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Hainan and Island
The calving grounds are unknown but may be around Hainan Island, this being the southwestern end of the known range.
The commercial tree is most heavily cultivated in the rainforests of Asia, notably in Java ( hence its nicknames ), Philippines, Malaysia, Hainan Island in China as well as in South America.
The Li ( 黎 ; pinyin: Lí ) or Hlai are a minority ethnic group, the vast majority of whom live off the southern coast of mainland China on Hainan Island, where they are the largest minority ethnic group.
Parts of China's northernmost province Heilongjiang has a subarctic climate ; its southernmost part, Hainan Island ( an island away from mainland China ), has a tropical climate.
The archipelago is approximately equidistant from the coastlines of Vietnam and China, 180 nautical miles southeast of Hainan Island, and about one-third of the way from central Vietnam to the northern Philippines.
The southern cape of Hainan Island in China just overlaps the southern point of Peru.
" During the Landing Operation on Hainan Island, the communists used wooden junks fitted with mountain guns as both transport and warships against the Republic of China Navy.
Recent PLAN incidents include the 2001 Hainan Island incident, a major submarine accident in 2003, and naval incidents involving the U. S. MSC-operated ocean surveillance ships and during 2009.
Wild trees still grow in parts of southern China and on Hainan Island.
Wild trees still grow in rainforest in Guangdong province and on Hainan Island.
The largest, Zhoushan Island, is Mainland China's third largest island, after Hainan and Chongming.
Patpong gets its name from the family that owns much of the area's property, the Patpongpanich ( or Patpongpanit ), immigrants from Hainan Island, China, who purchased the area in 1946.
( Ne Win was one of the Thirty Comrades who secretly went to undergo military training in Japanese-occupied Hainan Island in the early 1940s for the purpose of fighting for independence from the British ).
During military training on the then Japanese-occupied Hainan Island Shu Maung chose a nom de guerre, Bo Ne Win ( Commander Radiant Sun ).
This jammer has been dubbed the Chinese Fire Dragon Jammer and purportedly comes from Hainan Island which is located in the Gulf of Tonkin and is a part of the People's Republic of China.
The name " Hainan " also refers to Hainan Island ( 海南岛, Hǎinán Dǎo ), the main island of the province.
For centuries Hainan Island was part of Guangdong Province, but in 1988 this resource-rich tropical island became part of the newly created Hainan Province ( 海南省, Hǎinán Shěng ).
Although it comprises some two hundred islands scattered among three archipelagos off the southern coast, ( 97 %) of its land mass is Hainan Island, from which the province takes its name.
Haikou on the northern coast of Hainan Island is the capital whilst Sanya is a well-known tourist destination on the south coast.
Hainan Island first enters written Chinese history in 110 BC, when the Han Dynasty established a military garrison there following the arrival of General Lu Bode ( 路博德 ).
Around that time, Han people together with military personnel and officials began to migrate to Hainan Island from mainland China.
Most of them arrived in Hainan Island from the southern provinces of Guangdong, Fujian and Guangxi.

