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Configuration and files
* ucf ( Update Configuration File ), a Unix utility for preserving user changes to configuration files
Configuration files are typically stored in ~/ GNUstep /.
Category: Configuration files
* Configuration files are Python scripts, which means that user-written builds have access to a complete general-purpose programming language.
Configuration allows directing messages to various local devices ( console ), files (/ var / log /) or remote syslog daemons.
Category: Configuration files
Configuration files and language files are also saved in txt format.
Configuration files define the parameters of services run by launchd.
# redirect Unix shell # Configuration files for shells
* fc-cache: Creates a cache of all FreeType readable fonts in a specified directory or create a cache of all FreeType readable fonts from all directories specified in Configuration files.
The first three policies are stored in XML files and are administered through the. NET Configuration Tool 1. 1 ( mscorcfg. msc ).
Configuration of resides in the default configuration file and configuration of the services it supports reside in configuration files stored in the directory.
Category: Configuration files
* Configuration settings and temporary files are stored in a single directory, allowing portable use
Category: Configuration files

Configuration and also
There are also rare cases of systems, e. g. the Field-Reversed Configuration, predicted by MHD to be unstable, but which are observed to be stable, probably due to kinetic effects.
* Church of San Juan Bautista ( also vulgarly known as Catedral de Arucas due to its big size ) built entirely in Arucas stone by local master masons, and it dates from 1909 ( Initial Configuration from the 17th century ).
The Ninth Configuration, ( also known as Twinkle, Twinkle, " Killer " Kane ) is a 1980 American film directed by William Peter Blatty.
William Peter Blatty had cast him as Killer Kane in The Ninth Configuration ( also known as Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane ), and the film was being shot in Budapest, Hungary.
Configuration is designed to be simple enough for those with minimal networking knowledge, but also very flexible.
The Castle was also used as the exterior for the fictional American military insane asylum in the 1979 William Peter Blatty movie, " The Ninth Configuration ," starring Stacy Keach.
lead to the read-modify-write problem, and also make it unnecessarily difficult for the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface ( ACPI ) to determine the device's state when entering sleep mode in order to restore that state when exiting sleep mode,
Depending on the context in which the term is found, it may also stand for Client Variable, or Configuration Variable.
Users also have the option to replace mcedit with the editor of their choice ( Options Menu > Configuration > Use Internal Edit ).
Configuration tools like netconfig and alsaconf are also available in Vector.
An ILS is also useful when a participant has a different IP address during each session, e. g., assigned by the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.
* Church of San Juan Bautista ( also vulgarly known as Catedral de Arucas due to its big size ) built entirely in Arucas stone by local master masons, and it dates from 1909 ( Initial Configuration from the XVII century ).
Configuration can also be done at the " platform " level by adding configured applications to a Salesforce instance, that is adding sets of customized / novel tabs for specific vertical-or function-level ( Finance, Human Resources, etc.
This framework is also known as Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security ( FCAPS ).

Configuration and more
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol automates network-parameter assignment to network devices from one or more DHCP servers.
When coupled with one or more profiles, the Connected Limited Device Configuration gives developers a solid Java platform for creating applications for consumer and embedded devices.
A change is an event that results in a new status of one or more Configuration items ( CIs ), and which is approved by management, cost-effective, enhances business process changes ( fixes ) – all with a minimum risk to IT infrastructure.
The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ( DHCP ) is a more advanced protocol for the same purpose and has superseded the use of BOOTP.
Configuration through the control panel was easier and more intuitive: you navigate in the menus with the Menu button.
In contrast with him, Zoltán Vass published a more sophisticated approach, based on system analysis ( SSCA, Seven-Step Configuration Analysis ).
Configuration management is for most of time dealing with the system that is large, complexed, has a long life duration ( more than 10 years ) and involve more people.
* Software configuration management-Although release engineering is sometimes considered part of Software Configuration Management, the latter, being a tool or a process used by the Release Engineer, is actually more of a subset of the roles and responsibilities of the typical Release Engineer.

Configuration and than
It has been rendered obsolete by the Bootstrap Protocol ( BOOTP ) and the modern Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ( DHCP ), which both support a much greater feature set than RARP.

Configuration and modify
In computing, ( internet protocol configuration ) in Microsoft Windows is a console application that displays all current TCP / IP network configuration values and can modify Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP and Domain Name System DNS settings.

Configuration and settings
* Configuration file, used to provide initial settings to a computer program / operating system
* Configuration file, a file used to configure the initial settings for some computer programs
* Configuration file is a software file used to configure the initial settings for a computer program
Also, not all routers can have such things as DNS server settings altered by UPnP because much of the specification ( including LAN Host Configuration ) is optional for UPnP enabled routers.
Without zeroconf, a network administrator must set up services, such as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ( DHCP ) and Domain Name System ( DNS ), or configure each computer's network settings manually, which may be difficult and time-consuming.
* Printer Configuration File, a file used to configure printer settings
For service settings, the technology is often known as Device Configuration.
The Postfix Basic Configuration tutorial covers the core settings that each site needs to consider.
The Postfix Standard Configuration Examples document discusses configuration settings for a few common environments.

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