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Bishops and form
Cheddar Wood and the smaller Macall's Wood form a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest from what remains of the wood of the Bishops of Bath and Wells in the 13th century and of King Edmund the Magnificent's wood in the 10th.
The evidence establishing the rise in a Bishops status comes in the form of Cyril being able to serve as a patron.
The Bishops ' Bible was first published in 1568, but was then re-issued in an extensively revised form in 1572.
The virulence of “ L ’ Avenir ,” and particularly of Lamennais and Lacordaire, provoked the French Bishops to form a tribunal against the editors of the periodical.
In the May / June 2007 issue of its newsletter, the Committee on the Liturgy of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops ( USCCB ) published an unofficial English translation of Summorum Pontificum and its cover letter, together with commentary in the form of footnotes and 20 questions and answers.
The seven suburbicarian dioceses are Roman Catholic dioceses located in the vicinity of Rome, whose ( titular ) bishops form the highest-ranking order of Cardinals, the Cardinal Bishops.
In response, in 1924, the Synod of Bishops of the Church of Greece voted to accept an altered form of the Gregorian calendar that both maintained the traditional Julian calendar Paschalion for calculating the date of Pascha and all of the moveable feasts dependent on it, but adopted a system of dates which will agree with the Gregorian Calendar (" New Calendar ") dates until 2800, when the two will start very slowly to diverge, due to slightly different methods of calculating leap years.
Excerpts are adapted from the New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition, to form the approved English Lectionary for Mass by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.
On July 1, 2001, the NCCB and the USCC were combined to form the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops ( USCCB ).
Wickham Bishops has a rgualr parish magazine, with regular contributions form the church and village.
The House of Bishops then reconsidered them, put them into their final form and submitted them to the General Synod for Final Approval as Authorized Services.
Additional material, which had no equivalent in the Book of Common Prayer, was debated by the General Synod and then put in its final form and Commended by the House of Bishops.
Such moves made Bell unpopular in some quarters ( Noël Coward's 1943 song " Don't Let's Be Beastly to the Germans ", hostile to any distinction between the Germans and the Nazis, commented " We might send Germans out some Bishops as a form of lease and lend ").
Among some Russian Bishops and other hierarchs, this was interpreted as an authorization to form an emergency synod of all Russian Orthodox hierarchs to permit the Church to continue to function outside Russia.
Bishops of a country or region may form an episcopal conference and meet periodically to discuss current problems.
However changes to church doctrine, rites and ceremonies, or the administration of the sacraments, can only be made in the form agreed by the House of Bishops.
In September 1983, Canons 1252 and 1253 expressed this same rule, and added that Bishops may permit substitution of other penitential practices on Fridays outside of Lent only, but that some form of penance shall be observed on Friday in commemoration of the day of the week of the Lord's Crucifixion.
The Way describes itself as a community — it resists terms such as organization or movement —“ at the service of the Bishops as a form of diocesan implementation of Christian initiation and of ongoing education in faith, in accordance with the indications of the Second Vatican Council and the Magisterium of the Church ”.

Bishops and leadership
The collegial expression of episcopal leadership in the United Methodist Church is known as the Council of Bishops.
The Council of Bishops speaks to the Church and through the Church into the world and gives leadership in the quest for Christian unity and interreligious relationships.
According to the Book of Discipline 2000, " The Church expects the Council of Bishops to speak to the Church and from the Church to the world, and to give leadership in the quest for Christian unity and interreligious relationships.
The Catholic Church in Canada is part of the worldwide Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope and the Canadian Bishops Conference.
The Catholic Church in Nigeria is part of the worldwide Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope, the curia in Rome, and the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria.
Bishops of churches in the eastern and southern Mediterranean generally recognized the persuasive leadership and authority of the Bishop of Rome.
They were engaged in trade and settled down in Kodungallur. Another immigration from Persia occurred around 825 under the leadership of Persian merchant Marwan Sabriso, with two Bishops, Mar Sapro and Mar Prodh.
The Council of Missionary Bishops assisted the vicar in ecclesiastical leadership.
It is also customary for the Archbishop of Westminster to be elected President of the Catholic Bishops ' Conference of England and Wales, but this is the only formal role of leadership he has over the other English bishops.
The leadership of the PAW consists of a Presiding Bishop and a Board of Bishops.
Bishops Murphy and Rogers provided leadership to the conservative Anglican Mission in America, in which Allison, although remaining a member of the Episcopal Church, has also been active.
The Catholic Church in Ireland, with its primatial seat in Armagh, ministers to Catholics in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland under the spiritual leadership of the Pope, the Roman Curia, and the Irish Catholic Bishops ' Conference.

