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later and novels
it was demonstrated, many critics would later point out, in the length of his novels.
His later novels included fixups such as The Beast ( aka Moonbeast ) ( 1963 ), Rogue Ship ( 1965 ), Quest for the Future ( 1970 ) and Supermind ( 1977 ); expanded short stories ( The Darkness on Diamondia ( 1972 ), Future Glitter ( aka Tyranopolis ) ( 1973 ); original novels such as Children of Tomorrow ( 1970 ), The Battle of Forever ( 1971 ) and The Anarchistic Colossus ( 1977 ); plus sequels to his classic works, many of which were promised, but only one of which appeared, Null-A Three ( 1984 ; originally published in French ).
While accompanying Mallowan on countless archaeological trips ( spending up to 3 4 months at a time in Syria and Iraq at excavation sites at Ur, Ninevah, Tell Arpachiyah, Chagar Bazar, Tell Brak, and Nimrud ), Christie not only wrote novels and short stories, but also contributed work to the archaeological sites, more specifically to the archaeological restoration and labeling of ancient exhibits which includes tasks such as cleaning and conserving delicate ivory pieces, reconstructing pottery, developing photos from early excavations which later led to taking photographs of the site and its findings, and taking field notes.
This aspect of Poirot is less evident in the later novels, partly because there is rarely a narrator so there is no one for Poirot to mislead.
Central to his behaviour in the later novels is the underlying assumption that particular crimes are only committed by particular types of people.
In the later novels Christie often uses the word mountebank when Poirot is being assessed by other characters, showing that he has successfully passed himself off as a charlatan or fraud.
One thing that is consistent about Poirot's retirement is that his fame declines during it, so that in the later novels he is often disappointed when characters ( especially younger characters ) recognize neither him nor his name:
In Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, the character of Alberto Mallich ( founder of the Unseen University and later Death's manservant Albert ) is a sly nod to Albertus Magnus in his more legendary and esoteric guise.
Resultantly, the Claudine novels, were originally attributed under Willy s name only, before later being published under both names.
They marry and have a daughter, Fleurette, who figures in later novels.
His father, William, was a naval surgeon who later wrote novels and short stories, some of which included illustrations by his son.
" Most of his later novels were not science fiction.
His experiences at Hyde's, where he worked a thirteen-hour day and slept in a dormitory with other apprentices, later inspired his novels The Wheels of Chance and Kipps, which portray the life of a draper's apprentice as well as providing a critique of society's distribution of wealth.
( In the later novels, To Play the King and The Final Cut, however, she is called ' Elizabeth ' and plays a larger role, as in the television series.
To add some further confusion, some of the shorter novels published in magazines were later expanded to, or incorporated in, book-length novels.
However, Niven later invited other authors to participate in a series of shared-universe novels, with the Man-Kzin Wars as their setting.
A 1995 edition of all three completed Gormenghast novels includes a very short fragment of the beginning of what would have been the fourth Gormenghast novel, Titus Awakes, as well as a listing of events and themes he wanted to address in that and later Gormenghast novels.
Here, Mao was taught the value systems of Confucianism, one of the dominant moral ideologies in China, but he would later admit that he did not enjoy reading the classical Chinese texts which preached Confucian morals, instead favouring popular novels such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin.
Tomino later lamented that had he known that anime ending would be different and that another series would be made, he would not have killed off Amuro in the novels.
Several later Revelation Space novels add additional details of history of groups and characters on Mars.
He later published the Plateau Mont-Royal Chronicles, a cycle of six novels including The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant ( La grosse femme d ' à côté est enceinte, 1978 ) and The Duchess and the Commoner ( La duchesse et le roturier, 1982 ).
Shards of Honor and Barrayar concern Miles ' parents, while " Dreamweaver s Dilemma " concerns a distant ancestor of Cordelia Naismith, Ethan of Athos involves a few minor characters from other Vorkosigan novels, and Falling Free does not involve Miles or any of his family, though in a later novel, Miles encounters the descendants of the characters from Falling Free.

later and including
There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Algeria including Al Qal ' a of Beni Hammad, the first capital of the Hammadid empire ; Tipasa, a Phoenician and later Roman town ; and Djémila and Timgad, both Roman ruins ; M ' Zab Valley, a limestone valley containing a large urbanized oasis ; also the Casbah of Algiers is an important citadel.
After the mid-1960s, he became much less prolific, but his later work — including his final two epics, Kagemusha ( 1980 ) and Ran ( 1985 )— continued to win awards, including the Palme d ' Or for Kagemusha, though more often abroad than in Japan.
