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Page "fiction" ¶ 799
from Brown Corpus
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aside and from
In short order, the general history became his most popular work and has remained, aside from his later Social history, the work most widely favored by the public.
'' At other points in his narrative, Krim associates Jewishness with unappeasable literary ambition, with abstraction, with his personal turning aside from the good, the true, and the beautiful of fiction in the manner of James T. Farrell to the international, the false, and the inflated.
By comparison, Stone Harbor bird sanctuary's allies seem less formidable, for aside from the Audubon Society, they are mostly the snowy, common and cattle egrets and the Louisiana, green, little blue and black-crowned herons who nest and feed there.
Pullen James humbly lowered his head, pushed aside the hardtack-box door of the hut, and was gone from sight.
In the event the rupees set aside for loans under Section 104 ( E ) of the Act are not advanced within six years from the date of this Agreement because the Export-Import Bank of Washington has not approved loans or because proposed loans have not been mutually agreeable to the Export-Import Bank of Washington and the Department of Economic Affairs of the Government of India, the Government of the United States of America may use the rupees for any purpose authorized by Section 104 of the Act.
Trim excess clay from around lip of mold and set aside while assembling lid.
The incident, aside from reflecting on Welch's political career, had all but wrecked his home life.
A number of semiempirical estimates by various workers lead to the conclusion that the Af bond becomes symmetric when the Af bond length is about 2.4 to 2.5 A, but aside from the possible example of nickel dimethylglyoxime there have been no convincing reports of symmetric Af bonds.
The returns from companies classified as large businesses were set aside and not used because they were not relevant to a study of the opinions and practices of small firms.
aside from her specifically regional accent, she reveals by the use of the triad, `` irritable, tense, depressed '', a certain pedantic itemization that indicates she has some familiarity with literary or scientific language ( i.e., she must have had at least a high-school education ), and she is telling a story she has mentally rehearsed some time before.
But aside from everything else, it would scarcely be pleasant to have dealings with one who was nominally an underling and actually held -- you could say -- the whip hand.
Apollo has ominous aspects aside from his plague-bringing, death-dealing arrows: Marsyas was a satyr who challenged Apollo to a contest of music.
The stream was temporarily turned aside from its course while the grave was dug wherein the Gothic chief and some of his most precious spoils were interred.
This seems to pose a serious problem for the empirical account, though Hume brushes it aside as an exceptional case by stating that one may experience a novel idea that itself is derived from combinations of previous impressions.
Tiles set aside are discarded from the game.
The penultimate day of the flight was largely spent performing experiments, aside from a twenty minute press conference during the second half of the day.
* No sound support aside from a command that could be used to click the speaker, though one could also an ASCII bell character to sound the system alert beep.
Art is set aside from ordinary life and made a dramatic focus of experience.
Analytical chemistry plays an increasingly important role in the pharmaceutical industry where, aside from QA, it is used in discovery of new drug candidates and in clinical applications where understanding the interactions between the drug and the patient are critical.
Jews secretly started putting aside arms from the Roman munitions workshops ; soon after, a revolt broke out under Simeon ben Kosiba.
Taken seriously he was allowed to bring up over 100 guns from coastal emplacements but his plan for the taking of Toulon was set aside as one incompetent officer superseded another.
All the city's fortifications were destroyed, aside from the citadel, which was left as residence of the governor and a garrison for the emiral troops.
point of view, are the beautiful, full-figured women like Daisy Mae, Wolf Gal, Stupefyin ' Jones and Moonbeam McSwine ( a caricature of his wife Catherine, aside from the dirt )— all of whom found their way onto the painted noses of bomber planes during World War II and the Korean War.
Similarly, in 1971, Alistair Campbell stated that the apologue technique used in Beowulf is so infrequent in the epic tradition aside from when Virgil uses it that the poet who composed Beowulf could not have written the poem in such a manner without first coming across Virgil's writings.

aside and due
* Books from the circulating collection that have been set aside for students working on a special assignment, and are temporarily designated to be used only within the library until the project is due.
Each householder must put aside all the chametz he is selling into a box or cupboard, and the rabbi enters into a contract to sell all the chametz to a non-Jew ( who is not obligated to observe the commandments ) in exchange for a small down payment ( e. g. $ 1. 00 ), with the remainder due after Passover.
This is partly due to the reason that, aside from Spanish Jesuit missionaries, Spain had very little economic and colonization activity on the islands.
