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modified and classification
A variety of classification schemes have been proposed that order genetically modified organisms based on the nature of introduced genotypical changes rather than the process of genetic engineering.
The classification has been modified and extended over the years to cope with increasing output in all areas of human knowledge, and is still under continuous review to take account of new developments.
The new version received a modified type classification, M1911A1.
In the modified Hubble sequence galaxy morphological classification scheme of French astronomer Gérard de Vaucouleurs, Messier 87 is categorized as an E0p galaxy.
With the advent of phylogenetic nomenclature, this system of classification was heavily modified.
Although the original classification has been significantly debated and sometimes modified over the years, the split into Basketmaker and Pueblo eras still serves as a basis for discussing the culture of the Ancient Puebloans of the Four Corners area.
CRM114's classifier can also be switched to use Littlestone's Winnow algorithm, character-by-character correlation, a variant on KNN ( K-nearest neighbor algorithm ) classification called Hyperspace, a bit-entropic classifier that uses entropy encoding to determine similarity, a SVM, by mutual compressibility as calculated by a modified LZ77 algorithm, and other more experimental classifiers.
Reid and Knight ( 1961 ) modified this classification and consequently subdivided the subgenus Anopheles into two sections, Angusticorn and Laticorn and six series.
This classification has been modified over the years, one recent example being the classification of Ponder & Lindberg, 1997, based on phylogenetic arguments.
With such modified SIMCA methods, classification of an object requires both that its orthogonal distance from the model and its projection within the model ( i. e. score value within region defined by ellipsoid ) are not significant.
BR adopted a slightly modified version of the LMS classification system, itself based on the Midland Railway's system.
A continuum approach to soil classification by modified fuzzy k-means with extragrades.
The scholastic classification, obtained from Boëthius's Latin version of Porphyry's Isagoge, modified Aristotle's by substituting species ( eidos ) for definition.
All types of locomotive and multiple unit received a TOPS classification, but the first attempt at applying TOPS was soon modified.
A Escort Destroyer ( DDE ) is a US Navy post World War II classification for destroyers ( DD ) modified for and assigned to a fleet escort role.
The " zone " system of classification is now used in modified form in U. S. National Electrical Code and in the Canadian Electrical Code.
The climate map of the Philippines based on the modified coronas classification shows that the city falls under Type II.
The taxonomic classification of Centrolenidae was recently modified.
The classification used here is based on Wurm, modified to reflect the North Halmaheran classification of Voorhoeve 1988.

modified and was
That is to say Gabriel's fundamental law had been so much modified by this time that it was neither fundamental nor law any more.
Using a steering system that controlled the modified rocket's tail surfaces and wings equipped with ailerons, Fiedler was to land the missile on a skid especially bolted under the fuselage.
In Greece, the script was modified to add the vowels, giving rise to the ancestor of all alphabets in the West.
When it was decided that Asteroids would be a vector game as well, Delman modified a Lunar Lander circuit board for Ed Logg.
' Gelignite ', or blasting gelatin, as it was named, was patented in 1876 ; and was followed by a host of similar combinations, modified by the addition of potassium nitrate and various other substances.
The phonetic structure of the Greek language created too many ambiguities when the vowels went unrepresented, so the script was modified.
This means that even facilities that have not been modified or altered in any way after the ADA was passed still have obligations.
The first one was the fact that queen Isabel II was a woman, and her father, king Ferdinand VII, had modified the Succession Law in order for her to be queen, excluding his brother Carlos.
It was modified somewhat after it was restored under Eucleides ; the most detailed accounts are of this fourth-century modification rather than the Periclean system.
Version 4. 1, in a slightly modified form, was also the standard operating system for the Apple Network Server systems sold by Apple Computer to complement the Macintosh line.
It also was responsible for switching to ROM BASIC when the system was turned on with the break key pressed, and later supported a primitive LAN system, using the RS232 port with modified cabling.
The color memory was also available in the " normal " TRS-80 and CP / M text modes, which meant that existing TRS-80 and CP / M software could be easily modified to add color.
The test is unstable ( i. e. the crack propagates along the entire specimen once a critical load is attained ) and a modified version of this test characterised by a non constant inertia was proposed called the tapered double cantilever beam ( TDCB ) specimen.
After the death of his master the school of Syria was dispersed, and Aedesius seems to have modified his doctrines out of fear of Constantine, and took refuge in divination.
The three cup anemometer was further modified by the Australian Derek Weston in 1991 to measure both wind direction and wind speed.
It was fabricated by AMD in a slightly modified version of their CS44E process, a 0. 25 µm complementary metal – oxide – semiconductor ( CMOS ) process with six levels of aluminium interconnect.
The Atari 8-bit family had their own Atari BASIC that was modified in order to fit on an 8 kB ROM cartridge.
Because less defensive emphasis was placed on the use of the forearms and more on the gloves, the classical forearms outwards, torso leaning back stance of the bare knuckle boxer was modified to a more modern stance in which the torso is tilted forward and the hands are held closer to the face.

