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By and contrast
By contrast, even experienced linguists commonly know no more of the range of possibilities in tone systems than the over-simple distinction between register and contour languages.
By contrast, a good deal of nuclear pacifism begins with the contingencies and the probabilities, and not with the moral nature of the action to be done ; ;
By contrast, the National Union Party was united and energized as Lincoln made emancipation the central issue, and state Republican parties stressed the perfidy of the Copperheads.
By contrast, the cursive developed out of the Nabataean alphabet in the same period soon became the standard for writing Arabic, evolving into the Arabic alphabet as it stood by the time of the early spread of Islam.
has no zero in F. By contrast, the fundamental theorem of algebra states that the field of complex numbers is algebraically closed.
By contrast, the Rijndael specification per se is specified with block and key sizes that may be any multiple of 32 bits, both with a minimum of 128 and a maximum of 256 bits.
The largest species are red alder ( A. rubra ) on the west coast of North America, and black alder ( A. glutinosa ), native to most of Europe and widely introduced elsewhere, both reaching over 30 m. By contrast, the widespread Alnus viridis ( green alder ) is rarely more than a 5 m tall shrub.
By the standards of 19th century tycoons, Carnegie was not a particularly ruthless man but a humanitarian with enough acquisitiveness to go in the ruthless pursuit of money ; on the other hand, the contrast between his life and the lives of many of his own workers and of the poor, in general, was stark.
By contrast, Kabbalism assumed an " eternal Torah " which was not identical to the Torah written in Hebrew.
By contrast, while defendants in most civil law systems can be compelled to give a statement, this statement is not subject to cross-examination by the prosecutor and not given under oath.
By contrast, in an inquisitiorial system, the fact that the defendant has confessed is merely one more fact that is entered into evidence, and a confession by the defendant does not remove the requirement that the prosecution present a full case.
By contrast, Tom Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities ( 1987 ) portrays a wealthy, white protagonist, Sherman McCoy, getting lost off the Major Deegan Expressway in the South Bronx and having an altercation with locals.
By contrast, in mainstream Analytical philosophy the topic is more confined to abstract investigation, in the work of such influential theorists as W. V. O. Quine, to name one of many.
By contrast, substance theory explains the compresence of properties by asserting that the properties are found together because it is the substance that has those properties.
By contrast, evidence based on the textual differences between the Septuagint and the Masoretic Text has been used to argue that the context of the MT truly does depict a historical Jeremiah.
By contrast most of the party's seats were won either due to the absence of a candidate from one of the other parties or in rural areas on the " Celtic fringe ", where local evidence suggests that economic ideas were at best peripheral to the electorate's concerns.
By contrast, the normal vaginal discharge will vary in consistency and amount throughout the menstrual cycle and is at its clearest at ovulation-about 2 weeks before the period starts.
By contrast, the British press were jubilant ; many newspapers sought to portray the battle as a victory for Britain over anarchy, and the success was used to attack the supposedly pro-republican Whig politicians Charles James Fox and Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
By contrast, in civil law jurisdictions ( the legal tradition that prevails in, or is combined with common law in, Europe and most non-Islamic, non-common law countries ), courts lack authority to act where there is no statute, and judicial precedent is given less interpretive weight ( which means that a judge deciding a given case has more freedom to interpret the text of a statute independently, and less predictably ), and scholarly literature is given more.
By contrast to statutory codification of common law, some statutes displace common law, for example to create a new cause of action that did not exist in the common law, or to legislatively overrule the common law.
By contrast, a hard conversion or an adaptive conversion may not be exactly equivalent.
" By contrast, the composition from the Byzantine point of view portrays Constantine Palaeologus as a brave leader who gave his life for the cause.
By contrast, in ceremonial monarchies, the monarch holds little actual power or direct political influence.
By contrast, Liechtenstein and Monaco are considered democratic states, yet the ruling monarchs in these countries wield significant executive power.

By and energetic
By inserting the energetic definitions of the ionization potential and electron affinity into the Mulliken electronegativity, it is possible to show that the Mulliken chemical potential is a finite difference approximation of the electronic energy with respect to the number of electrons., i. e.,
By the end of the 19th century, contradanza had grown lively and energetic, unlike its European counterpart, and was then known as danzón.
By this time the emperor Justinian I was taking energetic measures to check the Goths.
By inserting the energetic definitions of the ionization potential and electron affinity into the Mulliken electronegativity, it is possible to show that the Mulliken chemical potential is a finite difference approximation of the electronic energy with respect to the number of electrons., i. e.,
By mid-century, the PSA was a confident, energetic organisation.
By his quick and energetic reactions, he gained support from the intellectuals and in 1972, he succeeded İsmet İnönü as the leader of the party.
By November 1945 after the departure of the American troops following D-Day, English couples were being warned not to continue doing energetic " rude American dancing.
By the mid-1940s, the series had developed a quicker, more energetic ( and violent ) tone, due to the inspiration from the work of their colleague in the MGM cartoon studio, Tex Avery, who joined the studio in 1942.
By 1941 the energetic entrepreneur had built a number of markets but in that year he basically gave the business to his customers by transforming everything from his privately owned enterprises into regional cooperatives, headed by the Federation of Migros Cooperatives ( FCM ) (, ).
By his energetic example, his enthusiastic exposition, and his overall generosity, he has made striking changes in mathematics and has inspired generations of younger mathematicians.
By 1980 she had relocated her home and studio to New York and embarked on an energetic creative period in which she produced paintings, drawings, and collages.
By the time of the German invasion an upgraded Compound had been prepared by Grégoire, an energetic exponent of front wheel drive and of the use of aluminium in automobile construction, and a man whose designs found their way into the ranges of several automakers in the 1930s and 1940s.
By following the natural method of synthesized physical, energetic and moral development, he wrote, women could develop self-confidence, will-power and athletic ability just as well as their male counterparts.
By instant and energetic action a rejection of the venomous amendment was secured.
By energetic work he succeeded, in 1891, in reaching an agreement with large owners in the Emek Jezreel and the Plain of Acco for the purchase of 160, 000 dunams km² at 15 francs per dunam franc / km² .... Before the consummation of the agreement, however the Turkish Government, alarmed by the increasing inflow of Russian Jews, prohibited Jewish immigration entirely.
' By making choices based on criteria, overt and energetic, Moreno hoped that individuals would be more spontaneous, and organisations and groups structures would become fresh, clear and lively '.

