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keeping and with
From then on, in keeping with the traditions they had followed since childhood, the whole group settled down to relish their food.
The careless writing was in keeping with his mood of savage discontent.
I strongly recommend to the Congress the avoidance of mandatory floors on the size of the reserve components so that we may have the flexibility to make adjustments in keeping with military necessity.
If the house you plan to buy or build won't have big overhangs, you can still do a fair job of keeping the sun off walls and windows with properly designed trellises, fences and awnings.
It's fun, and it's easy -- so easy that there is time left after cooking, and tent keeping, for the women to get out and enjoy outdoor fun with their families.
Under the circumstances, I had difficulty keeping up with the conversation on the phone, but when I hung up I was reasonably certain that Francesca had wanted to remind me of our town meeting the next evening, and how important it was that Hank and I be there.
The St. Basil's scene opens with little groups of beggars milling around the square, the ever present police keeping them under scrutiny.
The necessity for keeping alert to his bride's hazards can act as an interference with the man's spontaneous desire.
This is not out of keeping with its origins, probably the most humble of any in the Ivy group.
The legend as it exists in Fall River today always includes the solemn assurance that Bridget returned to Ireland after the trial with a `` big bundle '' of cash which Lizzie gave her for keeping her mouth shut.
With its power to investigate, the Senate can paralyze the Secretary by keeping him in a state of perpetual testimony before committees, as it did with Dean Acheson.
It was evident that a captain should remain at his desk, directing with a firm hand and keeping a firm seat.
Mrs. Molvar asked again that the board join in taking a stand in keeping with Jack Lowe's program.
Talking of the rapid population growth ( upwards of 12,000 babies born daily ) with an immigrant entering the United States every 1-1/2 minutes, he said `` our organization has not been keeping pace with this challenge ''.
In addition, Lincoln had to contend with reinforcing strong Union sympathies in the border slave states and keeping the war from becoming an international conflict.
" In keeping with that sentiment, Lincoln led the moderates regarding Reconstruction policy, and was opposed by the Radical Republicans, under Rep. Thaddeus Stevens, Sen. Charles Sumner and Sen. Benjamin Wade, political allies of the president on other issues.
In keeping with the times, much of anthropology became politicized through the Algerian War of Independence and opposition to the Vietnam War ; Marxism became an increasingly popular theoretical approach in the discipline.
Foucault warns of the risks of keeping the author's name in mind during interpretation, because it could affect the value and meaning with which one handles an interpretation.
Thus we hear of abbots going out to hunt, with their men carrying bows and arrows ; keeping horses, dogs and huntsmen ; and special mention is made of an abbot of Leicester, c. 1360, who was the most skilled of all the nobility in hare hunting.
left In keeping with his democratic ideals, Mackenzie refused the offer of a knighthood three times, and was thus the only one of Canada's first eight Prime Ministers not to be knighted.
In keeping with its many Walter Scott references, Rose Street in Edinburgh has a bar called the " Kenilworth ", along with one named the " Abbotsford ".
In keeping with the prevailing view of celestial bodies as balls of fire in the sky, Anaximenes proposed that the earth let out an exhalation of air that rarefied, ignited and became the stars.
Students are led to change their largely automatic routines that are interpreted by the teacher to currently or cumulatively be physically limiting, inefficient or not in keeping with anatomical structure.

keeping and practices
The jury did not elaborate, but it added that `` there should be periodic surveillance of the pricing practices of the concessionaires for the purpose of keeping the prices reasonable ''.
An early example of people who practiced selective horse breeding were the Bedouin, who had a reputation for careful breeding practices, keeping extensive pedigrees of their Arabian horses and placing great value upon pure bloodlines.
In keeping with naming practices common to Motorola designs, the 68020 is usually referred to as the ' 020, pronounced oh-two-oh or oh-twenty ".
Little quit smoking, gambling and eating pork, in keeping with the Nation's practices and dietary restrictions.
This characteristic has made it a useful addition to no-till and low-till farming practices which attempt to maximise the erosion-prevention benefits of keeping organic matter and farming residues present on the soil surface through the year.
While honoring the initiatic tradition of his predecessors, Pir Vilayat continually adapted traditional Eastern spiritual practices in keeping with the evolution of Western consciousness.
Another point of view is that comprehensive " dog bite " legislation, coupled with better consumer education and legally mandating responsible pet keeping practices, is a better solution to the problem of dangerous dogs than breed-specific legislation.
At the Synod of Whitby, King Oswy of Northumberland accepted Roman practices regarding the keeping of Easter and the shape of the tonsure.
On September 24, 2007 the FDA has implemented a " current good manufacturing practices " ( GMP ) policy to ensure dietary supplements " are produced in a quality manner, do not contain contaminants or impurities, and are accurately labeled " and covers the manufacturing, packaging, labelling, and storing of supplements, with requirements for quality control, design and construction of manufacturing plants, testing of ingredients and final products, record keeping, and complaints processes.
Other practices which are generally considered proper hygiene include bathing regularly, washing hands regularly and especially before handling food, washing scalp hair, keeping hair short or removing hair, wearing underwear, wearing clean clothing, brushing one's teeth, cutting finger nails, besides other practices.
Although in keeping with European practices, this was not yet considered appropriate behaviour in England and Rupert was reprimanded by the King.
On the national scale, a North Korean spokesman has claimed that this has resulted in a positive growth rate for the country since 1996, with the implementation of " landmark socialist-type market economic practices " in 2002 keeping the North afloat despite a continued dependency on foreign aid for food.
They commonly centered on practices such as keeping kosher, lighting Shabbat candles, studying Torah, putting on tefillin, helping to write sifrei Torah, and teaching women to observe the laws of Jewish family purity.
Most practices of object-oriented programming recommend keeping the inheritance graph as shallow as possible, in part to avoid this problem.
By contrast, ordinary narrative documentation is more susceptible to drifting from the implementation of the program and will thus become outdated ( e. g., design changes, feature creep, relaxed practices in keeping documents up-to-date ).
The practices associated with keeping livestock also contributed to the deterioration of the forests and fields.
Although western audiences categorise wassoulou performers like Oumou Sangaré as feminists for criticizing practices like polygamy and arranged marriage, within Mali they are not viewed in that light because their messages, when they do not support the status quo of gender roles, are subtly expressed and ambiguously worded, thus keeping them open to a variety of interpretations and avoiding direct censure from Malian society.
In keeping with practices of the Gilded Age, Nelson's first agenda item in Congress was to ensure patronage for his supporters in Minnesota by doling out the limited number of federal appointments available.
Friedemann is known occasionally to have claimed credit for music written by his father, but this was in keeping with common musical practices in the era.
For some, the postulated problems of the Old Testament, and the appeal of Jesus are such that they identify themselves as modern day Marcionites, and follow his solution in keeping the New Testament as sacred scripture, and rejecting the Old Testament canon and practices.
Some practices such as organic farming, sustainable forestry, natural landscaping, wild gardening or precision agriculture, sometimes combined into sustainable agriculture, are thought to improve or at least not to degrade ecological health, while still keeping land usable for human purposes.
Good maintenance practices center on keeping water out of the pavement, subbase and subsoil.
The Virginia tribes say that the disrupted record keeping under the racially discriminatory practices of Walter Plecker destroyed their ability to demonstrate historical continuity of identity.

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