Bishops and Roman
Constance was a missionary bishopric in newly converted lands, and did not look back on late Roman church history ( unlike the Raetian bishopric of Chur, established 451 ) and Basel, which was an episcopal seat from 740, and which continued the line of Bishops of Augusta Raurica, see Bishop of Basel.
The Roman Catholic Church teaches that an ecumenical council is a gathering of the College of Bishops ( of which the Bishop of Rome is an essential part ) to exercise in a solemn manner its supreme and full power over the whole Church.
In the 12th century, there occurred the Investiture Controversy where the Holy Roman Emperor and the Pope fought over who could appoint Bishops.
Bishops, teaching in communion with the Roman Pontiff, are to be respected by all as witnesses to divine and Catholic truth.
So great was his reputation with the Holy See that he "... was allowed by the Roman Pontiff to appoint Bishops and Abbots from among his brethren in whatever churches or monasteries he desired, of those that had lost their patron ".
The Congregation for Bishops ( Congregatio pro Episcopis ) is the congregation of the Roman Curia which oversees the selection of new bishops that are not in mission territories or those areas that come under the jurisdiction of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches who deal with the Eastern Catholics, pending papal approval.
), oral address Your Excellency — Roman Catholic Archbishops and Bishops in the U. S. A .; or,
* The repeal of the Ecclesistical Titles Act, which banned Roman Catholic Bishops from re-assuming pre-reformation ecclesiastical bishropic titles in the United Kingdom, as well as the prohibition of the wearing of clerical outfits.
* Bishop's Chapel – in Anglican and Roman Catholic Canon Law, Bishops have the right to have a chapel in their own home, even when travelling ( such personal chapels may be granted only as a favor to other priests )
In the 4th century, after Bishops had been appointed by the Roman Emperor Constantine, they rejected many of the books, including Jubilees, that later were also absent the Masoretic version.
The Irish Catholic Bishops ' Conference ( Gaelic, Comhdháil Easpag Caitliceach Éireann ) is the episcopal conference of the Roman Catholic bishops in Ireland.
The Earl of Cork with several other noblemen and Bishops of the Church of Ireland were opposed to the attempts of King James II regarding the restoration of Roman Catholicism and petitioned the King on 17 November 1688 to call a parliament " regular and free in all its circumstances ".
Martin V also ordered the Bishops of Porto and Alba to take steps against all Fraticelli " in the Roman province, the March of Ancona, the Duchy of Spoleto and other localities " ( 7 June 1427 ).
The Eastern Catholic Churches are represented in the Holy See and the Roman Curia through the Congregation for the Oriental Churches, which " is made up of a Cardinal Prefect ( who directs and represents it with the help of a Secretary ) and 27 Cardinals, one Archbishop and 4 Bishops, designated by the Pope ad quiquennium.
A publication of the then-National Council of Catholic Bishops explains: " We have been accustomed to speaking of the Latin ( Roman or Western ) Rite or the Eastern Rites to designate these different Churches.
As Archbishop, he succeeds Marc Cardinal Ouellet, his former superior, who became the Prefect of one of the Roman Curia's most important administrative departments, the Sacred Congregation for Bishops, in July 2010.
* New American Bible, an English Bible translation that was produced by members of the Roman Catholic biblical scholars in cooperation with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
* List of Roman Catholic Bishops of Chicago
Bishops played a prominent role in Holy Roman Empire as electors.
* United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: ARTICLE 9 " I BELIEVE IN THE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH ": 830-831: Provides Roman Catholic interpretations of the term catholic
Collegiality also refers to the doctrine held in the Roman Catholic Church that the bishops of the world, collectively considered ( the College of Bishops ) share the responsibility for the governance and pastoral care of the Church with the Pope.
# The Church of Ireland and Roman Catholic Bishops, according to seniority of consecration
Within the Roman Curia his membership includes: Secretariat of State ( second section ), and Causes of Saints, Bishops, Evangelization of Peoples ( Congregatio de Propaganda Fide ), Clergy, Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life ( congregations ).

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