While Kierkegaard's feeling of angst is fear of actual responsibility to God, in modern use, angst was broadened by the later existentialists to include general frustration associated with the conflict between actual responsibilities to self, one's principles, and others ( possibly including God ).
Based on a statement by Darnley made in 1894, it was believed that a group of Victorian ladies, including Darnley's later wife Florence Morphy, made the presentation after the victory in the Third Test in 1883.
However, many later disapproved of his actions, including to an extent Machiavelli, who claimed " It cannot be called prowess to kill fellow-citizens, to betray friends, to be treacherous, pitiless, irreligious.
In 1937, Wilson and Smith could count 40 alcoholic men they had helped to get sober, and two years later they counted 100 members, including one woman.
Despite this, several features that would later be associated with BBC Master and Archimedes were first features of Electron expansion units, including ROM cartridge slots and the Advanced Disc Filing System — a hierarchical improvement to the BBC's original Disc Filing System.
Originally released for the IBM 6150 RISC workstation, AIX now supports or has supported a wide variety of hardware platforms, including the IBM RS / 6000 series and later IBM POWER and PowerPC-based systems, IBM System i, System / 370 mainframes, PS / 2 personal computers, and the Apple Network Server.
Armour drove the development of many important technologies of the Ancient World, including wood lamination, mining, metal refining, vehicle manufacture, leather processing, and later decorative metal working.
They cited the time delay of ten years between the alleged behavior by Thomas and Hill's accusations, and noted that Hill had followed Thomas to a second job and later had personal contacts with Thomas, including giving him a ride to an airport — behavior which they said would be inexplicable if Hill's allegations were true.
He composed also a number of different works including many art songs in different languages and a number of important piano pieces, like the five " Doloras " ( 1914 ), which he later orchestrated and are normally played in concerts in Chile and Latinamerica.
* Temple of Aphaea, dedicated to its namesake, a goddess who was later associated with Athena ; the temple was part of a pre-Christian, equilateral holy triangle of temples including the Athenian Parthenon and the temple of Poseidon at Sounion.
Grant followed the album with her second Christmas album, Home For Christmas in 1992, which included the song " Breath of Heaven ( Mary's Song )", written by Chris Eaton and Grant, and would later be covered by many artists, including Donna Summer, Jessica Simpson ( who acknowledged Grant as one of her favorite artists ), Vince Gill, Sara Groves, Point of Grace, and Broadway star Barbara Cook.
Dmitri's grandfather Ivan had been a prominent lawyer in Tsarist Russia who had displayed respect for social awareness and humanitarian principles ( including advocating the abolition of capital punishment ) that would later influence his grandson.
His student Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Maurya Empire, later made use of assassinations against some of his enemies, including two of Alexander the Great's generals, Nicanor and Philip.
* John James Maximilian Oertel ( 1811 1882 ), born in Ansbach, was a Lutheran clergyman who later converted to Roman Catholicism, became a professor of German at Fordham University in the United States, and later edited and founded several newspapers in the United States, including one that would become the leading German-language newspaper in the county, Baltimore's Kirchenzeitung.
In all, half of the 32 episodes on The History of Beavis and Butt-head weren't included on later releases of the series, including all but two episodes on the first disc.
* A batter reaches base on an error ( including catcher's interference ), and later scores a run in that inning by any means.
The death of Hildeburg s brother Hnæf, son ( s ) and, later, her husband Finn the Frisian king are sung about as the result of fighting in Frisia between the visiting Danish chieftain Hnæf and his retainers ( including one Hengest ) and Finn's followers.
The charter had more than sixty signatories, including the brothers John, Nicholas and Moses of the Brown family, who would later inspire the College's modern name following a gift bestowed by Nicholas Brown, Jr.
David's warrior credentials lead to women falling in love with him, including Michal, Saul's daughter, who later acts to protect David against Saul.
Additionally, Elihu's first spoken words are a confession of his youthful status, being much younger than the three canonical friends, including a claim to be speaking because he cannot bear to remain silent ; it has been suggested that this interesting statement may have been symbolic of a " younger " ( that is to say, later and interpolating ) writer, who has written Elihu's sermon to respond to what he views as morally and theologically scandalous statements being made within the book of Job, and creating the literary device of Elihu to provide what seemed to be a faith-based response to further refute heresy and provide a counter-argument, a need partially provided by God's ambiguous and unspecific response to Job at the end of the book.
As a young child, before the age of eight, Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense, including the much loved The Owl and the Pussycat, and Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland had made their impression, although she later said of Alice that she was more interested in Tenniel's illustrations than what they were about.

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