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Page "government" ¶ 730
from Brown Corpus
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Because and winding
Because of the common core, most of the primary's magnetic field couples with the secondary winding.
Because the casts made of the horns were lost, it is uncertain whether the horns were simply curved or whether they had a winding, helix-like curvature like a natural ox-horn.
The popular Skeggs Point, California | Skeggs Point turnout north of SR 84. Because of its scenic views and winding roadway, Skyline Boulevard and surrounding roads see substantial recreational motoring and bicycling use.
Because of this, transformers are manufactured with a variety of winding configurations to meet these requirements.

Because and process
Because the United States Constitution sets no limits on this tripartite authority of administrative agencies, Congress enacted the APA to establish fair administrative law procedures to comply with the constitutional requirements of due process.
Because the process takes advantage of the nonlinearity of the isotherms, a larger column feed can be separated on a given column with the purified components recovered at significantly higher concentrations.
Because derivation is a slower and less productive word formation process than the more overtly syntactical morphological methods, there are fewer collectives formed this way.
Because of Supreme Court precedent, this process is all considered part of a single proceeding.
Because different writing systems require different parts of the brain to process the visual notation of speech, children with reading problems in one language might not have a reading problem in a language with a different orthography.
Because chemical diffusion is a net transport process, the system in which it takes place is not an equilibrium system ( i. e. it is not at rest yet ).
Because Chatham's emeralds do not have any water and contain traces of vanadate, molybdenum and vanadium, a lithium vanadate flux process is probably involved.
Because there is no remainder, the process ends with FC being the GCD.
Because of the specialized and rare circumstances required for a biological structure to fossilize, only a very small percentage of all life-forms that have ever existed can be expected to be represented in discoveries, and each discovery represents only a snapshot of the process of evolution.
Because the and states are energetically equivalent, neither state is favored, so this process has the effect of randomizing the states.
Because logrolling is pervasive in the political process, it is important to understand which external situations determine when, why, and how logrolling will occur, and whether it is beneficial, efficient, or neither.
Because this usage blurs the distinction between the compile-time process and the run-time process, this article will use linking for the former and loading for the latter.
Because meiosis is a " one-way " process, it cannot be said to engage in a cell cycle as mitosis does.
Because of the lengthy court process and appeals, the legal status of Parker Brothers ' trademarks on the game was not settled until the late 1970s.
Because changing ink color in a mimeograph could be a laborious process, involving extensively cleaning the machine or, on newer models, replacing the drum or rollers, and then running the paper through the machine a second time, some fanzine publishers experimented with techniques for painting several colors on the pad, notably Shelby Vick, who created a kind of plaid " Vicolor.
Because of the plant's deep secrecy and the difficult nature of the production process, it took from January 1940 until June 1942 for the plant to become fully operational.
Because of this the process was called the Hall-Heroult process.
Because a large portion of the active species is lost to recombination, process times may take longer.
Because one operator and two operands are removed and one operand is added, there is a net loss of one operator and one operand, which still leaves an expression with N operators and N + 1 operands, thus allowing the iterative process to continue.
Because the electronic process requires compatible software that works with Companies House eFiling service, companies are usually formed through a Company Formation Agent.
Because the development of rock and roll was an evolutionary process, no single record can be identified as unambiguously " the first " rock and roll record.
Because, through the dithering process, the printer builds a single image pixel out of several printer dots to increase color depth, the printer's DPI setting must be set far higher than the desired PPI to ensure sufficient color depth without sacrificing image resolution.

Because and is
Because God is what He is, the laws of the universe, material and spiritual, are what they are.
Because of these involvements in the matter at stake, Boniface lacked the impartiality that is supposed to be an essential qualification for the position of arbiter, and in retrospect that would seem to be sufficient reason why the English embassies to the Curia proved so fruitless.
Because of the means of publication -- science-fiction magazines and cheap paperbacks -- and because dystopian science fiction is still appearing in quantity the full range and extent of this phenomenon can hardly be known, though one fact is evident: the science-fiction imagination has been immensely fertile in its extrapolations.
Because administration of the forest highway system is a responsibility of the Secretary of Commerce with maintenance provided by the States and counties, this Development Program for the National Forests does not include estimates of the funds needed to maintain the forest highway system nor to construct the additions to it that are needed.
Because of its importance, and because the lack of price competition is well recognized, the industry is under considerable public pressure not to raise its price any more than could be justified by cost increases.
Because community not severalty of property is the law of nature no man can assert an absolutely unalterable right to what is his.
Because of undesirable flavors, odors, colors, and generally low palatability associated with radiation treatment of this magnitude, the inactivation of enzymes is best accomplished prior to irradiation by the conventional heat-processing methods of blanching.
Because agricultural activities are seasonal and the areas of production and harvest of many foods are widely scattered geographically, and because of the high cost of transporting bulk food items any substantial distance to a central processing location, the use of large central processing stations, where low-cost radiation facilities approaching the megawatt range might be utilized, is inherently impracticable.
Because the rake angle Af at the tip of the knife is very much smaller ( or even negative ) when compared to the value of **yc for the major portion of the knife, a very rapid increase in cutting force with thickness will result.
Because the food is selected with thought for its nutritional value, care for its origin, and prepared in a manner that retains the most nutrients, the food does taste good.
-- Held out of Texas Tech's sweat-suits drill Monday at Lubbock was tackle Richard Stafford, who is undergoing treatment for a leg injury suffered in the Raiders' 38-7 loss to Texas A & M Because of its important game with Arkansas coming up Saturday, Baylor worked out in the rain Monday -- mud or no mud.
Because it is so large a state, with marked contrasts in population density, the organization of the New York co-operative offers a cross-section of how the plan works.
Because of this Dr. Bonnor holds that the universe is becoming more thinly populated by stars and whatever else is there.
Because all living beings possess a soul, great care and awareness is essential in one's actions.
Because anthropology developed from so many different enterprises ( see History of Anthropology ), including but not limited to fossil-hunting, exploring, documentary film-making, paleontology, primatology, antiquity dealings and curatorship, philology, etymology, genetics, regional analysis, ethnology, history, philosophy, and religious studies, it is difficult to characterize the entire field in a brief article, although attempts to write histories of the entire field have been made.
Because most embryonic development is outside the parental body, it is subject to many adaptations due to specific ecological circumstances.
Because experimentation is iterative, the
Because the range of possible values for K < sub > a </ sub > spans many orders of magnitude, a more manageable constant, pK < sub > a </ sub > is more frequently used, where pK < sub > a </ sub >

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