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By and later
By 1935, the only significant independent nation that did not possess a central bank was Brazil, which subsequently developed a precursor thereto in 1945 and the present central bank twenty years later.
By the 1840s, students at Rugby School were playing a game in which players were able to pick up the ball and run with it, a sport later known as Rugby football.
By December, the capital city of Nanjing had fallen to the Japanese, and Chiang moved the government inland, first to Wuhan and later to Chongqing.
By the crusader period, a cistern under the former basilica was rumoured to have been the location that Helena had found the True Cross, and began to be venerated as such ; although the cistern later became the Chapel of the Invention of the Cross, there is no evidence for the rumour prior to the 11th century, and modern archaeological investigation has now dated the cistern to the 11th century repairs by Monomachos.
By 1921, most of the original players moved to Paris where Dada experienced its last major incarnation ( see Neo-Dada for later activity ).
" By the later segments of Kino-Pravda, Vertov was experimenting heavily, looking to abandon what he considered film clichés ( and receiving criticism for it ); his experimentation was even more pronounced and dramatic by the time of Man with a Movie Camera, which was filmed in Ukraine.
By the later 2nd century, it was accepted that the celebration of Pascha ( Easter ) was a practice of the disciples and an undisputed tradition.
By the time there was a strong market need for a bus of these speeds and capabilities, the VESA Local Bus and later PCI filled this niche and EISA vanished into obscurity.
By mid-1896 all of Satie's financial means had vanished, and he had to move to cheaper and much smaller lodgings, first at the, and two years later, after he'd composed the two first sets of in 1897, to Arcueil, a suburb some five kilometres from the centre of Paris.
By 1569, relations with the Habsburgs had deteriorated, and Elizabeth considered marriage to two French Valois princes in turn, first Henry, Duke of Anjou, and later, from 1572 to 1581, his brother Francis, Duke of Anjou, formerly Duke of Alençon.
By the time of the Byzantine Iconoclasm several centuries later, Eusebius had unfairly gained the reputation of having been an Arian, and was roundly condemned as such by Patriarch Nikephoros I of Constantinople.
Company B, Stevie B, Paris By Air, Linear, Will to Power and Exposé's later hits defined Miami freestyle.
By 1952, at the age of 55, Capra effectively retired from Hollywood filmmaking and spent his later years working with Caltech, his alma mater, to produce educational films on science topics.
By the later stages of the Eighty Years War the Dutch had switched entirely from the heavier ships still used by the English and Spanish to the lighter frigates, carrying around 40 guns and weighing around 300 tons.
By the 1930s, Genosha Bay later became a United States extraterritorial prison which hold prisoners of the worse cases from around the world and was notorious for practicing inhumane punishments on its prisoners ranging from sleep deprivations and water torture.
By 1914, Hoover stood eventually to obtain what he later described as " a large fortune from these Russian industries, probably more than is good for anybody ".
By sorting formulas according to the number of atoms of each element present in the formula according to these rules, with differences in earlier elements or numbers being treated as more significant than differences in any later element or number — like sorting text strings into lexicographical order — it is possible to collate chemical formulas into what is known as Hill system order.
By 64 BC, Julius Caesar's legions had established their occupation, and the Romans had thus unified all three regions of Libya ( Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and northern Fezzan ) in one single new province called Africa proconsularis ( later Cyrenaica was separated administratively ).
By the later 19th century, history painting was often explicitly rejected by avant-garde movements such as the Impressionists ( except for Édouard Manet ) and the Symbolists, and according to one recent writer " Modernism was to a considerable extent built upon the rejection of History Painting ... All other genres are deemed capable of entering, in one form or another, the ' pantheon ' of modernity considered, but History Painting is excluded ".
By this time, Lewis was held by the Mackenzies of Kintail, ( later the Earls of Seaforth ), who pursued a more enlightened approach, investing in fishing in particular.
By the turn of the 20th century, the heyday of individualist anarchism had passed, although aspects of the individualist anarchist tradition were later revived with modifications by Murray Rothbard and his anarcho-capitalism in the mid-20th century, as a current of the broader libertarian movement.
By assuming the Earth to possess a soul ( a property he would later invoke to explain how the sun causes the motion of planets ), he established a speculative system connecting astrological aspects and astronomical distances to weather and other earthly phenomena.