modified and published
In May 1999, a laboratory at Cornell University published the results from a laboratory trial that appeared to indicate the pollen of genetically modified Bt corn presented a threat to monarch caterpillars.
Fantasy Games Unlimited published a second edition of the game in 1982, and the game was modified and republished by Steve Jackson Games as an official GURPS supplement in 1992.
In 1976, after consultation with the National Security Agency ( NSA ), the NBS eventually selected a slightly modified version, which was published as an official Federal Information Processing Standard ( FIPS ) for the United States in 1977.
New performance measures have been introduced that attempt to address some of theoretical concerns with traditional indicators, including: modified Sharpe ratios ; the Omega ratio introduced by Keating and Shadwick in 2002 ; Alternative Investments Risk Adjusted Performance ( AIRAP ) published by Sharma in 2004 ; and Kappa developed by Kaplan and Knowles in 2004.
The Mercalli-Cancani-Sieberg scale was later modified and published in English by Harry O.
Once assigned a number and published, an RFC is never rescinded or modified ; if the document requires amendments, the authors publish a revised document.
Nathaniel Isaacs published his Travels and Adventures in Eastern Africa in 1836, creating a picture of Shaka as a degenerate and pathological monster which survives in modified forms to this day.
In a work titled Euclides ab Omni Naevo Vindicatus ( Euclid Freed from All Flaws ), published in 1733, Saccheri quickly discarded elliptic geometry as a possibility ( some others of Euclid's axioms must be modified for elliptic geometry to work ) and set to work proving a great number of results in hyperbolic geometry.
SiN is a first-person shooter video game based on a modified version of the Quake II engine developed by Ritual Entertainment and published by Activision in late 1998.
These procedures were slightly modified for the 2006 ( 79th ) Academy Awards, with the Academy deciding to institute a two-stage process in determining the nominees: for the first time in the history of the award, a nine-film shortlist was published one week before the official nominations announcement.
Solar and published modified versions of the characters, initially to great success.
After Diamonds are Forever had been published, Fleming received a letter from a thirty-one-year-old Bond enthusiast and gun expert, Geoffrey Boothroyd, criticising the author's choice of firearm for Bond: his suggestions came too late to be included in From Russia, with Love, but one of Boothroyd's guns – a. 38 Smith & Wesson snub-nosed revolver modified with one third of the trigger guard removed – was used as the model for Chopping's image.
Winer published a modified version of the RSS 0. 91 specification on the UserLand website, covering how it was being used in his company's products, and claimed copyright to the document.
In 2004, the Joint Committee ( of both the House of Commons and House of Lords ) tasked with overseeing the drafting of the proposed Civil Contingencies Bill, published its first report, in which, amongst other things, it suggested amending the bill's clauses that grant Cabinet Ministers the power " to disapply or modify any Act of Parliament " as overly wide, and that the bill should be modified to preclude changes to the following Acts, which, it suggested, formed " the fundamental parts of constitutional law " of the United Kingdom ( names are shown as they appear in Hansard: ):
The Turner Prize was modified to be an artist-only prize without a published shortlist and a solo exhibition was awarded to the winner, Tony Cragg.
In Azerbaijan, when a modified Latin alphabet was adopted, books published in Arabic script were burned, especially in the late 1920s and 1930s.
A modified version was published in full in 1848.
Some modern songs are published in books or recorded, and under copyright, but some are in public domain, and modified by subsequent authors just like old ones.
A modified version of the essay would be published in the Philosophical Library series European Ideologies under the name Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism in 1949.
The House of Commons of the United Kingdom published a report in which they stated that the decline in sales during this period was linked to changing consumer perceptions of genetically modified crops.
A modified version of the book was published in 2009.
In 1971, he published a new theory of cerebellar function that modified and extended a previous theory published by David Marr in 1969.
Other organizations have published modified versions of the original six fuel specifications to assist operators of older equipment find appropriate fuels from current refinery products.

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