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1474 and Christian
In 1474 Lauenburg's liege lord Emperor Frederick III elevated Christian I as Count of Holstein to Duke of Holstein, thus becoming an immediate imperial vassal ( see imperial immediacy ).
In 1474 Lauenburg's liege lord Emperor Frederick III elevated Christian I as Count of Holstein-Rendsburg to Duke of Holstein, thus becoming an immediate imperial ( reichsunmittelbar ) vassal ( see imperial immediacy ).
The circlet of the crown is divided in four by two large sapphires, a flat one that can be traced back to Frederick I at the forehead of the wearer ( presumably a gift to his father, Christian I, from the Duke of Milan in 1474 ) and a thicker one at the back of the head and by a spinel at one side and a garnet at the other.
In 1474 Emperor Frederick III elevated Christian as Count of Holstein-Rendsburg to Duke of Holstein, thus becoming an immediate imperial vassal ( see imperial immediacy ).

1474 and two
Bosch first appears in the municipal record in 1474, when he is named along with two brothers and a sister.
Unlike most Florentine sculptors of his generation, Mino passed two lengthy sojourns in Rome, from about 1459 to 1464 and again from about 1473 / 1474 until 1480.
After most of his men had deserted and he had been wounded in the face with an arrow, Oxford was eventually compelled to surrender on 15 February 1474, along with his two brothers and Beaumont.
With two sieges ( 1474 and 1478-9 ) it became secure as an Ottoman territory.
At that time it belonged to Sandomierz Voivodeship, one of two voivodeships of Lesser Poland ( Lublin Voivodeship was not created in 1474 out of parts of Sandomierz Voivodeship ).
Until 1474, it was one of two voivodeships of Lesser Poland, together with Krakow Voivodeship.
To this end, the former " regional " transmitters were synchronised in chains on ( initially ) two frequencies, 668 and 767 kHz, with an additional chain of low powered transmitters ( known as " Group H ") on 1474 kHz appearing later.
" His relief of the façade of the former School of the Albanians in Venice reflects this interest, as it commemorates two sieges of Shkodra in 1474 and 1478, the latter of which Sultan Mehmed II directed personally.
Loriga was the municipal seat since the 12th century, receiving forals in 1136 ( João Rhânia, master of the Terras de Loriga for over two decades, during the reign of Afonso Henriques ), 1249 ( during the reign of Afonso III ), 1474 ( under King Afonso V ) and finally in 1514 ( by King Manuel I ).
In January 1474, when Bianca was not quite two years old, she married her first cousin Philibert I, Duke of Savoy, the son of her uncle Amadeus IX of Savoy, and Yolande of France.
Here he painted his two masterpieces: the Virgin and Child with two saints and a portrait of Alberto de ' Catanei ( 1474 ) and fresco of the Madonna del Baracano, representing the Virgin and Child with portraits of Giovanni Bentivoglio and Maria Vinziguerra ( 1472 ).

1474 and times
In the 15th century Canynges ' grandson, the great merchant William II Canynges ( d. 1474 ), also 5 times Mayor and 3 times MP, assumed responsibility for bringing the work of the interior to completion and filling the windows with stained glass.
The first extensive use of " BC " ( hundreds of times ) occurred in Fasciculus Temporum by Werner Rolevinck in 1474, alongside years of the world ( anno mundi ).
Open war broke out in 1474, and in the following years the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold, was defeated three times on the battlefield and killed in the Battle of Nancy in 1477.

1474 and April
Richard visited Pontefract from 1471, in April and October 1473, and in early March 1474 for a week.
# Elisabeth ( 8 April 1474, Ansbach – 25 April 1507, Römhild ), married Count Hermann VIII of Henneberg-Aschach ( 1470 – 1535 )
First known entry of Bosch ’ name in the municipal record, 5 April 1474
On April 14, 1474 Hastings acquired the manorial right to Kirby from the Pakeman family, although he had rented it for some years previous to this.
Having been pardoned in April 1471, Neville was re-arrested on 25 April 1472 on a charge of treason and secretly conveyed to France, where he remained a prisoner at the castle of Hammes near Calais until November 1474, when he returned to England ; he died the following year, on 8 June 1476.

