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By and 1972
By the 1960s, as VFL clubs increasingly recruited the best players from other states, they began to dominate the competition and the last match was played in 1976, with North Adelaide being the last non-Victorian winner in 1972.
By 1972, however, with only a minimum of work done on the I-95 right of way and none on the potentially massively disruptive Inner Belt, Governor Francis Sargent put a moratorium on highway construction within the MA-128 corridor, except for a short stretch of Interstate 93.
" By 1972 when GE and RCA were no longer in the mainframe business, the remaining five companies behind IBM became known as the BUNCH, an acronym based on their initials.
By 1972, the economic progress of Allende's first year had been reversed, and the economy was in crisis.
By January 1972, Berg introduced through his letters that he was God's prophet for this time, further establishing his spiritual authority within the group.
By the end of 1972, COG members had distributed approximately 42 million Christian tracts, mostly on God's salvation and America's doom.
By 1972 NADGE consisted of 84 radar stations and associated control and reporting centres ( CRC ).
By December 23, 1972, only 16 out of 45 people lived long enough to be rescued.
By 1972 the participating cities included Atlanta, Buffalo, Detroit, Washington D. C., Miami, and Philadelphia, as well as San Francisco.
By 1972, the clean and press was discontinued because athletes started to push with legs and bend backwards instead of strictly pressing the weight overhead, and this left the sole elements of what is today's modern Olympic weightlifting programme – the snatch and the clean and jerk. The snatch entails pulling with a wide grip the barbell overhead without pressing out with the arms. It is a very precise lift that can be nullified by a lack of balance of the athlete. The clean and jerk is more forgiving using a narrower grip pull the bar to the shoulders and then using the strength of the legs push until arms reach full extension without a press out.
By 1972, the 8600 had reached a dead end ; the machine was so incredibly complex that it was impossible to get one working properly ; even a single faulty component would render the machine non-operational.
By the end of 1970 there were more than 200 Sheridans in Vietnam, and they stayed in the field until the last US Armored Cavalry unit, the 1st Squadron, 1st Armored Cavalry prepared for re-deployment back to the United States on 10 April 1972.
By 1972 there were 924 internees and by the end of internment on 5 December 1975 1, 981 people had been detained ; 1, 874 ( 95 %) of whom were Catholic and 107 ( 5 %) Protestants.
" By the end of 1972, over a million copies were in print, Reader's Digest had published a condensed version, and the book reached the top of the New York Times Best Seller list where it remained for 38 weeks.
By the early 1970s they had developed a 2-channel recorder, and in 1972 they deployed a digital audio transmission system that linked their broadcast center to their remote transmitters.
By 1972 the optimism of the sixties had worn off and the tone of the paper became more concerned with struggle than fun.
By 1972, Gianfranco Sanguinetti and Guy Debord were the only two remaining members of the SI.
On 17 February 1972, when Beetle No. 15, 007, 034 was produced, Beetle production surpassed that of the previous record holder, the Ford Model T. By 1973, total production was over 16 million, and by 23 June 1992, over 21 million had been produced.
By 1 October 1972, US monopoly laws had also changed and WEA ( the first initial of each of the three main labels ) Records was born.
By the end of 1972, Casady and Kaukonen had left the group to concentrate on Hot Tuna and their recently acquired love of speed skating, which David Freiberg had reluctantly taken up in an attempt to bolster group camaraderie.
By 1972, 43 row-housing units had been built there for the Naskapis, and a further 63 for Montagnais, and most of the Naskapis and Montagnais moved to this new site, known today as Matimekosh.
In other songs, Davies revived the style of British music hall, vaudeville and trad jazz: " Dedicated Follower of Fashion ", " Sunny Afternoon ", " Dandy " and " Little Miss Queen of Darkness " ( all 1966 ); " Mister Pleasant " and " End of the Season " ( both 1967 ); " Sitting By the Riverside " and " All of My Friends Were There " ( both 1968 ); " She's Bought a Hat Like Princess Marina " ( 1969 ); " Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues " and " Alcohol " ( both 1971 ); " Look a Little on the Sunny Side " ( 1972 ); and " Holiday Romance " ( 1975 ).
