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By and 1892
By 1892, Munch formulated his characteristic, and original, Synthetist aesthetic, as seen in Melancholy, in which color is the symbol-laden element.
By the Benefices Act 1892, a person guilty of simony is guilty of an offence for which he may be proceeded against under the Clergy Discipline Act 1892.
By 1892 an entirely new class of warship, the torpedo boat destroyer ( TBDs ), was invented to counter them.
By that time, the portion of the town of Eastchester immediately north of the transferred portion had seceded from the town of Eastchester ( 1892 ) to become the City of Mount Vernon so that the Town of Eastchester had no border with New York City.
By June 29, 1892, Bellamy and Upham had arranged for Congress and President Benjamin Harrison to announce a proclamation making the public school flag ceremony the center of the Columbus Day celebrations ( this was issued as Presidential Proclamation 335 ).
By 1892, China had erected boundary markers at Karakoram Pass.
By 1892, however, rot had set in, and the tree was torn down to its ( large and tall ) " stump ".
By 1892, the magazine had sold American flags to approximately 26, 000 schools.
By now, Chamberlain's son, Austen, had also entered the House of Commons unopposed for East Worcestershire in March 1892.
By the time of his death in 1892, he had preached nearly 3, 600 sermons and published 49 volumes of commentaries, sayings, anecdotes, illustrations and devotions.
By 1892 Main Street was completed, despite protests from a few progress-shy early settlers who maintained that one major thoroughfare, Newnan Road, was more than sufficient.
By 1892 it employed more than 2, 300, and its sales soon reached $ 3 million worth of cars annually.
By 1892 the population reached 1, 180.
By 1892, Harrsiburg had two hotels, two livery stables, a brickwork, a cheese factory, two banks and three newspapers.
By 1892, 21 firms were engaged in that trade, employing over 3, 700 people in plants that produced about 4. 8 million hats, which had a combined value in excess of $ 1 million.
By the 1870 s Mary was telling her students “ Some day I will have a church of my own .” In 1879 she and her students established the Church of Christ, Scientist, “ to commemorate the word and works of our Master, which should reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing .” In 1892 at Eddy s direction, the church reorganized as The First Church of Christ, Scientist, “ designed to be built on the Rock, Christ ....” Some years later in 1881, she founded the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, where she taught approximately 800 students in Boston, Massachusetts between the years 1882 and 1889.
By 1892, by an act of local government, the village was officially named Baldwin.
By 1892, the company had only sold 144 of the town's 3, 448 lots.
By 1892 the population was 200.
By 1892 Lott had Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches, two cotton gins and gristmills, a weekly newspaper, and 350 residents.
By 1892 the population had fallen to 300, but it recovered to 600 in the 1900s.
By 1892, the population stood at nearly 2, 000.
By 1892, the community was named Springdale.
By 1892, several rolling mills, factories, and other businesses had relocated to Harriman.

By and six
By the age of six young Johnny indicated that he had the call.
By September 1940 the Suite had developed into a collection of six songs, `` four spirituals, a dream, and a lullaby ''.
By July 1, six weeks from now, motel-keepers all over the nation will, by 6 p.m., be switching on that bleak -- to motorists -- sign, `` No Vacancy ''.
By comparison the Harvard Mark I could perform the same task in just six seconds.
By age 19, Diabelli had already composed several important compositions, including six masses.
By the turn of the 20th century, it had grown customary to abbreviate the name violoncello to ' cello, with the apostrophe indicating the six missing prefix letters.
( By six weeks in the human embryo ) the prosencephalon then divides further into the telencephalon and diencephalon ; and the rhombencephalon divides into the metencephalon and myelencephalon.
By 2011, nearly six of ten full-time undergraduates qualified for a tuition-free education at CUNY due in large measure to state, federal and CUNY financial aid programs.
By four to six years, chimps are weaned and infancy ends.
By the autumn of 1950, financial problems had developed, and by November 1950, the six Foundations had spent around one million dollars and were more than $ 200, 000 in debt.
By February 2006, six hundred remained in custody, facing trial in March.
By 1931, Curtiz had already been in Hollywood for half a decade, making as many as six films a year.
By the outbreak of World War II in autumn 1939, there were six camps housing some 27, 000 inmates.
By the end of the war, at least 5. 5 million Jews had been killed by the Nazi regime ; most estimates range closer to six million.
By summer 1541, Strasbourg decided to loan Calvin to Geneva for six months.
By that time, the show's name became Transitions, which was also the name of a four-volume series of mix albums by Digweed released every six months during 2006-2008.
By 1996, Kemp had been named a director of six corporate boards.
By 1913 there were four planes, now including a British Sopwith and long term plans to create six naval air stations by 1918.
By 2008 there were at least six institutions monitoring lake water health: 1 ) In 2002 the Conservation Law Foundation appointed a " lakekeeper " who criticizes the state's pollution controls, 2 ) Friends of Missisquoi Bay was formed in 2003, 3 ) the Lake Champlain Committee, 4 ) Vermont Water Resources Board
# By self knowledge to further the acceptance of the idea of the Celtic character of Cornwall, one of the six Celtic nations.
By 1921, small groups of Marxists existed in six Chinese cities: Shanghai, Peking, Changsha, Wuhan, Canton and Tsinan, with a further group having been founded by Chinese students in Paris.
By the end of the day of the bombing, twenty were confirmed dead, including six children, and over one hundred injured.
By 2005 these three had been joined by six other major airlines: Hainan Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, and Sichuan Airlines.
By 1740 the production of gin had increased to six times that of beer and because of its cheapness it became popular with the poor, leading to the so-called Gin Craze.
By early July of 2012, however, it was announced that the canal expansion project had fallen six months behind schedule, leading the expansion to open in April 2015 rather than October 2014, as originally planned.

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