1474 and Milan
Josquin was long mistaken for a man with a similar name, Josquin de Kessalia, born around the year 1440, who sang in Milan from 1459 to 1474, dying in 1498.
Ercole's daughter Beatrice ( 1475 – 1497 ) married Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, while his daughter Isabella ( 1474 – 1539 ) married Francesco Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua.
Around 1474, Bramante moved to Milan, a city with a deep Gothic architectural tradition, and built several churches in the new Antique style.
He was a member of the famous Milan chapel of the Sforza family in July 1474, along with Loyset Compère, Gaspar van Weerbeke, and some of the other composers from northern Europe who were part of the first wave of Franco-Flemish influence in Italy.
He was one of the members of the famous Sforza chapel choir in Milan between 1474 and 1476, which included Alexander Agricola, Loyset Compère and Johannes Martini, the time when this institution had one of the most famous groups of singers and composers in Europe.
He wrote also Bellum scodrense ( 1474 ), an account of the siege of Shkodra ( 1474 ) ( Scutari ) by the Turks, and Antiquitates vicecomitum, The history of the Visconti, dukes of Milan, down to the death of Matteo the Great ( 1322 ).

1474 and is
Incunable, or sometimes incunabulum ( plural incunables or incunabula, respectively ) is a book, pamphlet, or broadside ( such as the Almanach cracoviense ad annum 1474 ) that was printed — not handwritten — before the year 1501 in Europe.
* The Almanach cracoviense ad annum 1474 is published.
is: 1474
Gendun Drup ( 1391 – 1474 ), also known as Gendun Drub and Kundun Drup, is considered retrospectively to be the first of the Dalai Lamas of Tibet, who are believed to be reincarnations of Chenresig ( Sanskrit: Avalokiteshvara ), the Bodhisattva of Compassion.
The exact date of Titian's birth is uncertain ; when he was an old man he claimed in a letter to Philip II to have been born in 1474, but this seems most unlikely.
The origin of the orthodox Clareni, approved as true Franciscans by Sixtus IV in 1474, is unknown ; nor is it clear whether they were followers of Angelo who kept aloof from heresy or, after falling into his error, retracted.
In 1739 – 40 Ames circulated a preliminary list of English printers from 1471 to 1600, which included 215 names, most of them being those of London men, with the announcement: ‘ As the history and progress of printing in England, from 1474 to 1600, is in good forwardness for the press ; if any gentleman please to send the publisher, Jos.
The area officially came under Aztec domination in 1474 and is mentioned in the Codex Mendoza as part of the district of Cuetlachtlan.
2009 ), the total arrest rate for black juveniles aged 10 – 17 is more than twice that as of white juveniles ( National Center for Juvenile Justice 2008 )( p. 1474 ).
One of the main events in the town's history is the siege of the town in 1474 – 75 by Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, that lasted for nearly a year.
Gothic painting is less well-preserved, and the finest works are in Istria such as the fresco-cycle of Vincent from Kastv in the Church of Holy Mary in Škriljinah near Beram, from 1474.
The oldest surviving house in the village is Horbury Hall in Church Street, built by Ralph Amyas, Deputy Steward of the Manor of Wakefield, which has been dated by dendrochronology to 1474.
The exact length of Vlad's period of captivity is open to some debate, though indications are that it was from 1462 until 1474.
It is known that Leonardo painted a portrait of Ginevra de ' Benci in 1474, possibly to commemorate her marriage that year to Luigi di Bernardo Niccolini at the age of 16.
While it is known that Pining and Corte-Real were respectively appointed governors of Iceland ( 1478 ) and the Azores ( 1474 ), these appointments were according to Larsen a reward for having discovered the Land of Codfish.
However, there is historical mention of Brother Alfonso Sanlúcar de Barrameda, a Franciscan who was bishop of the Canaries-Rubicon in the period 1404 – 1417, and Fray Juan de Sanlúcar, a Franciscan who served in the same office from 1470 – 1474.
Anastasy Nikitin, a Russian traveller who spent four years in the sultanate from 1470 to 1474, left us a report which is one of the most important European accounts of life in medieval India.
is: Flokkur: 1474
It is known that Corte-Real was granted São Jorge Island in the Azores in 1472, which he held until 1474 when he was granted the captaincy of Angra on Terceira Island by Infanta Beatrice, Duchess of Viseu.
Little is known about his life, except that either he was born in Cambrai or Arras, the birthplace of his brother, and his father was an alderman in Arras in 1474.
is: Flokkur: Fólk dáið árið 1474
Yet another Arnold Winkelried is recorded in the second half of the 15th century, in connection of a lawsuit of November 1474 and as delegate of Nidwalden at the Swiss Diet on several occasiosn during 1476 to 1482.

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