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XVII and .,
* “ Meaning and Intentionality in Wittgenstein s Later Philosophy ”, in Peter A. French, Theodore E. Uehling, Jr., and Howard K. Wettstein, eds., Midwest Studies in Philosophy Volume XVII: The Wittgenstein Legacy ( University of Notre Dame Press, Notre Dame, 1992 ), pp. 40 – 52
** XVII Corps, commanded by Maj. Gen. Frank Blair, Jr., with the divisions of Maj. Gen. Joseph A. Mower and Brig.
Характер отношений России к православному востоку в XVI и XVII вв., Москва 1914 / Kapterev N. F.
III, and of the Homilies, ibid., XVII ( Edinburgh, 1871 – 72 ).
* The Army of the Tennessee, commanded by Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman, consisting of the XV Corps under Maj. Gen. Frank P. Blair, Jr., and the 2nd Division of the XVII Corps under Brig.
XVII., condemns the Anabaptists ( of Munster -- historically most Anabaptist groups were amillennial ) and others who now scatter Jewish opinions that, before the resurrection of the dead, the godly shall occupy the kingdom of the world, the wicked being everywhere suppressed .’" Likewise, the Swiss Reformer, Heinrich Bullinger wrote up the Second Helvetic Confession which reads " We also reject the Jewish dream of a millennium, or golden age on earth, before the last judgment.
IV, 200 S. ( Memoires de l ' Academie imperiale des Sciences de St .- Petersbourg, VII ser., t. XVII, Nr 8 ) Vorwort, IV, gez.
* 9, clades Variana, Destruction of the legions XVII, XVIII and XIX by Arminius in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, Suicide of Administrator Varus, Loss of military camps east of the Rhine., Roman Empire is forced to strategically withdraw from Germania.
Bred by Diane Judy of Johnson City, Tenn., Handsome Dan XVII, a 50-pound bulldog, is the half brother of Rambo, owned by former Yale football captain Rory Hennessey ' 05.
It is to be found on some publications emanating from the " Royalist agencies in England ", notably on the frontispiece of l Almanach Royaliste pour l ' année 1795, troisième du règne de Louis XVII, à Nantes ( Londres ) et se trouve dans toutes les villes de la Bretagne, de la Normandie, du Poitou, du Maine, du Perche, de l ' Anjou, etc., et bientôt dans toute la France or, in English, " The Royalist Almanac for the year 1795, third year of the reign of Louis XVII, at Nantes ( ie London ) and found in all the towns of Britanny, Normandy, Poitou, Maine, Perche, Anjou, and soon throughout the whole of France ".
His publisher, Thomas George Stevenson, compiled a bibliography of his works, i. e. Bibliography of James Maidment, Esq., advocate, Edinburgh ; From the year M. DCCC. XVII to M. DCCC. LXXVIII.

XVII and others
( Life of the Fathers, XVII, 1 ) He surmounts the others in the glory of his miracles, and was chosen by God to have the entire succession of past and future Frankish kings revealed to him.
The conquest of these wild lands started mid XVII when the land was populated by many Indian tribes like the peaceful Arawaks and the dangerous Caribs among others.
2005. Españolas de ultramar en la historia y en la literatura: aventureras, madres, soldados, virreinas, gobernadoras, adelantadas, prostitutas, empresarias, monjas, escritoras, criadas y esclavas en la expansión ibérica ultramarina ( siglos XV a XVII ) http :// parnaseo. uv. es / Editorial / Maura / INDEX. HTM |= PDF online facsimile | others = Hernando Maura ( illus.
Gervase has occasionally been confused with others of the same name, notably with Gervase of S. Ceneri, and thus he is described as prior of Dover by Dom Brial ( Recueil des Historiens de France, XVII, 1818 ), which is impossible on chronological grounds.

XVII and
* Iakovliv, A. Ukraïns ko-moskovs ki dohovory v XVII – XVIII vikakh ( Warsaw 1934 )
Plan XVII was the name of a " scheme of mobilization and concentration " that was adopted by the French General Staff in 1913, to be put into effect by the French Army in the event of war between France and Germany but was not ‘ a prescribed narrative for the campaign or battle plan.
* Cristian Luca, Influssi occidentali sull atteggiamento politico di alcuni principi dei Paesi Romeni nei secoli XVI e XVII

