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words and scholar
* is the negation operator: is true if and only if is false, in other words if and only if a is not a scholar.
One scholar has counted 278 un-Homeric words in Works and Days, 151 in Theogony and 95 in Shield of Heracles.
" He mentions Joseph Schacht as one scholar who argues this, claiming that Schacht " found no evidence of legal traditions before 722 ," from which Schacht concluded that " the Sunna of the Prophet is not the words and deeds of the Prophet, but apocryphal material " dating from later.
In 1671, Swedish scholar Georg Stiernhielm commented on the similarities of Sami, Estonian and Finnish, and also on a few similar words between Finnish and Hungarian, while the German scholar Martin Vogel tried to establish a relationship between Finnish, Sami, and Hungarian.
The scholar Iravatham Mahadevan proved that Kannada was already a language of rich oral tradition earlier than 3rd century B. C., and based on the native Kannada words found in Prakrit and Sanskrit inscriptions of that period, Kannada must have been spoken by a widespread and stable populations.
The first, from 1729, by Andrew Motte, was described by Newton scholar I. Bernard Cohen ( in 1968 ) as " still of enormous value in conveying to us the sense of Newton's words in their own time, and it is generally faithful to the original: clear, and well written ".
In the 16th century, the printer and scholar Robert Estienne ( also known as Stephanus in Latin and Stephens in English ) used it to mark differences in the words or passages between different printed versions of the Greek New Testament ( Textus Receptus ).
The musical scholar Sir Jack Westrup insisted that according to Elgar's words it was clear that the theme was a melody: " Everyone who knew Elgar at the time is quite emphatic that he meant a tune.
In the words of one scholar: " The great admirals of the 18th century would have had no difficulty in taking over Codrington's command at short notice.
The first part of the grace is read by a scholar or exhibitioner of the House before formal Hall each evening, ending with the words Per Iēsum Christum Dominum nostrum (" Through Jesus Christ our Lord.
His language was studied by the scholar Matteo Bartoli, himself a native of nearby Istria, who visited him in 1897 and wrote down approximately two thousand eight hundred words, stories, and accounts of his life, which were published in a book that has provided much information on the vocabulary, phonology, and grammar of the language.
" Noted blues scholar Paul Oliver maintains that when Sam Cooke and Burke " turned from gospel singing to the blues ", unlike others who had sone so previously, " they took the gospel technique with them ", with " even the words often secularized gospel songs " coupled with a " screaming delivery, the exploitation of emotional involvement, the frenetic displays of dancing singers.
The doctrine of Tawhid in the words of the Mu ’ tazili prominent scholar, chief justice Abd al-Jabbar ibn Ahmed ( d. 415 AH / 1025 AD ), in an original Mu ’ tazili work translated in Martin et al.
After publishing The Persian Today Corpus ( The Most Frequent Words of Today's Persian ), as a main program, the writer, Iranian Kurdish-language scholar, Hamid Hassani, is supposed to prepare a Soranî Kurdish Language Corpus, consisting of one-million words.
As a main program, Iranian Kurdish-speaker scholar, Hamid Hassani, is supposed to compile a Soranî Kurdish Language Corpus, consisting of one-million words.
The term ideograph was coined by rhetorical scholar and critic Michael Calvin McGee describing the use of particular words and phrases as political language in a way that captures ( as well as creates or reinforces ) particular ideological positions.
However, the reliability of such work has been questioned, and in the words of Hāfez scholar Iraj Bashiri .... " there remains little hope from there ( i. e.: Iran ) for an authenticated diwan ".
The present temple dates from the 5th – 6th century, although in the words of one scholar it is
The words are from a poem of the same title by Irish poet and scholar Osborn Bergin ( ó hAimheirgin )( 1872-1950 ).
Although a scholar of Greek, Cheke was against the over-borrowing of Greek words into English and supported English linguistic purism.
There has been great ambiguity regarding the exact date of Kālidāsa but in 1986, Sanskrit scholar Ramchandra Tiwari of Bhopal claims to have conducted a thorough research on Kalidasa and after analysing 627 archaeological evidences which included 104 sculptures, 30 pictures and 493 scriptural words determined that Kalidasa lived in the period 370-450AD
The result of his work for the weekly was the book Buszpopolsku (" The Bush in Polish Edition "; 1962 ), a collection of his articles from the " Polish wilderness " that he went into to relate " the perspectives of forgotten, invisible, marginal people and so to record a living history of those seldom deemed worthy to enter the annals of official history " ( in the words of Diana Kuprel, the literary scholar and translator of Kapuściński's works ).
Besides the symbolic, on a sheer formal level, Pearl is almost astounding in its complexity, and generally recognized to be, in the words of one prominent scholar, " the most highly wrought and intricately constructed poem in Middle English " ( Bishop 27 ).