Consider now the acceleration due to the sphere of mass M experienced by a particle in the vicinity of the body of mass m. With R as the distance from the center of M to the center of m, let ∆ r be the ( relatively small ) distance of the particle from the center of the body of mass m. For simplicity, distances are first considered only in the direction pointing towards or away from the sphere of mass M. If the body of mass m is itself a sphere of radius ∆ r, then the new particle considered may be located on its surface, at a distance ( R ± ∆ r ) from the centre of the sphere of mass M, and ∆ r may be taken as positive where the particle's distance from M is greater than R. Leaving aside whatever gravitational acceleration may be experienced by the particle towards m on account of ms own mass, we have the acceleration on the particle due to gravitational force towards M as:
For instance, in some state courts the prosecution can lodge an appeal after a defendant is acquitted: although the appellate court cannot set aside a not-guilty verdict due to double jeopardy, it can issue a ruling as to whether a trial court's ruling on a particular issue during the trial was erroneous.
Theoretical considerations aside, in real world use the mechanical advantage of the trucker's hitch is significantly less than the ideal case due to the effects of friction.
Helen has not had sex since her husband's death, and, due to her Catholic upbringing, which she has been unable and, to a lesser degree, also unwilling to cast off completely, she tries to thrust aside any thoughts concerning an illicit affair or a one-night stand with Messenger, who is married with four children.
Damages to these structures produce the ipsilateral presentation of paralysis or palsy due to the lack of cranial nerve decussation ( aside from the trochlear nerve ) before innervating their target muscles.
Holly then sets aside her script due to Hannah's objections, and instead writes a story inspired by her own life, which Mickey reads and admires greatly, vowing to help her get it produced and leading to their second date.
" In Barton v. Armstrong AC 104, a decision of the Privy Council, Armstrong threatened to kill Barton if he did not sign a contract, which was set aside due to duress to the person.
This future visibility limit is calculated at a comoving distance of 19 billion parsecs ( 62 billion light years ), which implies the number of galaxies that we can ever theoretically observe in the infinite future ( leaving aside the issue that some may be impossible to observe in practice due to redshift, as discussed in the following paragraph ) is only larger than the number currently observable by a factor of 2. 36 .< ref name =" mapofuniverse "> The comoving distance of the future visibility limit is calculated on p. 8 of Gott et al.
As well as being an amateur soprano, she is a leading expert in swamp dragons and has a dragon pen outside her house where she breeds and cares for swamp dragons, though aside from her hobby most of her house is vaguely under-tended due to apparent disinterest.
Central in the party leadership from 1923 to 1925 but pushed aside due to the influence of the Communist International ( Comintern ), the Cannon group became in 1928 supporters of Leon Trotsky.
Few details remain regarding his life, aside from his published work, due to the destruction of El-Zahra during later Castillian-Andalusian conflicts.
Several restaurant-owned and startup online food ordering websites already included menus on their websites, yet due to the limitations of which restaurants could handle online orders, many restaurants were left invisible to the Internet aside from an address listing.
One line, Groucho's aside referencing Margaret Dumont's character, " I think I'll try and make her ", as in " seduce her ", was chopped from all known prints of the film during the 1936 re-release, due to its violation of the Hays Code.
Prior to her husband's rise to power, Maria Amalia and her husband had to cope with a persistent money problem due to the fact that they had no income aside from that which they were given by the English crown.
WCLK airs some NPR talk programming not heard on WABE, such as The Takeaway and Tell Me More, due to WABE's mostly classical format where little talk programming is aired on that station aside from their HD channel.
However, this was tempered by the fact that longstanding club GM Andy Costigan was stepping aside from his role, which he had filled since the clubs inception, due to pressures in his personal life
They put aside their differences with Minister President Otto von Bismarck over domestic policy due to their support for his highly successful foreign policy, which resulted in the unification of Germany as a constitutional monarchy.
Levin took over as chairman of the Ways and Means committee on March 4, 2010 when Charles B. Rangel of New York stepped aside in due to a number of ethics violations.
As an aside, it may be noted that real-world departures from this linear two-pole model occur due to two major complications: first, real amplifiers have more than two poles, as well as zeros ; and second, real amplifiers are nonlinear, so their step response changes with signal amplitude.
There was disquiet due to the reluctance of the Conservative controlled Liverpool Corporation to set aside areas of public open space specifically for outdoor meetings.

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