. William H. Long, Jr. was introduced as the first speaker.
Timothy Palmer, who invented and later patented the arch type of construction for wooden bridges, was the genius who planned and supervised the building of the Essex, or `` Deer Island '' bridge although the actual work was carried out under the direction of William Coombs, who received $300 as recompense.
But what the elements could not do was seriously threatened when Brigadier General William E. ( Grumble ) Jones reached Philippi while on the famous Jones-Imboden raid in May, 1863.
William Hitchcock, who retired in 1938, was a veteran of thirty-four years' local service.
After many years and many interruptions he was able to finish the canopy fresco, and slightly less than half the frieze, beginning with the Liberty group opposite the East door, and ending with William Penn, all but one leg, when a tragic accident ended his career.
Assonance seems nearly as severe a curb, although in a celebrated passage William of Malmesbury declares that A Song Of Roland was intoned before the battle commenced at Hastings.
Thus at the same time that William Henry Harrison was preparing to pacify the aborigines of Indiana Territory and winning fame at the battle of Tippecanoe, Anglo-Saxon settlement made a great leap into the center of the North American continent to the west of the American agricultural frontier.
William was adamant on one point: under no circumstances would he allow the Negroes to remain on the plantation with his and Henry's slaves if they were told of their coming freedom.
One tempest was stirred up last March when Udall announced that an eight-and-a-half-foot bronze statue of William Jennings Bryan, sculpted by the late Gutzon Borglum, would be sent `` on indefinite loan '' to Salem, Illinois, Bryan's birthplace.
Appointment of William S. Pfaff Jr., 41, as promotion manager of The Times-Picayune Publishing Company was announced Saturday by John F. Tims, president of the company.

William and first
The first directors of the Manchester Light and Power Company were John Marsden, M. L. Manley, William F. Orvis, George Smith, and John Blackmer.
* 1890 – At Auburn Prison in New York, murderer William Kemmler becomes the first person to be executed by electric chair.
This book, which established his reputation, was first translated into English by William Montgomery and published in 1910 as The Quest of the Historical Jesus.
The site of the colony's capital was surveyed and laid out by Colonel William Light, the first Surveyor-General of South Australia, through the design made by the architect George Strickland Kingston.
In the 1960s linguist William Stokoe created the first writing system for a sign language, the so-called Stokoe notation, which he designed specifically for ASL.
William Walker ( composer ) | William Walker, the composer who first joined John Newton's verses to " New Britain ", to create the song that has become " Amazing Grace "
Common meter hymns were interchangeable with a variety of tunes ; more than twenty musical settings of " Amazing Grace " circulated with varying popularity until 1835 when William Walker assigned Newton's words to a traditional song named " New Britain ", which was itself an amalgamation of two melodies (" Gallaher " and " St. Mary ") first published in the Columbian Harmony by Charles H. Spilman and Benjamin Shaw ( Cincinnati, 1829 ).
This verse is also featured in William Billing's popular Sacred Harp song " David's Lamentation ", first published in 1778.
* 1888 – The first successful adding machine in the United States is patented by William Seward Burroughs.
* 1991 – Rita Johnston becomes the first female Premier of a Canadian province when she succeeds William Vander Zalm ( who had resigned ) as Premier of British Columbia.
William Prentice disagrees with both, noting that archeological evidence suggests that the Achaeans instead migrated from " southern Asia Minor to Greece, probably settling first in lower Thessaly " probably prior to 2000 BC.
The word autobiography was first used deprecatingly by William Taylor in 1797 in the English periodical the Monthly Review, when he suggested the word as a hybrid but condemned it as ' pedantic '; but its next recorded use was in its present sense by Robert Southey in 1809.
A more in-depth description of arcology's design principles can be found in " The Last Redoubt " from The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson, first published in 1912.
* William Hope Hodgson's 1912 novel The Night Land features the first example of what we now would call an arcology, though the future Earthlings depicted — millions of years into the future, in fact — have different reasons for building their metallic pyramid.
* In the Joe Haldeman novel The Forever War much of the action between William Mandella's first and second deployments occurs in an arcology.
Forty-two years later, Henry's first biographer, William Wirt, working from oral histories, tried to reconstruct what Henry said.
* 1886 – William Ewart Gladstone introduces the first Irish Home Rule Bill into the British House of Commons.
However, perhaps the first organised attempt to conserve cultural patrimony was the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings in the UK, influenced by the writings of John Ruskin the society was founded by William Morris and Philip Webb in 1877.
* William McCune Argonne National Laboratory, author of Otter, the first high-performance theorem prover.
The first significant reference to the influence of Aelian in the 16th century is a letter to Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange from his cousin William Louis, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg on December 8, 1594.
In 1738 Nehemiah's son William Champion patented a technique for the first industrial scale distillation of metallic zinc known as distillation per descencum or " the English process.
In the United States the first water caterpillar was patented in 1839 by William Leavenworth of New York.
Its first editor, William O. Eaton, just 22 years old, said " The Herald will be independent in politics and religion ; liberal, industrious, enterprising, critically concerned with literacy and dramatic matters, and diligent in its mission to report and analyze the news, local and global.

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