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Every and individual
Every telephone company, whether large or small, determines its own ANAC for each individual central office, which tends to perpetuate the current situation of a mess of overlapping and / or spotty areas of coverage.
Every individual is connected with the rest of the world, and the universe is fashioned for universal harmony.
Every atom across this plane has an individual set of emission cones .</ p > < p > Drawing the billions of overlapping cones is impossible, so this is a simplified diagram showing the extents of all the emission cones combined.
Every state constitution has articles and provision guaranteeing individual rights.
Every ferromagnetic substance has its own individual temperature, called the Curie temperature, or Curie point, above which it loses its ferromagnetic properties.
Every one thinks chiefly of his own, hardly at all of the common interest ; and only when he is himself concerned as an individual.
Every typeface is a collection of glyphs, each of which represents an individual letter, number, punctuation mark, or other symbol.
Every individual is responsible for the situation surrounding him / her.
; Non-imposition: ( or citizen sovereignty ) Every possible societal preference order should be achievable by some set of individual preference orders.
Every acre was owned by someone, either a private individual or by government in the form of the Crown.
Every individual transmembrane segment of a protein also has topology, depending on location of its N-terminus on the inner or outer side of the membrane.
Every Ottoman sultan had his own individual tughra.
Every individual sees more clearly how he or she uniquely shares and contributes to the output and end results.
Every generation, each individual can have new mutations, so there are N new neutral mutations in the population as a whole.
Every unit typically gets its own mailbox with individual keys to it.
Every inmate is given an individual cell.
Every one uses his own ; in his own individual fashion, each must be happy and good.
Every individual WI meets at least once a month and there is usually a speaker, demonstration or activity at every meeting for members to learn and develop a range of different skills.
Every Turán graph is a cograph ; that is, it can be formed from individual vertices by a sequence of disjoint union and complement operations.
Every player is generally encouraged to invest points in Tactics, as Shattered Galaxy is a game that values overall quality over individual qualities: the individual units owned by a 120-Tactics player may have fewer hit points than a player with 120 Clout, or do less damage per second than a player with 120 Education, but his overall squad is undoubtedly stronger on both counts.
In his 1949 State of the Union address to Congress on January 5, 1949, Truman stated that " Every segment of our population, and every individual, has a right to expect from his government a fair deal.
Every Earthbound possesses their own unique goals, but most involve the enslavement of humanity so that their potential can be harnessed to achieve the ends of that individual Earthbound.
Every species and every individual is different but the main aim is to find a way to balance maximizing food intake with other aspects of life.

Every and style
Every dance, no matter what style, has something in common.
Subsequent albums shared this similar style, and the band landed a number of hits with " Every Morning ", " Someday ", and " When It's Over ".
In Histriomastix, Marston satirizes Jonson ’ s pride through the character Chrisoganus ; Jonson responds by satirizing Marstons's wordy style in Every Man Out of His Humour, acted by the Lord Chamberlain's Men.
His plays show a willingness to experiment with dramatic form: An Humorous Day's Mirth was one of the first plays to be written in the style of ' humours comedy ' which Ben Jonson later used in Every Man in his Humour and Every Man Out of his Humour.
Every Georgian architect was called upon from time to time to produce designs in the medieval style, and Wyatt was by no means the first in the field.
During Every Little Thing's 2004-2005 Commonplace Tour, Mochida suffered from bronchitis which further effected her singing style during the tour as well as on their 7th album, Crispy Park, released on August 9, 2006 ( their 10th anniversary day ).
Their first UK successful single, " Each and Every One ", had a jazzy sound, and EBTG was considered part of the jazz / popular music style known as " sophisti-pop ", that included other British acts like Swing Out Sister, Sade, Matt Bianco, and The Style Council, on whose Café Bleu album they guested.
Every person, children and youth included, has a different learning style and pace and each person, is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.
Every student must prepare for and pass the Rhetoric Proficiency Exam, which requires passing a three-hour essay that is graded upon coherence of argument, quality of argument, style in which the argument is presented, and grammatical correctness.
Sega Pro reviewed the game in 1991 and gave it a 93 % score, describing the dungeon crawler as " superior to all other RPGs of this style ," praising its detailed " background preparation ," detailed graphics ( including scaling sprites and water effects ), character conversations, sound design ( especially around taverns ), replayability (" Every game is different "), and its innovative icon-based menu system.
Every class in a Iwama style dojo begins with tai-no-henko and morotedori kokyuu-ho and ends with kokyuu-dosa.
* Every few years, hardware and sometimes cosmetics and / or sail colors evolve, adding a piece or two of something more contemporary to replace outdated technology or style.
Every episode features an " ambush " style confrontation and makeover of a woman, and sometimes a man who has been nominated by their friends as particularly unfashionable.
Every soldier and officer of the Guard had the style of the Leib Guard ( Лейб-гвардии ...), for example: Colonel of the Leib Guard ( Лейб-гвардии полковник ).
Every cellphone in the series is a bar style from Sony Ericsson.
Every style of any tribe takes part of the Byzantine eight tones ( hiya min al-alhān at-tamāniya ar-rūmīya ) which I mentioned here.
Every fund manager has a particular style of diversification.
Every region where Angloromani is spoken is characterised by a distinct colloquial English style ; this often leads outsiders to believe that the speech of Romnichals is regional English.
Every Man Out contains an allusion to John Marston's Histriomastix in Act III, scene i, a play that was acted in the autumn of 1599 ; the clown character Clove speaks " fustian " in mimicry of Marston's style.
< td style =" text-align: center ;"> On Every Street </ td >
Every year, Richwoods has a madrigal dinner, performed in a traditional 25th-century style.
# Jonson responded by satirizing Marstons's wordy style in Every Man Out of His Humour ( 1599 ), a play acted by the Lord Chamberlain's Men.
Muscat's dominant personality and aggressive style did win some admirers in the A-League, with former England international Terry Butcher stating " Every manager in the A-League would love to have Kevin, and I'm no exception ".

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