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more and complete
To the Republicans no victory could have been more complete.
The first substantially complete stereo Giselle ( and the only one of its scope since Feyer's four-sided LP edition of 1958 for Angel ), this set is, I'm afraid, likely to provide more horrid fascination than enjoyment.
-- As an aid in reducing losses due to enterotoxemia ( overeating disease ), feed a complete ration containing not less than 20 and not more than 50 grams of Aureomycin per ton.
Two very useful ways for modifying a form-dictionary are the addition to the dictionary of complete paradigms rather than single forms and the application of a single change to more than one dictionary form.
As `` a matter of fact no such complete solution of the dream has ever been accomplished in any case,, and what is more, every one attempting such solution has found that in most cases there have remained a great many components of the dream the source of which he has been unable to explain nor is the discussion closed on the subject of the mantic or prophetic power of dreams ''.
If the student drops out of high school, the break with the school is even more complete.
Her creations in fashion are from many designers because she doesn't want a complete wardrobe from any one designer any more than she wants `` all of her pictures by one painter ''.
A few of the more prominent must serve as examples of what a complete listing and description would disclose.
Just as exciting but in a more technically proficient way is Laura Stuart, whose complete control of her every movement is lovely to watch.
`` You see, first of all and in a sense as the source of all other ills, the unshakeable American commitment to the principle of unconditional surrender: The tendency to view any war in which we might be involved not as a means of achieving limited objectives in the way of changes in a given status quo, but as a struggle to the death between total virtue and total evil, with the result that the war had absolutely to be fought to the complete destruction of the enemy's power, no matter what disadvantages or complications this might involve for the more distant future ''.
The colonial power, Portugal, becoming ever richer and more powerful, would not tolerate the growth of these neighbouring states and subjugated them one by one, so that by the beginning of this century the Portuguese had complete control over the entire area.
Unfortunately there may be a tradeoff between goodness ( speed ) and elegance ( compactness )— an elegant program may take more steps to complete a computation than one less elegant.
In a syllabary, a grapheme denotes a complete syllable, that is, either a lone vowel sound or a combination of a vowel sound with one or more consonant sounds.
Schweitzer established his reputation further as a New Testament scholar with other theological studies including The Psychiatric Study of Jesus ( 1911 ); and his two studies of the apostle Paul, Paul and his Interpreters, and the more complete The Mysticism of Paul the Apostle ( 1930 ).
These lay abbacies were not merely a question of overlordship, but implied the concentration in lay hands of all the rights, immunities and jurisdiction of the foundations, i. e. the more or less complete secularization of spiritual institutions.
It was not a Turing complete computer, which distinguishes it from more general machines, like contemporary Konrad Zuse's Z3 ( 1941 ), or later machines like the 1946 ENIAC, 1949 EDVAC, the University of Manchester designs, or Alan Turing's post-War designs at NPL and elsewhere.
He gave a more complete description in his 1964 publications, " A Formal Theory of Inductive Inference ," Part 1 and Part 2 in Information and Control.
His aim, in suiting the text to the views of his day, was partly to make it more intelligible to the public, and partly to make it more complete.
Affirm the cleanliness of the individual after the state of madness, aggressive complete madness of a world abandoned to the hands of bandits .” Formal goals, creative goals, self-expression, political goals, spiritual goals, philosophical goals, and even more perceptual or aesthetic goals have all been popular pictures of what art should be like.
A more complete listing is available at www. ancsa. net.
By lowering the activation energy, the enzyme speeds up that reaction by a rate of 10 < sup > 11 </ sup > or more: a reaction that would normally take over 3, 000 years to complete spontaneously might take less than a second with an enzyme.
In mathematics, more specifically in functional analysis, a Banach space ( pronounced ) is a complete normed vector space.
As with many popular arcade games, experienced players ( who can complete the game relatively easily ) become much more interested in the secondary challenge of obtaining a high score ( which involves a lot more skill and strategy ).

more and list
Only four towns indicated that they made any more than a normal effort to list property of this kind.
In the first place, the two groups of firms, when combined, had characteristics and practices that were more representative of companies that were the subject of this study than did the firms from the AIA list alone.
The Central Falls City Council expressed concern especially that more foods be placed on the eligible list and that neighborhood grocery and variety stores be allowed to do business on Sunday.
Unhappily, `` Heaven Has No Favorites '' does not alter the record except to add one more bad book to the list.
The categorization of dances as " ballroom dances " has always been fluid, with new dances or folk dances being added to or removed from the ballroom repertoire from time to time, so no list of subcategories or dances is any more than a description of current practices.
), along with a 50-word list from a more specialised subset of that general field, to make a basic 1000 words vocabulary for everyday work and life.
William Lycan, for example, argued in his book Consciousness and Experience that at least eight clearly distinct types of consciousness can be identified ( organism consciousness ; control consciousness ; consciousness of ; state / event consciousness ; reportability ; introspective consciousness ; subjective consciousness ; self-consciousness )— and that even this list omits several more obscure forms.
Since it is time-consuming to calculate the energy for a molecule, it is even more time-consuming to calculate them for the entire list of points in the Brillouin zone.
* Candide: Illustrations of a classic, bibliography of illustrated editions, list of available electronic editions and more useful information from Trier University Library
Many sources list the domestic dog as Canis familiaris, but others, including the Smithsonian Institution and the American Society of Mammalogists, more precisely list it as a subspecies of C. l. familiaris ; the red wolf, eastern Canadian wolf, and Indian wolf may or may not be separate species ; in the past, the dingo has been variously classified as Canis dingo, Canis familiaris dingo and Canis lupus familiaris dingo.
However, more generally, a directory can contain either a list of files or a list of links to files.
In the formal statements of faith a more complete list is found.
These include psychometry ( establishing the history of an object ), slate writing ( common in Victorian times ), extras appearing in photographs ( seemingly no more ; possibly since the advent of compound camera lenses using plastic as well as quartz-glass ) and a long list of other curiosities.
For more information see The Troubles in Enniskillen, which includes a list of incidents in Enniskillen during the Troubles resulting in fatalities.
Linus Torvalds on the other hand said in a 2007 mailing list post that as a matter of policy, the development team preferred more incremental changes.
Euripides and other playwrights accordingly composed more and more arias for accomplished actors to sing and this tendency becomes more marked in his later plays: tragedy was a " living and ever-changing genre " ( other changes in his work are touched on in the previous section and in Chronology ; a list of his plays is given in Extant plays below ).
( For more information, see list of fruits.
Today FAQ is more frequently used to refer to the list, and a text consisting of questions and their answers is often called a FAQ regardless of whether the questions are actually frequently asked, if they are asked at all.
The Fascists began their attempt to entrench Fascism in Italy with the Acerbo Law, which guaranteed a plurality of the seats in parliament to any party or coalition list in an election that received 25 % or more of the vote.
Carrie also astonishes him with a list of her more than thirty sexual partners ( he learns he is # 32 ).

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