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:" and considered
:" The Taliban are not a force to be considered invincible.
:" All my informants in the areas of Taipei and Sanhsia considered nuns at least as respectable as monks, or even more so.
:" The primary plan for alerting broadcast stations that is currently being considered by the FCC Study Group is known as the Key Station System.
:" Even when the abuse was discovered, neither father nor grandmother wanted to take them back ; instead the boys were sent to an orphanage and might have remained there if a good foster home not heard of their plight and considered taking them in.
:" Unbiased " probably best describes the Arceans, as they are considered to be a neutral civilization.
:" It was considered at that time mainly as an experiment.
:" The fact that fate of the revolution was decided in Vienna and Berlin, that the key issues of life were dealt with in both those capitals without taking the slightest notice of the Frankfurt assembly-that fact alone is sufficient to prove that the institution was a mere debating club, consisting of an accumulation of gullible wretches who allowed themselves to be abused as puppets by the governments, so as to provide a show to amuse the shopkeepers and tradesmen of small states and towns, as long as it was considered necessary to distract their attention.
:" Legend has it that Thoralf Skolem, up until the end of his life, was scandalized by the association of his name to a result of this type, which he considered an absurdity, nondenumerable sets being, for him, fictions without real existence.
:" Book IV is generally considered to embody the oldest portions of the oracles, and while many of the older critics saw in it elements which were considered to be Christian, it is now looked on as completely Jewish.
:" If a parent is considered a fit parent when they are married or living together, there is no reason in a normal case why that assumption should change just because they separate or divorce.
:" Man, however, had in former days considered this as a remote or unlikely event ; for a Norwegian chief of other times, or, as other accounts said, and as the name of Jarlshof seemed to imply an ancient Earl of the Orkneys had elected this neck of land as the place for establishing a mansion-house.
:" all leaders of the Constitutional Democratic Party, a party filled with enemies of the people, are hereby to be considered outlaws, and are to be arrested immediately and brought before the revolutionary court.
The impulse response, considered as a Green's function, can be thought of as an " influence function :" how a point of input influences output.
:" We took the liberty to make some enquiries concerning the ground of their pretensions to make war upon nations who had done them no injury, and observed that we considered all mankind as our friends who had done us no wrong, nor had given us any provocation.
:" The stock which is lent at interest is always considered as a capital by the lender.
:" Suppose that a cask of new wine, which cost £ 50, is put into a cellar, and that, at the end of twelve months, it is worth £ 55, the question is: Should the £ 5 of additional value, given to the wine, be considered as a compensation for the time the £ 50 worth of capital has been locked up, or should it be considered as the value of additional labour actually laid out in the wine?
:" He was a minor celebrity in Edinburgh because he was considered to be very eccentric.
:" Sole was one of the game's most softly-spoken and considered men off the field and one of the most inspirational and thoughtful captains and players on it.
The feature drew an angry reaction from Avital :" There are enough beautiful and interesting things we can use to tap this demographic than to show a half-naked woman in a magazine of this kind, considered pornographic ".
:" The Brethren of the Free Spirit, who claimed to be in a state of grace without benefit of priest or sacrament, spread not only doctrinal but civil disorder .... Because the Free Spirit believed God to be in themselves, not in the Church, and considered themselves in a state of perfection without sin, they felt free to do all things commonly prohibited to ordinary man.
:" Furious punk guitars that sound more rock than emo, backed by chaotic but somehow precise drumming ... it's hard to believe Paris Texas were ever considered emo at all-there's much more bark than whine.
:" Kalkbrenner and Hummel were at that time considered the greatest pianists, and even Chopin had come to Paris a few years before to learn from Kalkbrenner.
:" If you get acquainted with the religion of the Karaites, we can see that their Bible was considered the Pentateuch, that they recognized Jesus Christ a prophet, but a prophet considered equally and Mohammed, they believe in reincarnation, that their holidays are on the lunar calendar, the status of women and before and after marriage, based on the teachings of Muhammad that kenasy built as a mosque, " fountain ", and was a special room for washing by type Mohammedan, when logging in kenasy remove your shoes, like the Mohammedans.