words and Vernon
It was during the 80's that Michael developed a close friendship with his mentor, Dai Vernon "< u > The Professor </ u >"-whose influence can be seen in every show Michael gives, and whose words are being passed on to all of Michael's students.

words and L
The 21 consonant letters in the English alphabet are B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, X, Z, and usually W and Y: The letter Y stands for the consonant in " yoke ", the vowel in " myth " and the vowel in " funny ", and " yummy " for both consonant and vowel, for examples ; W almost always represents a consonant except in rare words ( mostly loanwords from Welsh ) like " crwth " " cwm ".
The same words also form the first sentence of Madeleine L ' Engle ’ s Newbery Medal-winning novel A Wrinkle in Time.
A formal language L over an alphabet Σ is a subset of Σ < sup >*</ sup >, that is, a set of words over that alphabet.
Esperanto's inventor, L. L. Zamenhof, had suggested in an 1894 proposition for a Reformed Esperanto several changes that Ido adopted: eliminating the accented letters and the accusative case, changing the plural to an Italianesque-i, and replacing the table of correlatives with more Latinate words.
Murray died in 1915, having been responsible for words starting with A – D, H – K, O – P and T, nearly half the finished dictionary ; Bradley died in 1923, having completed E – G, L – M, S – Sh, St and W – We.
For legal purposes, the definition of a seal may be extended to include rubber stamps, or writing specified words (" seal " or " L. S.
The above coin from Augusta Bilbilis, originally struck to mark the consulship of Sejanus, has the words L. Aelio Seiano obliterated.
In Zola ’ s words, which are the subtitle of the Rougon-Macquart series, they are " L ’ Histoire naturelle et sociale d ’ une famille sous le Second Empire "(" The natural and social history of a family under the Second Empire ").
The poet is the artist in words whose writing, as in the racecourse scene in Nana or in the descriptions of the laundry in L ' Assommoir or in many passages of La Faute de l ' Abbé Mouret, Le Ventre de Paris and La Curée, vies with the colourful impressionistic techniques of Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
In other words, C is the largest class of frames such that L is sound wrt C. It follows that L is Kripke complete if and only if it is complete of its corresponding class.
Additionally, Debs was visited in jail by Milwaukee socialist newspaper editor Victor L. Berger, who, in Debs ' words, " came to Woodstock, as if a providential instrument, and delivered the first impassioned message of Socialism I had ever heard.
In other words, L can be solved in polynomial time by an oracle machine with an oracle for H. Informally, we can think of an algorithm that can call such an oracle machine as a subroutine for solving H, and solves L in polynomial time, if the subroutine call takes only one step to compute.
) is that it is increasing in K, L, A ( if you increase productivity or you increase the amount of factors used you get more output ) and that it is homogeneous of degree one, or in other words that there are constant returns to scale ( which means that if you double both K and L you get double the output ).
By testing historically verifiable cases where we have knowledge of t through non-linguistic data ( e. g. the approximate distance from Classical Latin to modern Romance languages ), Swadesh arrived at the empirical value of approximately 0. 14 for L ( meaning that the rate of replacement constitutes around 14 words from the 100-wordlist per millennium ).
* Ru ( kana ), the romanisation of the Japanese kana る and ル ; the same letters are used to substitute an L preceding a consonant when transliterating Latin script words to Katakana.
The language L ⊆ Σ * recognized by an automaton is the set of all the words that are accepted by the automaton.
In other words, the component of the angular momentum L along the n axis is conserved.
The above coin from Augusta Bilbilis has the words L. Aelio Seiano erased.
* L ' embarquement pour l ' idéal for voice and piano ; words by Catulle Mendès
* " All Aboard For Dixieland ": words Jack Yellen, music George L. Cobb

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