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Further and signs
Further signs that may be seen on physical examination are most commonly a diffusely enlarged ( usually symmetric ), nontender thyroid, lid lag, excessive lacrimation due to Graves ' ophthalmopathy, arrhythmias of the heart, such as sinus tachycardia, atrial fibrillation and premature ventricular contractions, and hypertension.
" Exalted is He who took His Servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram ( the Sacred Mosque ) to al-Masjid al-Aqsa ( the Further Mosque ), whose surroundings We have blessed, to show him of Our signs.
Further, the ability to modify sign meaning through phonological changes to signs is gaining attention.
Further signs of the departing heart of the old community came with the departure of the vicar of St John's Church in 2006.
Further, they will usually sweat, exhibit rapid respiration, and have a rapid heart rate ( autonomic signs ).
Further signs that the Lorenzo management team's new low-fare, high-frequency business model was working began to show.
Further along the lower eyelid, signs of chronic inflammation ( Blepharitis ) are visible.
Further signs of luxury are the elaborate bed-hangings and the carvings on the chair and bench against the back wall ( to the right, partly hidden by the bed ), also the small Oriental carpet on the floor by the bed ; many owners of such expensive objects placed them on tables, as they still do in the Netherlands.
Further signs of local resentment emerge when a large scow dumps the town's filth next to the frigate and the Portuguese sailors shout abuse at the Surprises.
Further, Roman Jakobson ( 1896-1982 ) proposes that when a group of signs is used, there is an emotive function that reflects the speaker's attitude to the topic of his or her discourse.

Further and pressure
Further, constriction of the efferent arterioles of the kidney leads to increased perfusion pressure in the glomeruli.
Further pressure was brought on the makers of the film, the Film i Väst film studio, who are partly financed by Swedish local authorities, including Åmål.
Further pressure in the early 1850s from Britain for removing their forces prompted pleas for them to remain as the Militia were deemed insufficient for the purpose.
Further development in physical chemistry may be attributed to discoveries in nuclear chemistry, especially in isotope separation ( before and during World War II ), more recent discoveries in astrochemistry, as well as the development of calculation algorithms in field of " additive physicochemical properties " ( practically all of physicochemical properties, as: boiling point, critical point, surface tension, vapor pressure etc.
Further expansion of the gases occurs in the propelling nozzle, where the gases exhaust to atmospheric pressure.
Further damage can result as the gases cool and pressure drops sharply, leading to a partial vacuum, powerful enough to cause physical damage to people and structures.
Further, many of the flanges in each standard are divided into " pressure classes ", allowing flanges to be capable of taking different pressure ratings.
Further, by the time New York came to a vote, ten states had already ratified the Constitution and it had thus already passed — only nine states had to ratify it for the new government to be established among them ; the ratification by Virginia, the tenth state, placed pressure on New York to ratify.
Further water loss causes plasmolysis: pressure decreases to the point where the protoplasm of the cell peels away from the cell wall, leaving gaps between the cell wall and the membrane.
Further, although the base pressure drops, the recirculation zone keeps the pressure on the base up to a fraction of 1 bar, a pressure that is not balanced by the near vacuum on top of the engine ; this difference in pressure gives extra thrust at altitude, contributing to the altitude compensating effect.
Further, the larger cooled area can reduce performance below theoretical levels by reducing the pressure against the nozzle.
Further pressure from the international community forced General Zia to hold elections, for a unicameral legislature on a non-party basis.
Further, the oxygen concentration ( partial pressure ) in the pulmonary artery is taken to be representative of capillary blood.
Further refinements also include adjustable water pressure, temperature compensation, and directional spray control.
Further media speculation from The Guardian suggested that the group had little option, due to shareholder pressure, to sell its radio arm, including LBC, raising up to £ 200, 000, 000 for new acquisitions, while The Daily Telegraph suggested that it could be the subject of a ' management ' buyout.
Further, the pressure against the face of each baffle is higher than the pressure on its reverse side, making each baffle a miniature " pneumatic ram " which pulls the suppressor forward on the weapon, contributing a counter recoil force.
Further arrangements like a Tar-21 production facility in Georgia was dropped from Israeli side due to pressure from Russia.
Further pressure on the alliance came in later years as the colonists were insistent upon the acquisition of new lands to support their growing colony.
Further media speculation from The Guardian suggested that the group had little option, due to shareholder pressure, to sell its radio arm, including LBC, raising up to £ 200, 000, 000 for new acquisitions, while The Daily Telegraph suggested that it could be the subject of a ' management ' buyout.
He found that pressure increases luminosity, so that hydrogen, for example, the flame of which gives no light in normal circumstances, burns with a luminous flame under a pressure of ten or twenty atmospheres, and the inference he drew was that the presence of solid particles is not the only factor that determines the light-giving power of a flame, Further, he showed that the spectrum of a dense ignited gas resembles that of an incandescent liquid or solid, and he traced a gradual change in the spectrum of an incandescent gas under increasing pressure, the sharp lines observable when it is extremely attenuated broadening out to nebulous bands as the pressure rises, till they merge in the continuous spectrum as the gas approaches a density comparable with that of the liquid state.