XVII and who
* 6-David Woodley, 44, former quarterback of the Miami Dolphins, who started in Super Bowl XVII.
The Cowboys would later repeat the option of wearing white jerseys as the " home " team in Super Bowl XXVII, while the Redskins would do so in Super Bowl XVII and, ironically, the Steelers ( who always wear their black jerseys in home games ) in Super Bowl XL due to the team's success on the road that season.
Super Bowl XVII was dedicated to University of Alabama Coach Bear Bryant who died on January 26, 1983.
On the Rhine ( probably camp castra Vetera near Xanten or castra Novaesium near Neuss ) he was in command of the legions XVII, XVIII ( also XIIX ) and XIX ( also XVIIII ), previously led by General Gaius Sentius Saturninus, who was sent back to Rome and had been given an ornamenta triumphalia.
Louis Stanislas now unilaterally declared himself regent for his nephew, who was too young to be head of the House of Bourbon ( since the French monarchy had been abolished for several months, Louis XVII never actually ruled, and any claim to regency would have been in name only ).
Symbolic acts, such as the replacement of the tricolore with the white flag, the titling of Louis as the ' XVIII ' ( as successor to Louis XVII, who never ruled ) and as ' King of France ' rather than ' King of the French ', and the monarchy's recognition of the anniversaries of the deaths of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were significant.
In 2004 the mummified heart of the Dauphin, the boy who would have been Louis XVII, was sealed into the wall of the crypt.
The Dordrecht Confession contained two points that the Swiss Brethren had not historically practiced: footwashing ( Article XI ) and social avoidance ( including eating meals with those who had been shunned ) ( Article XVII ).
* Jean Grégoire de La Trinité, alias Jean-Gaston Tremblay, from Canada also proclaimed himself Pope Gregory XVII back in 1968 ; however, Tremblay usually styles himself Pope John-Gregory XVII and further, that he is the self styled successor of an ultra-modernist French antipope, Michel Colin ( former Roman Catholic priest of the Sacred Heart missionaries ), founder of the Renovated Church of Christ in 1951 and who went under the name Clement XV since ca.
* Some right-wing Roman Catholics also claimed Giuseppe Siri ( 20 May 1906 – 2 May, 1989 ) had been elected as Pope Pius XII's successor in 1958 but that his election was in effect vetoed under Communist threat that Catholics in Communist countries would be persecuted if Siri, who allegedly had announced that he wished to be known as Pope Gregory XVII, was accepted as Pope.
Popes during this period whose tombs are unknown and who may have been buried in the Lateran basilica include: Pope John XVII ( 1003 ), Pope John XVIII ( 1003 – 1009 ), and Pope Alexander II ( 1061 – 1073 ).
John XVII was nominated to the papacy by John Crescentius, a Roman noble who held power in the city in opposition to Emperor Otto III.
The only time the title was used following this time was by the future Louis XVIII of France, who was known as the Comte de Provence until the death of his nephew Louis XVII in 1795, when he claimed the French throne.
– August 10, 1845 ) was a German clock-and watch-maker who until his death claimed to be Prince Louis-Charles, or Louis XVII of France.
Naundorff was one of the more stubborn of more than thirty men who claimed to be Louis XVII.
He still had some supporters because the epitaph on his grave reads " Here lies Louis XVII, King of France " and in his death certificate he is named as " Charles-Louis de Bourbon, Duke of Normandy ( Louis XVII ), who was known under the name of Charles-Guillaume Naundorff, [...] son of His Majesty the late Louis XVI, King of France and of Her Imperial and Royal Highness Marie Antoinette, Archduchess of Austria, Queen of France, who both died in Paris ".
The roman numerals are currently " XVII ", representing Gary Herbert, who is the 17th governor of Utah since statehood.
Those who wish to exhaust the subject, mention in addition, on the authority of Zuo Qiuming, Zhongsun Heji ( 仲孫何忌 ), a son of Meng Xizi ( 孟僖子 ), and Zhongsun Shuo ( 仲孫說 ), little brother of Zhongsun Heji, supposed by many to be the same with No. 17 ; Ru Bei, ( 孺悲 ), mentioned in the Analects, XVII.
Louis Joseph was succeeded as the French crown prince by his four year old brother Louis-Charles, Dauphin of France who eventually became the imprisoned and uncrowned king Louis XVII of France, who also died of illness during the period accounted that of the French Revolution — though he would die much more cruelly of a lingering illness suffered over years of uncomfortable captivity as the heir of their executed mother and father.

XVII and now
In Book XVII of The Iliad, Apollo disguises himself as Mentes to encourage Hector to fight Menelaus, (" Hector, now you're going after something you'll not catch, chasing the horses of warrior Achilles, descendant of Aeacus.
Rákoskeresztúr (; ) is a former town in Hungary now part of District XVII of Budapest.
Seat of a Lombard gastald, Narnia embraced the cause of Otho I of Saxony thanks to the mediation of its bishop, now Pope John XVII.
After the end of war in November 1918, Goerdeler served on the headquarters of the XVII Army Corps based in Danzig ( now Gdańsk, Poland ).
When Germany declared war in 1914, France began the execution of Plan XVII with five initiatives, now collectively known as the Battle of the Frontiers:
Rákoscsaba is a former town in Hungary now part of District XVII of Budapest.
It now reaches a capacity of about 100, 000 people ( hence the name of Stadio dei Centomila, which the stadium was called before 1960 ), and in view of the XVII Olympiad.
* Lightvessel XVII Gedser Rev-lightvessel built in Odense in 1895, in operation until 1972, then acquired by the National Museum and now serving as a museum ship.

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