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Both and Paul
Both Jesus and Paul seem to provide " exceptions " to marriage as being its ideal according to the purpose of God because of extraordinary circumstances (" because of the impending crisis "), see also Pauline privilege.
Both Paul Muni and George Raft turned down the lead role, giving Bogart the opportunity to play a character of some depth, although legendary director Walsh initially fought the casting of supporting player Bogart as a leading man, much preferring Raft for the part.
Both Lewis Paul and Daniel Bourn patented carding machines in 1748.
Both orders soon set about constructing churches and schools, the most notable of which were the Jesuit Cathedral of Saint Paul and the St. Dominic ’ s Church built by the Dominicans.
Both the " TC " and " Minnie & Paul " logos remain the team's primary insignia.
Both the Polish and Teutonic sides agreed to seek the confirmation of the Second Peace of Thorn from Emperor Frederick III and Pope Paul II, but they also agreed that this confirmation would not be needed for validation of the treaty.
Both Jesus and Saint Paul are said to have visited it too ( see Biblical Sidon below ).
Both of their starting running backs from the previous year, future Pro Football Hall of Famers Paul Hornung and Jim Taylor, had left the team.
Both songs were written by Westerberg and recorded by the band ( Paul Westerberg, Tommy Stinson, and Chris Mars ) at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis.
Both of his parents were followers of the guru Paul Brunton.
Both sides agreed to seek confirmation from Pope Paul II and Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III, but the Polish side stressed ( and the Teutonic side agreed ) that this confirmation would not be needed for validation of the treaty.
Both John Lennon and Paul McCartney were known as great admirers of Beefheart.
" Both Lennon and Paul McCartney had quickly found themselves in songwriting mode, however, often meeting " clandestinely in the afternoons in each other's rooms " to review the new work.
Both Avrocars were on public display, one in Building 22 of the Smithsonian Paul E. Garber facility, the other at the U. S. Army Transportation Museum, Ft. Eustis, Virginia.
In the Junior Lightweight division, he defeated top contenders Irleis Cubanito Perez, Melvin Paul, John Montes and Refugio Rojas ( Both Montes and Rojas lasted one round, and Rojas would later last seven in a world title challenge of Julio César Chávez for Chavez's world Jr. Lightweight championship ).
Both volumes translated by Paul Britten Austin.
Both tune and elements of the lyrics were adapted in the controversial parody " Barack the Magic Negro ", written and recorded by Paul Shanklin for Rush Limbaugh's radio program, after the term was first applied to then presidential candidate Obama by movie and culture critic, David Ehrenstein, in a Los Angeles Times op ed column of March 19, 2007.
Both Paul and Frederika attracted criticism for their interference in politics, frequent foreign travels, and the cost of maintaining the Royal Family.
Both Butch Cassidy and The Sting starred Paul Newman and Robert Redford.
" Both the Autograph Collector and Scary Monsters articles were penned by freelance writer Rod Labbe, who once ran a fan club for Dennis Patrick ( Jason McGuire, Paul Stoddard ) in 1969 – 70.
Both featured the Odense Symfoniorkester, conducted by Paul Mann.
Both Paul Owens, a former general manager, and Tug McGraw, a former pitcher, made their final public appearances at the park that day ; later that winter both men died.
Both Paul and the phylarch al-Mundhir vainly attempted to seek a resolution with Jacobus, but Jacobus shrank from investigation, and refused all overtures of accommodation.
Both Paul and David Toner left the music industry with Paul reading Law at Queens University, Belfast ; and David for a time moving to Sweden to teach English.

Both and Taylor
Both Lillian and Frank Gilbreth believed that scientific management as formulated by Taylor fell short when it came to managing the human element on the shop floor.
Both had heard composer and music critic Deems Taylor provide intermission commentary during radio broadcasts of the New York Philharmonic, and agreed he would be most suitable for the role.
Both Michael and his sister Bunny were very fond of Renée's family. Coincidentally the British Film Institute's database lists Michael as also having a son, John M. Taylor, who is described as " a producer.
Both attended Arcadia High School and they have two daughters: Taylor ( born 1992 ) and Elisha ( born 1985 ).
Both the record label and production company were named after 19th century opera star Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, who was known as the Black Swan.
Both were chagrined and angered when Taylor proved less than pliable on aspects of the Compromise of 1850.
Both his parents were members of the Exclusive Raven Taylor Plymouth Brethren.
Both Taylor and Navy Lieutenant George Sweet had been scheduled to make their first flights with Orville that day, but both were bumped in order to accommodate Selfridge who had to leave town for Missouri.
Both General Ridgway, who retired as Army chief of staff in June 1955, and his successor, General Maxwell D. Taylor, believed that the Army was receiving too small a share of the military budget.
Both Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop appear in the documentary film, Reclaiming the Blade, where they discussed the creative and technical process of how movie props ( specifically swords ) are created at Weta Workshop.
Both served under General Zachary Taylor, operating steamboats from Brazos Santiago Harbor to Matamoros, and on up river to Camargo, Tamaulipas, in support of the US invasion of Monterrey and Saltillo.
Both Taylor and Dwight are credited with the creation of " New Haven Theology ", which appealed to both Congregationalists and New School Presbyterians and who found traditional Calvinism difficult to embrace.
Both Healy and Taylor made their disappointment with the decision known.
Also in this period, the duo appeared in the video for Justin Hawkins's cover of " This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us ", in which Ron and Russell play the referee and MC at a darts match between Hawkins and darts champion Phil Taylor.
Both Olmsted and Taylor agree that the female of plate f might be Rhiannon of the Mabinogion.
Both of them are seen arguing over how to help out Laney and Zack, and are visibly disappointed when Taylor is ultimately crowned Prom Queen.
Both Welch and Taylor were nominated for the Medal of Honor by Gen. Henry H. Arnold, but were awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the highest USAAF medal, for their actions.
Both the iOS and Android editions were created by Jonathan Taylor ( K1RFD ), the author of the original Windows edition.
Both groups came together in 1997 when Taylor Nelson AGB and Sofres merged to create Taylor Nelson Sofres ( TNS ).
Both Mark and Taylor were very much based upon himself, so much so that in early drafts they were far too much alike.
Both are covers, the " Original Sin " from Pandora's Box's Original Sin album ( it was also heard in the movie The Shadow, where it was performed by Taylor Dayne ) and " Left in the Dark " first appeared on Steinman's own Bad for Good album.
Rapper B. o. B and country singer Taylor Swift also collaborated for a Country Rap song called " Both Of Us " in 2012.

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