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European and Parliament
* Adrian Severin ( born 1954 ), Romanian politician and Member of the European Parliament
* 2003 – Jyrki Otila, Finnish quiz show judge and member of the European Parliament ( b. 1941 )
The Sakharov Prize, which is awarded annually by the European Parliament for people and organizations dedicated to human rights and freedoms, is named in his honor.
In December 1985 the European Parliament established the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, to be given annually for outstanding contributions to human rights.
The Sakharov Prize, established in 1988 and awarded annually by the European Parliament for people and organizations dedicated to human rights and freedoms, was named in his honor.
At the time of the SDP's creation, Owen and Rodgers were sitting Labour Members of Parliament ( MPs ); Jenkins had left Parliament in 1977 to serve as President of the European Commission, while Williams had lost her seat in the 1979 general election.
After many buffetings and, finally, after the catastrophic results of the June European Parliament election, 2004 Špidla resigned after a revolt in his own party and the government was reshuffled on the same basis.
The Council of the European Union ( sometimes just called the Council and sometimes still referred to as the Council of Ministers ) is the institution in the essentially bicameral legislature of the European Union ( EU ) representing the executives of member states, the other legislative body being the European Parliament.
The primary purpose of the Council is to act as one of the two chambers of the EU's legislative branch, the other chamber being the European Parliament.
It monitors and co-ordinates work and deals with the Parliament on co-decision legislation ( along with leading the non – EU defence organisation, the Western European Union ).
It elects one Member of Parliament ( MP ) by the first past the post system of election, and is part of the South West England constituency of the European Parliament which elects six MEPs using the d ' Hondt method of party-list proportional representation.
Its capabilities and political implications were investigated by a committee of the European Parliament during 2000 and 2001 with a report published in 2001, and by author James Bamford in his books on the National Security Agency of the United States.
The European Parliament stated in its report that the term ECHELON is used in a number of contexts, but that the evidence presented indicates that it was the name for a signals intelligence collection system.
The UKUSA intelligence community was assessed by the European Parliament ( EP ) in 2000 to include the signals intelligence agencies of each of the member states:
The report to the European Parliament of 2001 states: " If UKUSA states operate listening stations in the relevant regions of the earth, in principle they can intercept all telephone, fax and data traffic transmitted via such satellites.
The report to the European Parliament points out that interception of private communications by foreign intelligence services is not necessarily limited to the U. S. or British foreign intelligence services.
Most reports on ECHELON focus on satellite interception ; testimony before the European Parliament indicated that separate but similar UK-US systems are in place to monitor communication through undersea cables, microwave transmissions and other lines.
In 2001 the Temporary Committee on the ECHELON Interception System recommended to the European Parliament that citizens of member states routinely use cryptography in their communications to protect their privacy, because economic espionage with ECHELON has been conducted by the US intelligence agences.
The European Parliament ( abbreviated as Europarl or the EP ) is the directly elected parliamentary institution of the European Union ( EU ).
The Parliament is currently composed of 754 Members of the European Parliament, who represent the second largest democratic electorate in the world ( after the Parliament of India ) and the largest trans-national democratic electorate in the world ( 375 million eligible voters in 2009 ).

European and she
Now Britain has decided to seek admission to the European Economic Community and it seems certain that she will be joined by some of her partners in the loose Free Trade Area of the `` Outer Seven ''.
Python was the good daemon ( αγαθός δαίμων ) of the temple as it appears in Minoan religion, but she was represented as a dragon, as often happens in Northern European folklore as well as in the East.
Empress Adelaide was perhaps the most prominent European woman of the 10th century ; she was regent of the Holy Roman Empire as the guardian of her grandson in 991-995.
Although the European film industry was then in its ascendancy, Bardot was one of the few European actresses to have the mass media's attention in the United States, an interest which she did not reciprocate by rarely, if ever, going to Hollywood.
Her European training did influence her palette, however, and she adopted more white and paler coloration in her oil painting, particularly in depicting female subjects, an approach favored by Sargent as well.
In 1507, she also held the position of Ambassador for the Spanish Court in England when her father found himself without one, becoming the first female ambassador in European history.
In 1507 she served as the Spanish Ambassador for England, thus becoming the first female ambassador in European history.
The role of Aida was written for her, and although she did not appear in the world premiere in Cairo in 1871, she created Aida in the European premiere in Milan in February 1872.
"(...) If Russia is tending to become a capitalist nation after the example of the Western European countries, and during the last years she has been taking a lot of trouble in this direction-she will not succeed without having first transformed a good part of her peasants into proletarians ; and after that, once taken to the bosom of the capitalist regime, she will experience its pitiless laws like other profane peoples.
However, in the European Teams Championship in Batumi, Georgia, also in January, she won the gold medal playing Board 2, scoring 6½ – 2½.
His father already had two mixed-race children by his mulatto housekeeper, Sanitte ( described as a quadroon, meaning she was three-quarters European in ancestry ).
The first European woman to have been granted an order of knighthood was Queen Mary, when she was made a Knight Grand Commander of the same order, by special statute, in celebration of the Delhi Durbar of 1911.
As such, she was the first woman to be the head of a European university.
Later, she became a mistress to Cortés and gave birth to his first son, Martín, who is considered one of the first Mestizos ( people of mixed European and indigenous American ancestry ).
Robinson has been Honorary President of Oxfam International since 2002 and of the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation EIUC since 2005, she is Chair of the International Institute for Environment and Development ( IIED ) and is also a founding member and Chair of the Council of Women World Leaders.
In 1999, the Come on Over album was remixed for the European market as a pop album with less country instrumentation and actually gave her the big breakthrough in Europe she and her producer husband ( Robert John " Mutt " Lange ) were looking for.
His wife was of African, European and Native American ancestry ; Solomon described her as a quadroon, meaning that she was one-quarter black.
The follow year she also competed in the European Championships for seniors.
To that, she added the 1994 European title.
She studied modern European languages and was the first woman in Sweden to complete an academic degree when she finished a fil.
Many take inspiration from Thatcher's Bruges speech in 1988, in which she declared that " we have not successfully rolled back the frontiers of the state in Britain only to see them reimposed at a European level ".
After Thatcher resisted further European integration at a meeting at Strasbourg in November Powell asked her parliamentary private secretary Mark Lennox-Boyd to pass to her " my respectful congratulations on her stand ... she both spoke for Britain and gave a lead to Europe –- in the line of succession of Winston Churchill and William Pitt.

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