In the early 1980s, Jarmusch was part of a revolving lineup of musicians in Robin Crutchfield's Dark Day project, and later became the keyboardist and one of two vocalists for The Del-Byzanteens, a No Wave band whose sole LP Lies to Live By was a minor underground hit in the United States and Britain in 1982.
By September 1538 Calvin had taken up his new position in Strasbourg, fully expecting that this time it would be permanent ; a few months later, he applied for and was granted citizenship of the city.

By and 3rd
By the 3rd century BC, the rival armies of Carthage and Rome began to invade and fight for control of the Iberian Peninsula.
By the 3rd century, Caesarea had a population of about 100, 000.
By the mid-20th century, François Louis Ganshof's Feudalism, 3rd ed.
By the middle of the 3rd century BC, the Romans had secured the whole of the Italian peninsula, except Gallia Cisalpina ( Po Valley ).
By 15: 00, the 3rd Reconnaissance Regiment and part of 21st Panzer Division from the north and 33rd Reconnaissance Regiment and the Baade Group comprising elements from 15th Panzer Division from the south were in place under Lieutenamnt-General ( General der Panzertruppe ) Walther Nehring.
By the 3rd century, the Goths ruled a vast area north of the Black Sea from where they either through crossing the lower Danube or traveling by sea, raided the Balkan Peninsula and Anatolia as far as Cyprus.
By tradition, the pagan Saxons were invited by Vortigern to assist in fighting the Picts and Irish, though archaeology has suggested some official settlement as landed mercenaries as early as the 3rd century.
By the 3rd century, Britain's economy was diverse and well established, with commerce extending into the non-Romanised north.
By the 3rd century, Pagans Hill Roman Temple in Somerset was able to exist peaceably and it did so into the 5th century.
By the early 3rd century, Origen of Alexandria may have been using the same 27 books as in the modern New Testament, though there were still disputes over the canonicity of Hebrews, James, II Peter, II and III John, and Revelation Such works that were sometimes " spoken against " were called Antilegomena.
By the 3rd century BC, Rome had become the pre-eminent city of the Italian peninsula, having conquered and defeated the Sabines, the Etruscans, the Samnites and most of the Greek colonies in Sicily, Campania and Southern Italy in general.
By the middle of the 3rd century, the conditions for the flourishing of a refined legal culture had become less favourable.
By borrowing from earlier Greek works, Terence provided in his plays what is considered to be an authentic view of Greek society in the 3rd century BC.
By 1792-94 newspapers started calling Hamilton supporters " Federalists " and their opponents " Democrats ", " Republicans ", " Jeffersonians " ( people who supported Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president ), or " Democratic-Republicans ".
) By the late 1990s, efforts to promote " authentic " Chardonnay helped to increase plantings and by 2004 it was the 3rd most widely planted white wine grape behind Chenin blanc and Colombard.
By the end of the 3rd century, a new threat appeared for the people of the Thracian region in the face of the Roman Empire.
By 16: 50, with the Prussian southern attacks in danger of breaking up, the Prussian 3rd Guards Infantry Brigade of the Second Army opened an attack against the French positions at St. Privat which were commanded by General Canrobert.
By Jack van der Geest, 3rd ed 2002, ISBN 0-9649615-2-0.
By the 3rd century CE, the Chibchas had established their civilization in the northern Andes.
By the mid-late 3rd century BC, an intricate water-management system within Dholavira in modern day India, was built.
By 1454, she favoured the House of York, headed by Margaret's father, Richard, 3rd Duke of York.
By comparing his own measurements with those of Timocharis of Alexandria ( a contemporary of Euclid who worked with Aristillus early in the 3rd century BC ), he found that Spica's longitude had decreased by about 2 ° in about 150 years.
By the 3rd century ( during the Three Kingdoms Period ), the Chinese had termed the device as the ' jì lĭ gŭ chē ' ( 記里鼓車 ), or ' li-recording drum carriage ' ( Note: the modern measurement of li = 500 m / 1640 ft ).
By 1960, at the 3rd Party Congress, he had become General Secretary and, because of his office, officially become the second-most powerful party member, after Hồ Chí Minh, the party Chairman.

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