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thought and jungles
" He later recalled how he turned against the war: " I found out that we couldn ’ t win the war with the limitations that we had, which I thought were correct limitations, and I thought all we were going to do was just waste the lives of our men and our treasure out in the jungles of North and South Vietnam.

thought and below
The Angiosperm Phylogeny Group system ( APG ) of 1998 and APG II ( 2003 ) assigned the Alismatales to the monocots, which may be thought of as an unranked clade containing the families listed below.
Pierre-Simon Laplace and Antoine Lavoisier, in their 1780 treatise on heat, arrived at values ranging from 1, 500 to 3, 000 below the freezing-point of water, and thought that in any case it must be at least 600 below.
The electrons ( as we know them today ) were thought to be positioned throughout the atom, but with many structures possible for positioning multiple electrons, particularly rotating rings of electrons ( see below ).
While substantial water was detected spectroscopically, it was not as much as predicted beforehand, meaning that either the water layer thought to exist below the clouds was thinner than predicted, or that the cometary fragments did not penetrate deeply enough.
For this reason, infrared, microwaves, and radio waves are thought to damage molecules and biological tissue only by bulk heating, not excitation from single photons of the radiation ( however, there does remain controversy about possible non-thermal biological damage from low frequency EM radiation, see below ).
The Protestant reformer Martin Luther denied it was the work of an apostle and termed it an " epistle of straw " as compared to some other books in the New Testament, not least because of the conflict he thought it raised with Paul on the doctrine of justification ( see below ).
On the 1787 trip to the Isle of Arran he found his first example of Hutton's Unconformity to the north of Newton Point near Lochranza, but the limited view meant that the condition of the underlying strata was not clear enough for him, and he incorrectly thought that the strata were conformable at a depth below the exposed outcrop.
Its location below Augustus ' residence is thought to be significant ; Octavian, before he became Augustus, had considered taking the name Romulus to indicate that he intended to found Rome anew.
" Another of Hagenbeck's sources, Hans Schomburgk, asserted that while at Lake Bangweulu, he noted a lack of hippopotami ; his native guides informed him of a large hippo-killing creature that lived in Lake Bangweulu ; however, as noted below, Schomburgk thought that native testimony was sometimes unreliable.
Listed below are a few of the most canonical or important thinkers, and especially philosophers whose central focus was in political philosophy and / or who are good representatives of a particular school of thought.
People with psychosis may have one or more of the following: hallucinations, delusions, catatonia, or a thought disorder, as described below.
Although catalysis of the peptide bond involves the C2 hydroxyl of RNA's P-site ( see Function section below ) adenosine in a protein shuttle mechanism, other steps in protein synthesis ( such as translocation ) are caused by changes in protein conformations. Since their catalytic core is made of RNA, ribosomes are classified as " ribozymes ," and it is thought that they might be remnants of the RNA world.
This exercise is not thought about, learned or trained for ; it is unique for each person and the ability to ' receive ' it is passed on by being in the presence of another practicing member at the ' opening ' ( see below ).
The failing rubber o-ring seals that contributed to the cause of the Challenger disaster were thought to have cooled below their critical temperature ; the disaster happened on an unusually cold day.
It is thought that the energy necessary to heat the corona is provided by turbulent motion in the convection zone below the photosphere, and two main mechanisms have been proposed to explain coronal heating.
It is thought that the primordial nucleons themselves were formed from the quark – gluon plasma from the Big Bang as it cooled below two trillion degrees.
However, current populations in this area are extremely small, numbering 50 and below, and it is thought likely they will become extinct.
The algebra of matrices over a ring, thought of as a category as described below, is also additive.
" The boggart thought for a while before answering " The part below the ground ".
It is not known whether this solution was considered for its water-saving performance or because the engineers thought the difference in height between the river above and below the dam too great for alternative methods.
Despite the disasters, many thought the WFL performed fairly well, though below NFL standards.
As a cognitive scientist, Lakoff believes he is describing mental structures that may well be mostly below the level of conscious thought.
Beaked whales are deep divers with extreme dive profiles They regularly dive deeper than 500 m to echolocate for food, and these deep dives are often followed by multiple shallower dives of less than 500 m. Based on currently available data, beaked whales are thought to spend much of their lives below water.

thought and him
She stared at him, her eyes wide as she thought about what he had said ; ;
First he thought of the time he had ridden to Gavin and told him how his cattle were being rustled at the far end of the valley.
They weren't sleeping, of course, but they thought they were doing him a favor by pretending.
He'd been in an angry mood: Conchita had thought his face almost ugly with the anger in him.
Once Todman thought he had spotted a tank and went down to investigate while Greg covered him.
Somehow the thought of a simple man bewildered by things no one had ever really helped him understand moved the driver.
About that time Miss Langford straightened up and looked out the window directly at him, he thought, although probably she didn't even see him.
He thought she gave him that look with the hidden something in it as he let her hand go.
Jack walked off alone out the road in the searing midday sun, past Robert Allen's three-room, tarpapered house, toward the field where the other boys were playing ball, thinking of what he would do in order to make Miss Langford have him stay in after school -- because this was the day he had decided when he thought he saw the look in her eyes.
Miriam had not yet goaded him into mentioning her directly, but one can feel the generalized anger in Wright's remarks to reporters when he was asked, one morning on arrival in Chicago, what he thought of the city as a whole.
Richard Peters, Secretary of the Board of War, thought Morgan was so extreme on the subject that he accused him of trying to pick a quarrel.
He thought he saw -- it awakened and, for a moment, interested him -- that Elizabeth held a leash in her hand and that a round fuzzy puppy was on the end of the leash.
The thought came back, the one nagging at him these past four days.
Loneliness tore through him like a physical pain whenever he thought of Peter Robert, Nerien, Nicholas Cop, Martin Bucer, and even the compromising Louis Du Tillet.
He thought of Simms Purdew, who once had risen at the edge of a cornfield, a maniacal scream on his lips, and swung a clubbed musket like a flail to beat down the swirl of Rebel bayonets about him.
When they got home Harold was grateful for the stillness in the apartment, and thought how, under different circumstances, they might have stayed on here, in these old-fashioned, high-ceilinged rooms that reminded him of the Irelands' apartment in the East Eighties.
I'd thought him a pimp or procurer but he didn't seem to be.
He would have to work without questioning the motives which made him work and content himself with the thought that the eventual victory, however it was brought about, would be sweet indeed.
The thought of this lonely woman sitting at her window touched him, although he was even more touched by her plumpness.
He was awful angry because he'd thought Ma was going to do something big, something heroic even, especially for her I know him I know him we felt the same sometimes while Ma wasn't thinking about that at all, not anything like that.
Finally he said, `` Tell me about yourself '', and Linda Kay told him, because she thought herself that she had had an interesting life.
He played a number of typical situations before observers, other supervisors who kept notes and then explained to him in detail what he did they thought was wrong.

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