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Fle3 and was
When Fle3 was released in 2002 the developers were claiming that the name comes from " Fle3 is a Learning Environment ", with intertextual reference to the name GNU ( GNU is Not Unix ).
Development of Fle3 software was started in 1998 in a Future Learning Environment ( http :// fle. uiah. fi ) research and development project in Media Lab, Helsinki, Finland.
The first version of Fle3 was released on February 15, 2002.
At first Fle3 was developed in Media Lab in Helsinki as a user interface and interaction demonstration for the main software development taking place in Fraunhofer and based on their BSCW system.
The University of Murcia's main task was to develop the synchronous communications tools, which were then integrated experimentally to BSCW and Fle3.
During the course of the project Fle3 was found user friendly, accessible, and technically reliable for a wider use.

Fle3 and for
More precisely Fle3 is server software for computer supported collaborative learning ( CSCL ).
Fle3 supports study groups to implement knowledge building, creative problem solving and scientific method in an inquiry learning process, for example the progressive inquiry method.
Fle3 contains three learning tools for collaborative learning and several administration tools.
Fle3 Knowledge Building is group tool for having knowledge building dialogues, theory building and debates in a shared database.
Fle3 Jamming tool is a shared space for collaborative construction of digital artefacts ( pictures, text, audio, video ).

Fle3 and Collaborative
Learning with Collaborative Software-A guide to Fle3.
* Learning with Collaborative Software-A guide to Fle3.

Fle3 and Learning
Fle3 software is based on the Future Learning Environment concept promoting learning process, which differs from traditional teacher and didactic-based teaching by emphasising students active role in a learning process.

Fle3 and ITCOLE
Finally Fle3 became one of the main results of the ITCOLE project.

Fle3 and project
There has been no noticeable development in the Fle3 project since 2006.

Fle3 and by
Fle3 WebTops can be used by teachers and students to store different items ( documents, files, links, knowledge building notes ) related to their studies, organize them to folders and share them with others.

Fle3 and European
Fle3 user interface is translated to more than 20 languages including most of the European languages and Chinese.

Fle3 and .
Fle3 is a Web-based learning environment or virtual learning environment.
Fle3 is designed to support learner and group centered work that concentrates on creating and developing expressions of knowledge ( i. e. knowledge artefacts ).
Fle3 is used in more than 70 countries.
Fle3 is a Zope product, written in Python.
For teachers and administrators Fle3 offers tools to manage users and study projects.
1999 ; 2005 ) and in the Fle3 software ( http :// fle3. uiah. fi ).
Fle3 ( 2001 ) Jamming tool.
Fle3 is the third and the latest version of FLE software.

was and largely
To Adams that age in which religion exercised power over the entire culture of the race was one of imagination, and it is largely the admiration he so obviously held for such eras that betrays a peculiar religiosity -- a sentiment he would have probably denied.
Victor's book on John Lloyd Stephens was largely written in my study in the house at Weston.
It seems that Khrushchev himself took a very special pride in having made a world-shaking contribution to Marxist doctrine with his Draft Program ( a large part of his twelve-hour speech at the recent Congress was, in fact, very largely a rehash of that interminable document ).
Everyone is ambivalent about his profession, if he has practised it long enough, but there were still moments when he loved the stage and all those unseen people out there, who might cheer you or boo you, but that was largely, though not entirely, up to you.
His patronage on this stretch was made up largely of San Franciscans -- regulars, most of them, and trenchermen like himself.
The change was not quite so dramatic as it sounds because in fact common norms continued to be invoked by municipal courts and were only gradually changed by legislation, and then largely in marginal situations.
they had also had to generalize it -- to the point, finally, where the illusion of depth and relief became abstracted from specific three-dimensional entities and was rendered largely as the illusion of depth and relief as such: as a disembodied attribute and expropriated property detached from everything not itself.
and as the aspect of the subject was transposed into those clusters of more or less interchangeable and contour-obliterating facet-planes by which plasticity was isolated under the Cubist method, the subject itself became largely unrecognizable.
Milman Parry rigorously defended the observation that the extant Homeric poems are largely formulaic, and was led to postulate that they could be shown entirely formulaic if the complete corpus of Greek epic survived ; ;
Disapproval of the meeting was based largely on the belief that the timing could hardly be worse.
It was `` Duty '' he said that his parents had given him as a rule -- beyond even the love that suffused his being and the sense of humor with which he was largely supplied -- and it was duty he would perform, though it cost him acute pain and exhausted him by the age of fifty.
During the 1970s and 1990s, there was an epistemological shift away from the positivist traditions that had largely informed the discipline.
James Johnson argued that A Modest Proposal was largely influenced and inspired by Tertullian ’ s Apology: a satirical attack against early Roman persecution of Christianity.
In practice, power was more and more concentrated in the hands of the President who, supported by an ever increasing staff, largely controlled parliament, government, and the judiciary.
He was permitted to call on governors of Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi for new troops, although this authority was largely stifled by politics, especially with respect to Mississippi.
His reception remained warmer in America than Britain, and he continued to publish novels and short stories, but by the late 1930s the audience for Milne's grown-up writing had largely vanished: he observed bitterly in his autobiography that a critic had said that the hero of his latest play (" God help it ") was simply " Christopher Robin grown up ... what an obsession with me children are become!
Azerbaijani sources insist that Armenian victory was largely due to military help from Russia and the wealthy Armenian diaspora.
Most of Armenia's ethnic Azeri population was deported in 1988 – 1989 and remain refugees, largely in Azerbaijan.
Until independence, Armenia's economy was based largely on industry — chemicals, electronic products, machinery, processed food, synthetic rubber and textiles ; it was highly dependent on outside resources.
In 2010, retail trade turnover was largely unaltered compared to 2009.

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