By and reaction
By comparing reaction cells sealed from the same manifold temperature dependency corresponding to activation energies ranging from 11 to 18 Af was observed while dependence on the first power of the light intensity seemed to be indicated in most cases.
By lowering the activation energy, the enzyme speeds up that reaction by a rate of 10 < sup > 11 </ sup > or more: a reaction that would normally take over 3, 000 years to complete spontaneously might take less than a second with an enzyme.
By studying how quickly the reagent species disappears in the presence of differing concentrations of a ( usually stable ) co-reagent species the reaction rate constant at the low temperature of the CRESU flow can be determined.
By mid-century, however, a synthesis of the ideas of Romanticism with more stable political ideas had emerged, partly in reaction to the failed Romantic and democratic Revolutions of 1848.
A reaction consisting of the histone octamers and a naked DNA template can be incubated together at a salt concentration of 2 M. By steadily decreasing the salt concentration, the DNA will equilibrate to a position where it is wrapped around the histone octamers, forming nucleosomes.
By 1975 both Number 96 and The Box, perhaps as a reaction to declining ratings for both shows, de-emphasised the sex and nudity moving more in the direction of comedy.
By Legendre-transforming this expression, he defined the concepts of enthalpy and " free energy " ( now universally known as the " Gibbs free energy "), a thermodynamic potential which is especially useful to chemists since it determines whether a reaction will proceed spontaneously at a fixed temperature and pressure.
By leaving the vehicle's power source on the ground and by using ambient atmosphere as reaction mass for much of its ascent, a lightcraft would be capable of delivering a very large percentage of its launch mass to orbit.
By the time of the first performance, which was well received, Donizetti reported to his publisher the audience's reaction to most of the numbers, specifically that " in the duet for Vial and Salvatore, many shouts of bravi, but at the end ( so they say ) the situation is so moving that they were weeping ".
By using stainless steel for the bomb, the reaction will occur with no volume change observed.
By using a chemical reaction rather than a connection to an oxygen tank, these devices supply breathing oxygen for long enough for the airliner to descend to thicker, more breathable air.
Although the Eradicator's effects ( altering the DNA of all Kryptonian life-forms so that they would instantly die upon leaving the planet ) were felt immediately, the Destroyer's effects were possibly more significant: By the time the Kryptonian government admitted defeat and abolished the clone banks, a pro-clone rights terrorist faction known as Black Zero had started the Destroyer, a device which functioned as a giant nuclear gun, projecting massive streams of nuclear energy into the core of Krypton, intended to trigger an explosive chain reaction within Krypton's core almost immediately.
By restoring 10 minutes to the film, the complex story now fits together in a seamless way, filling in those gaps found in the previous theatrical release, and proving that Peckinpah was firing on all cylinders for this, his grandest achievement .... And the one overwhelming feature that the director's cut makes unforgettable are the many faces of the children, whether playing, singing, or cowering, much of the reaction to what happens on-screen is through the eyes, both innocent and imitative, of all the children.
By such means Bahrdt succeeded in maintaining himself until, on the death of Frederick the Great, the religious reaction set in at the Berlin court.
By mounting an offensive with considerable ( but not decisive ) force, the commander hopes to elicit a strong reaction by the enemy that reveals its own strength, deployment, and other tactical data.
By contrast, Generative Art, which may be interactive, but not responsive per se, tends to be a monologue-the artwork may change or evolve in the presence of the viewer, but the viewer may not be invited to engage in the reaction but merely enjoy it.
By definition, fissile materials can sustain a chain reaction with neutrons of any energy.
Middle: By increasing the mass of the sphere to a critical mass, the reaction can become self-sustaining.
By late 1920, Stresemann gradually moved to cooperation with the parties of the left and centre — possibly in reaction to political murders like that of Walther Rathenau.
By the early spring of 1975 North Vietnam realized the time was right to achieve its goal of re-uniting Vietnam under communist rule, launched a series of small ground attacks to test U. S. reaction.
Neuronal activity related to the act of seeing lasts for more than 100 ms. A fast reaction, such as swerving to avoid a car crash, takes around 200 ms. By about half-a-second, awareness and reflection of the incident sets in.
By contrast the S < sub > N </ sub > 1 reaction involves two steps.
By combining the rate law with a mass balance for the system in which the reaction occurs, an expression for the rate of change in concentration can be derived.

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