:" and decree
:" The removal of the protection of the courts, granted since the Tilson judgement of 1950, to the Ne temere decree of the Roman Catholic Church.
:" According to the explicit decree of Bahá ' u ' lláh one must not turn aside from the advice of a competent doctor.

:" and be
:" He, I knew, was not likely to be far from his headquarters.
:" The first part of our arithmetic organ ... should be a parallel storage organ which can receive a number and add it to the one already in it, which is also able to clear its contents and which can store what it contains.
" Of the scholastics he says :" Yet they will have us beleeve, that by the Almighty power of God, one body may be at one and the same time in many places problem of the universals ; and many bodies at one and the same time in one place whole and the parts ; ... And these are but a small part of the Incongruencies they are forced to, from their disputing philosophically, in stead of admiring, and adoring of the Divine and Incomprehensible Nature ...."
Instead, the philosopher encounters a problem :" Now, if the ' to be ' of a thing could be conceived apart from that which exists, it should be represented in our mind by some note distinct from the concept of the thing itself ....
Where being, the noun, is readily accessible to experience and classifiable, being, the participle, is not :" In short ... philosophy may perhaps be able to tell us everything about that which reality is, but nothing at all concerning this not unimportant detail: the actual existence, or non-existence, of what we call reality ....
:" He dwells in the place called Breidablik, which is in heaven ; in that place may nothing unclean be, even as is said here:
:" And as for Belshazzar my firstborn son, my own child, let the fear of your great divinity be in his heart, and may he commit no sin ; may he enjoy happiness in life ".
:" Meanwhile it happened that Swedish ambassadors had come to the Emperor Louis the Pious, and, amongst other matters which they had been ordered to bring to the attention of the emperor, they informed him that there were many belonging to their nation who desired to embrace the Christian religion, and that their king so far favoured this suggestion that lie would permit God's priests to reside there, provided that they might be deemed worthy of such a favour and that the emperor would send them suitable preachers.
:" When the day for the assembly which was held in the town of Birka drew near, in accordance with their national custom the king caused a proclamation to be made to the people by the voice of a herald, in order that they might be informed concerning the object of their mission.
:" Furthermore we have been told that there are many more islands in that sea, one of which is called the Great Estland ( Aestland ) -- And this island is told to be quite close to the Woman Land ( terrae feminarum ), which is not far ( non longe ) away from Birka of the Swedes.
:" a director need not exhibit in the performance of his duties a greater degree of skill than may reasonably be expected from a person of his knowledge and experience.
:" such care as an ordinary man might be expected to take on his own behalf.
:" May your sons be as fine and as noble and good and honest as you were.
:" It was stated ... that ' a function is effectively calculable if its values can be found by some purely mechanical process.
:" His only idea at the time was that it might be possible, in terms of effective calculability as an undefined notion, to state a set of axioms which would embody the generally accepted properties of this notion, and to do something on that basis ".
:" It may also be shown that a function which is computable in one of the systems S < sub > i </ sub >, or even in a system of transfinite type, is already computable in S < sub > 1 </ sub >.
:" For you are a holy people to YHWH your God, and God has chosen you to be his treasured people from all the nations that are on the face of the earth.
:" Now therefore, if you will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then you shall be a peculiar treasure unto me from all the peoples, for all the earth is mine " ().
:" And I will establish My covenant between Me and you and your descendants after you in their generations, for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and your descendants after you.
:" And if a king shall stand up from among the House of David, studying Torah and indulging in commandments like his father David, according to the written and oral Torah, and he will coerce all Israel to follow it and to strengthen its weak points, and will fight The Lord's wars, this one is to be treated as if he were the anointed one.
:" It was believed that the hold of the brainwashing over the cognitive processes of a cult member needed to be broken – or " snapped " as some termed it – by means that would shock or frighten the cultist into thinking again.
:" It was from noble families that this evil first started, and when shameful things seem to be approved by the fashionable, then the common people will surely think them correct ... This only, they say, stands the stress of life: a good and just spirit in a man.

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