Further and problems
Further research in the meaning of crises as experienced by the consumers of traditional social casework services -- including attempts to develop a typology of family structures, crisis problems, reaction mechanisms, and differential treatment approaches -- and the establishment of new experimental programs are imperative social needs which should command the best efforts of caseworkers in collaboration with community planners.
Further, a wide range of other naturally occurring decision and optimization problems can be transformed into instances of SAT.
Further problems were caused by a notorious hooligan element among the support, which was to plague the club throughout the decade.
Further economic problems occurred in 1994 with an outbreak of taro leaf blight and the near collapse of the national airline Polynesian Airlines.
Further sealing problems arise from the uneven thermal distribution within the housings causing distortion and loss of sealing and compression.
Further standards efforts such as Motif and CDE did not alleviate problems.
Further problems made the General Staff give him the option of being expelled from the Navy or entering the Commando Corps as an ordinary soldier, to the latter of which he did.
Further, it is very important to distinguish between problems that first occur during adolescence and those that may have developed during childhood.
Further problems with the environment arose when a vast algal bloom appeared in one-fifth of Lake Okeechobee in 1986.
Further problems for the Study tour continued.
Further problems with the orientation detectors complicated maneuvering the craft.
[...] Further distortions have resulted outside of the United States due to translation problems as well as for other reasons.
Further problems continue to arise in part due to the shaping of the modern Malaysian and Indonesian nation-states on post-colonial political systems and laws on land tenure.
Further, large crossbar switches had physical problems.
Further problems arise with this defense when an analogous syndrome, the " battered child syndrome " is used as a defense, as the unique susceptibility of a woman to domestic violence can seem to be undercut.
Further problems were encountered with the gliders to be used in the operation, and the glider pilots themselves.
Further, industry experts believed that the reasons behind the airline's failure were not problems with the low-cost strategy, but miscues on the part of airline management.
Further, Amenemhet III had an inordinately long reign, which tends to create succession problems.
Further, while most programs will only be affected in or very close to 2038, programs that work with future dates will begin to run into problems much sooner.
Further problems arose between Tzuke and Polydor which led to the last minute cancellation of her 1989 tour, enraging fans who had turned up to venues.
Further problems for the party followed Asquith's abortive attempt to introduce Home Rule in July 1916 which failed on the threat of partition.
At the end of the paper, in Section Further problems, the following task is stated: Another directly following problem is the improvement of the bounds given at the theorems 8 and 9.
Further to this assessment, the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales commissioned a further report which found " very real problems of leadership and management " at the university.
Further problems arose when, in several cases, a B-side would eventually overtake the A-side in popularity, thus prompting record labels to release a new single, featuring the former B-side as the A-side, along with a " new " B-side.
Further improvements were made in an " April 2 " design which solved further problems.

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