Hainan and was
Hainan Li-Miao Autonomous Prefecture was created in 1952 ( abolished in 1988 ).
She was the fourth of six children of Charlie Soong, a wealthy businessman and former Methodist missionary from Hainan, and his wife Ni Kwei-tseng.
* 1098: the Dongpo Academy of Hainan, China is built in honor of the Song Dynasty Chinese official and poet Su Shi, who was exiled there for criticizing reforms of the New Policies Group.
During the Three Kingdoms Period, Hainan was the Zhuya Commandery ( 珠崖郡 ) under the control of Eastern Wu.
Hainan was historically part of Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces and as such was the Ch ' iung-yai or Qiongya Circuit ( 瓊崖道 ) under the 1912 establishment of the Republic of China.
In 1921, it was planned to become a Special Administrative Region ( 瓊崖特別行政區 ); in 1944, it became Hainan Special Administrative Region with 16 counties containing the South China Sea Islands.
During the 1920s and 30s, Hainan was a hotbed of Communist activity, especially after a bloody crackdown in Shanghai, the Republic of China in 1927 drove many Communists into hiding.
Hainan was one of the last areas of China controlled by the Republic of China.
During the mid-1980s, when Hainan Island was still part of the Guangdong Province, a fourteen-month episode of marketing zeal by Hainan Special District Administrator Lei Yu put Hainan's pursuit of provincial status under a cloud.
An ethnic Chinese, Chinese name: 凌绪光 ( Ling Xu Guang ), who hails from Luang Prabang with ancestry from Hainan, he was a protégé of Kaysone Phomvihane.
In May 1950, after the capture of Hainan island by Chinese Communist forces, U. S. President Harry S. Truman began covertly authorizing direct financial assistance to the French, and on June 27, 1950, after the outbreak of the Korean War, announced publicly that the U. S. was doing so.
The last position occupied by Lin's forces was the island of Hainan.
However, Su was banished a second time ( 1094 – 1100 ) to Huizhou ( now in Guangdong province ) and Hainan island.
In 1098 the Dongpo Academy in Hainan was built on the site of the residence that he lived in whilst in exile.
In the period before his final victories over the rebel forces, he was also confronted with a wide variety of threats ; for example, the port of Canton was pillaged in 758 by sea-borne Arab and Persian forces, probably pirates based on Hainan.
His maternal grandfather, Ha Su-chiang ( also known as Hassan ), was a Utsul Muslim who came from Sanya in Hainan.
Charlie Soong was born as Han Jiaozhun ( 韓教準 ) in the western suburbs of Wenchang City, Hainan, China as the third son of Han Hongyi ( 韓鴻翼 Hán ​ Hóngyì ​) sometime between 1863 and 1866.
The 108-metre-high Guanyin Statue of Hainan was enshrined on 24 April 2005 with the participation of 108 eminent monks from various Buddhist groups in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China, and tens of thousands of pilgrims.

Hainan and called
The Paracel Islands, also called Xisha Islands () in Chinese and Hoàng Sa Islands ( Quần đảo Hoàng Sa ) in Vietnamese, is a group of islands whose ownership is disputed by China, Vietnam and Taiwan, however is currently under the administration of Hainan Province within the People's Republic of China.
Among proponents, there is yet no agreement as to whether they are a sister group to Austronesian in a family called Austro-Tai, a backmigration from Taiwan to the mainland, or a later migration from the Philippines to Hainan during the Austronesian expansion.
The name " Hainan " ( 海南 ) describes its location south of the Qiongzhou Strait, while the Leizhou Peninsula is also called Haibei ( 海北 ) as it is located north of the strait.
* The Lingao people in Hainan Province of China speak a Tai – Kadai language called Be or Lincheng, although the ethnicity of the Lingao traces back to the Han nationality.
Hlai ( 黎 ) people living on Hainan island were called Luoyue ( 雒越 ) during the western Han Dynasty.
Subspecies superciliosus ( sometimes called the Japanese Shrike ) breeds on the islands of Sakhalin, Kuril and Japan and winters in Hainan, Sumatra, Java, and the Sundas.
The subspecies found in northeastern India, extending into Myanmar, Laos and southern China is called olivaceum by earlier authors but is treated by Rasmussen as a separate species Dicaeum minullum ( which includes the population minullum from Hainan Island and is now termed as the Plain Flowerpecker in the more restricted sense ).
The leased territory was situated in Guangdong Province ( Kwangtung Province ) on the east side of the Leizhou Peninsula, north of Hainan, around a bay then called Kwang-Chou-Wan ( Kwangchow Bay ), now called the Port of Zhanjiang.
It is based on the well-known Hainanese dish called Wenchang chicken ( 文昌雞 ), due to its roots in Hainan cuisine and its adoption by the Hainanese overseas Chinese population in the Nanyang area ( present-day Southeast Asia ).
On April 1, 2001, a mid-air collision between a United States Navy EP-3E ARIES II signals intelligence aircraft and a People's Liberation Army Navy ( PLAN ) J-8II interceptor fighter jet resulted in an international dispute between the United States of America and the People's Republic of China, called the Hainan Island incident.
The Qiongzhou Strait (), also called the Hainan Strait, is a body of water that separates the Leizhou Peninsula in Guangdong, southern China, to the north from Hainan Island to its south.

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