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from Brown Corpus
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looking and far
After looking about a bit, Wilson discovered beyond Black Bottom, across the river and far removed from the white city, a considerable tract of land, and it occurred to him that the church and the better Negro homes might gradually be moved to this plot.
In Dream of Scipio, Cicero describes what seems to be an out of body experience, of the soul traveling high above the Earth, looking down at the small planet, from far away.
Yet looking far into the future the Völva sees a brighter vision of a new world, when both Höðr and Baldr will come back ( stanza 62 ).
As far as plagiarism is concerned, McKimson cited that the animators would always be looking at each other's sheets to see if they could borrow some punchlines and cracks.
However, because many Intellivision games had been designed for users to play by feeling the buttons without looking down, some of these games were far less playable on Intellivision II.
Playfair later commented about the experience, " the mind seemed to grow giddy by looking so far into the abyss of time ".
Jahangir himself is far from modest in his autobiography when he states his prowess at being able to determine the artist of any portrait by simply looking at a painting.
The final book takes place ( largely ) with a mission to a far off system to discover the Tyrathca ' Sleeping God ' ( which was previously unknown, but learnt of in the first novel ), which was discovered by the Tyrathca when they were travelling the galaxy, looking for new planets to populate.
If we imagine looking at the Earth from space, we see that the whole Earth was pulled, but the near oceans more and the far oceans less ; the far oceans stayed behind since they are pulled less ( since they are farther away ).
He despised Greek philosophy, and, far from looking at Plato, Aristotle, and other Greek thinkers whom he quotes as forerunners of Christ and the Gospel, he pronounces them the patriarchal forefathers of the heretics ( De anima, iii .).
The cover featured Sarah Palin looking out of her window seeing only Alaska, with Russia in the far background.
Playfair later recalled that " the mind seemed to grow giddy by looking so far into the abyss of time ", and Hutton concluded a 1788 paper he presented at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, later rewritten as a book, with the phrase " we find no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end.
Eagles were respected for their ability to see far away objects, and were also said to renew themselves by looking into the sun ( accounting for the glint often seen in the eagle ’ s eye in paintings ).
With no successful results so far, Rear Admiral Al Calavicci ( Dean Stockwell ), Sam's long-time friend and senior officer on the program, is told by the government that they are looking to shut down the funding.
Nienna, the lonely Vala of Sorrow and Endurance, lived in the far west of the island where she spent her days crying about all the Evil of the World, looking out to sea.
Adjacent to the former Ioway-Sac reservation and the present-day Ioway Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, Hiawatha is called Hári Wáta in Ioway, meaning " I am looking far away ".
He is always looking for approval from his parents, but rarely gets any, and he even goes as far as to make things up just for attention, such as telling his parents he is going to get married.
In his later life, Roppolo, looking old and feeble far beyond his age, would come home for periods when a relative or friend could look after him, and he would sit in with local bands on saxophone or clarinet.
One plot in the 1990s involved Jughead possibly being forced to move to Ohio, in which Betty, looking at a map, comments that Ohio is extremely far away.
If you're looking near Hannibal, you're too far north.
If you're looking near Kansas city, you're still too far north.
They argue that the IDF is far more likely to shoot the darker skinned Palestinian civilians than white western looking activists, given the difference in international response.
One version has Lippershey observing two children playing with lenses in his shop and commenting how they could make a far away weather-vane seem closer when looking at it through two lenses.

looking and back
In looking back over the volumes, it is possible to find errors of interpretation, some of which were not so evident at the time of writing.
When Fred wheeled him back into his room, the big one looking out on the back porch, and put him to bed, Papa told him he was very tired but that he had enjoyed greatly the trip downtown.
At the door she turned back, her Roman nose looking very long now and satiric.
He turned and fled into the house and made his way up the marble stairs without once looking back.
She threw back a cushion over one of the seats, unlocked a padlock on the chest beneath it, then presently straightened, holding a long knife and a wicked looking spear gun in her hand.
When he handed it back and I had hold of it safely, Pops was looking toward me and I said `` Now '', to Charlie and he swung the short length of lead pipe he'd meanwhile taken from his pocket, once.
Without looking at him, without looking at anything except Drexel Street directly in front of her, she climbed up into one of those orange streetcars, rode away in it, and never came back.
He went back to touch home plate, turned and walked to the dugout without looking back.
Suddenly he emptied his pockets of all his coins and dropped them into the box before the seated Fudo and hurried back down both stairways and away from the temple, never looking back.
I followed it, looking at the brilliant colors on its tubular back, the colors clear and sharp and perfect, in orange and green and brown diamonds the size of a baby's fist down its back, and the diamonds were set one within the other and interlaced with glistening jet-black.
For an overview of critical psychology in South Africa, see Desmond Painter and Martin Terre Blanche's article on Critical Psychology in South Africa: Looking back and looking forwards.
He played around with it, came back with a bunch of designs that had the circle and slightly 3-D looking letters and he had ones with different patterns behind it.
From the back left of the painting you can see the artist himself looking out at the viewer, and the painting behind the family depicts Lot and his daughters, thus once again echoing the underlying message of corruption and gat.
He was working in the VAD when casualties came back from the Battle of the Somme and he was engaged in looking after patients and assisting in changing wound dressings.
This is a process of looking back at the bad thoughts and actions carried out during daily activities and learn from this process so as to resolve not to commit those mistakes again.
alt = A card with a back and white picture of President Wilson looking serious in the centre and dates with their significance to the League of Nations around the side
* looking at the feet while lying on the back for 60 seconds
Therefore, looking at an image of oneself with the front / back axis flipped is the same as looking at an image with the left / right axis flipped and the whole figure rotated 180 degrees about the vertical axis, which is exactly what one sees when standing in front of a mirror.

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