Segregation had been struck down as unconstitutional in 1956, yet in 1968, 70 % of black children still attended segregated schools .< ref > Jonathan Karl reviewing James Rosen's < u > The Strong Man </ u >: http :// online. wsj. com / article / SB121158799673718969. html </ ref > By 1972, this percentage had decreased to 8 %.
By way of example, he played to two sellout crowds of 56, 000 each at the Houston Astrodome in Texas over one weekend in 1972.

By and agreement
By focusing on cases and not on theory, those engaged in moral debate increase the possibility of agreement.
By international agreement, absolute zero is defined as on the Kelvin scale and as − 273. 15 ° on the Celsius scale.
By general agreement, abstract entities cannot
By the terms of the agreement, the election of bishops and abbots in Germany was to take place in the emperor's presence as judge between potentially disputing parties, free of bribes, thus retaining to the emperor a crucial role in choosing these great territorial magnates of the Empire.
By international agreement and Gabonese law, an exclusive economic zone extends off the coast, which prohibits any foreign fishing company to fish in this zone without governmental authorization.
By the end of 1909, an agreement had been reached providing for a reduction in the debt and the issuance of new 5 percent bonds: the bankers would control the Honduran railroad, and the United States government would guarantee continued Honduran independence and would take control of customer revenue.
In July of the same year, in Seoul, South Korea, the Member Churches of the World Methodist Council ( WMC ) voted to approve and sign a " Methodist Statement of Association " with the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification ( JDDJ ), the agreement which was reached and officially accepted in 1999 by the Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation and which proclaimed that " Together we confess: By grace alone, in faith in Christ ’ s saving work and not because of any merit on our part, we are accepted by God and receive the Holy Spirit, who renews our hearts while equipping and calling us to good works ... as sinners our new life is solely due to the forgiving and renewing mercy that God imparts as a gift and we receive in faith, and never can merit in any way ," affirming " fundamental doctrinal agreement " concerning justification between the Catholic Church, the LWF, and the World Methodist Council.
By the end of August, relations improved again as the countries had redrawn the Hungarian and Romanian borders, settled some Bulgarian claims and Stalin was again convinced that Germany would face a long war in the west with Britain's improvement in its air battle with Germany and the execution of an agreement between the United States and Britain regarding destroyers and bases.
By international agreement it is 1, 852 metres ( approximately 6, 076 feet ).
By interviewing widely, oral historians seek points of agreement among many different sources, and also record the complexity of the issues.
By December 1979, Muzerowa had replaced Smith as Prime Minister and secured a a fresh agreement with the more militant African factions, allowing Rhodesia to briefly revert to her colonial status pending popular elections.
By agreement, the album was supposed to go out of print after ten years.
By 1941, President Roosevelt and Prime Minister King made an executive agreement to build the joint hydro and navigation works, but this too failed to receive the assent of Congress.
By agreement, British funding for research and development was limited to that required to modify the V bombers to take the missile, but the British were allowed to fit their own warheads and the Americans were given nuclear submarine basing facilities in Scotland.
By voluntary agreement, archaeologists respect the decisions of the Pan-African Congress of Prehistory, which meets every four years to resolve archaeological business brought before it.
By 1986 only 2, 157 remained in custody and only 39 were still being held in 1989 when they were released under the Esquipulas II agreement.
By contrast, there was much agreement on trade facilitation and capacity building.
By agreement reached at the Peace of Venice in 1177 the bitter conflict between Alexander III and Emperor Frederick I was brought to an end.
* May 30 – By agreement with the United Kingdom, later confirmed by the League of Nations, Belgium is given the mandate over part of German East Africa ( Ruanda-Urundi ).
By 1995, 3Com's status was such that they were able to enter into an agreement with the city of San Francisco to pay $ 900, 000 per year for the naming rights to Candlestick Park.
By the end of January 1960, fifteen countries signed the articles of agreement which established the International Development Association.
** March 26 – By the treaty of Almirra, the king of Aragon and prince of Castile come to an agreement on the attribution of Muslim lands to still to be conquered.
By general agreement, abstract entities cannot

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