Español Attack v0.2

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You may have read my first attempt at Español attack. This is a major improvement and expansion. You can expect it to be approximately 20% better than the last version. But wait, why such a small amount? Because we are using artificial intelligence to learn a human language. Artificial intelligence is going to get very good in the near future, but until then we have this. I hope you enjoy it.

Español Attack
Figure 1: Español Attack v0.2
Español Attack page 2
Figure 2: Español Attack v0.2 page 2
by Javantea, AltSci Concepts
Text version 0.1
Text version 0.2
Histogram version

I produced this learning tool while in Mexico. From basic knowledge of the language to a set of words and sentences I can throw together, this page of common words can help you train yourself what to learn first. I have done this type of language learning guide before. I also created a very nice Twitter - Google translate mashup, but both services were modified, the Google translate API became a pay API which broke my mashup.

This page represents the output of a histogram of words used in a small corpus of Spanish. This mathematical concept is quite easy to understand for linguists: tally each word used, sort by highest tally. I wrote a piece of software that does this for any corpus, including HTML and foreign texts.

Version 0.2 improves upon 0.1 and does not lose the original benefit of version 0.1 by adding a more complex and larger corpus and retaining the original order of 0.1 for all old words. I made a handful of fixes (removing vosotros and English words) which should make the page a little easier to read. If you started using version 0.1, I will politely ask to upgrade. If you have any improvements you'd like me to make, please feel free. I made the SVG available to you so that you can modify it. It isn't too much to ask of you to send it back if it has helped you.

Javantea out.