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John and has
The planter aristocracy has appeared in literature at least since John Pendleton Kennedy published Swallow-Barn in 1832 and in his genial portrait of Frank Meriwether presiding over his plantation dominion initiated the most persistent tradition of Southern literature.
`` The established pattern of relative calm in the field of race relations has continued in all areas '', reported this group headed by Harold Colee of Jacksonville and including two South Floridians, William D. Singer and John B. Turner of Miami.
Equally significant, Pope John has said that Catholics themselves bear some responsibility for Christian disunity.
I am also pleased to note that Mr. John B. Oakes, a member of the Times staff since 1946, has been appointed as editorial page editor.
As has been the custom for the past several years, John Cross, Jr., Bench Show Chmn. of Westminster, arranged for the Juniors' meeting before the Class, and invited two speakers from the dog world to address them.
Roy Mason is essentially a landscape painter whose style and direction has a kinship with the English watercolorists of the early nineteenth century, especially the beautifully patterned art of John Sell Cotman.
Mr. John Magee, whose work has been discussed in this chapter, was quoted in a New Yorker Magazine profile as saying: `` Of course, you have to remember it's a good thing for us chartists that there aren't more of us.
It has been said of John Stuart Mill that he wrote so clearly that he could be found out.
Whereas, John Brown has cheerfully risked his life in endeavoring to deliver those who are denied all rights and is this day doomed to suffer death for his efforts in behalf of those who have no helper: Therefore,
Albert John Luthuli, awarded a Nobel prize for his South African integration struggles, has to get permission to fly to collect his honor.
Mrs. Blanche Dunkel, 60, who has spent 25 years in the Dwight reformatory for women for the murder in 1935 of her son-in-law, Ervin Lang, then 28, appealed for a parole at a hearing yesterday before two Illinois pardon and parole board members, John M. Bookwalter and Joseph Carpentier.
John Di Massimo has been elected president of the 1961 Columbus Day Celebration Committee, it was announced yesterday.
In the end the good man, John Proctor, expresses what the audience has already come to feel when he says, `` A fire, a fire is burning!!
Producer John Holmes has chosen a delightful comedy for his season's opener at Matunuck in Jean Kerr's `` King Of Hearts ''.
This is the tale of one John Enright, an American who has accidentally killed a man in the prize ring and is now trying to forget about it in a quiet place where he may become a quiet man.
Several times it came near breaking, and there were in fact some lovely peals of thunder from Jerry Mulligan's big band, which is about as fine an aggregation as has come along in the jazz business since John Hammond found Count Basie working in a Kansas City trap.
At various times in the more than 100 years that have elapsed since the song was written, particularly during the John F. Kennedy administration, there have been efforts to give " America the Beautiful " legal status either as a national hymn, or as a national anthem equal to, or in place of, " The Star-Spangled Banner ", but so far this has not succeeded.
Poirot has been portrayed on radio, on screen, for films and television, by various actors, including John Moffatt, Albert Finney, Sir Peter Ustinov, Sir Ian Holm, Tony Randall, Alfred Molina and David Suchet.
John 3: 16 says that only those that accept Jesus will be given eternal life, so the people that do not accept him cannot burn in hell for eternity because Jesus has not given them eternal life, instead it says they will perish.
Among others, John Heath has observed, " The unalterable kernel of the tale was a hunter's transformation into a deer and his death in the jaws of his hunting dogs.
John Wesley has historically been the most influential advocate for the teachings of Arminian soteriology.
" is attributed to his son William De Morgan, but a family friend John Thomas Graves was prolific, and a manuscript with over 2, 800 has been preserved.
William Walker ( composer ) | William Walker, the composer who first joined John Newton's verses to " New Britain ", to create the song that has become " Amazing Grace "
The U. S. Library of Congress has a collection of 3, 000 versions of and songs inspired by " Amazing Grace ", some of which were first-time recordings by folklorists Alan and John Lomax, a father and son team who in 1932 traveled thousands of miles across the South to capture the different regional styles of the song.
Former emphasis on presumed race, in which John A. Scott could write an article on Achaean blondness, compared to the dark locks of " Mediterranean " Poseidon, on the basis of hints in Homer, has been laid aside.

John and put
First conceived during the Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower as a three-man spacecraft to follow the one-man Project Mercury which put the first Americans in space, Apollo was later dedicated to President John F. Kennedy's national goal of " landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth " by the end of the 1960s, which he proposed in a May 25, 1961 address to Congress.
When Angelo Cardinal Roncalli was elected and became Pope John, there was some confusion as to whether he would be John XXIII or John XXIV ; he then declared that he was John XXIII to put this question to rest.
The company went bankrupt in 1924 and was bought by Lady Charnwood, who put her son John Benson on the board.
Writing in 1956 John Stewart suggested that brochs were forts put up by a military society to scan and protect the countryside and seas.
The idea of a body so massive that even light could not escape was first put forward by geologist John Michell in a letter written to Henry Cavendish in 1783 of the Royal Society:
The architect Sir John James Burnet was petitioned to put forward ambitious long-term plans to extend the building on all three sides.
Theodosius I founded the Church of John the Baptist to house the skull of the saint ( today preserved at the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul, Turkey ), put up a memorial pillar to himself in the Forum of Taurus, and turned the ruined temple of Aphrodite into a coach house for the Praetorian Prefect ; Arcadius built a new forum named after himself on the Mese, near the walls of Constantine.
Public discourse ranged in tone from organized arguments by tobacconist and medical practitioner John Williams, who posited that " several arguments proving that inoculating the smallpox is not contained in the law of Physick, either natural or divine, and therefore unlawful ," to more slanderous attacks, such as those put forth in a pamphlet by Dr. William Douglass of Boston entitled The Abuses and Scandals of Some Late Pamphlets in Favour of Inoculation of the Small Pox ( 1721 ), on the qualifications of inoculation's proponents.
Later, those as Robert Boyle, John Mayow, Johann Glauber, Isaac Newton, and Georg Stahl put forward ideas on elective affinity in attempts to explain how heat is evolved during combustion reactions.
On the pitch, the team had fared little better, coming close to relegation to the Third Division for the first time, but in 1983 manager John Neal put together an impressive new team for minimal outlay.
As John Stuart Mill put it in the mid-19th century, matter is the " permanent possibility of sensation ".
With ' King Richard ' still holding court as coach in 1951, albeit now in a non-playing capacity, Essendon seemed on course for a third consecutive flag but a controversial four week suspension dished out to John Coleman on the eve of the finals effectively put paid to their chances.
Proposals to allow divorce were put by referendum by two Fine Gael – led governments, in 1986 under FitzGerald, and in 1995 under John Bruton, passing very narrowly on this second attempt.
John Rodden points out the " undeniable conservative features in the Orwell physiognomy " and remarks on how " to some extent Orwell facilitated the kinds of uses and abuses by the Right that his name has been put to.
" Not Counting You " reached number 2, and then " The Dance " put him at number-one again ; this song's theme of people dying while doing something they believe in resonated strongly and, together with a popular music video, directed by John Lloyd Miller, gave Brooks his first push towards a broader audience.
" According to writer Philip Norman, when Groucho jokingly pointed his index fingers as if holding a pair of six-shooters, Elton John put up his hands and said, " Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player ," thereby naming the album he had just completed.
By contrast, an informal investigation by the High Priest and his cronies ( without witnesses being called ), as told by John, is both historically possible in an emergency on the day before a festival, and accords with the external evidence from Rabbinic sources that Jesus was put to death on the Day of Preparation for the Passover.
Katherine Duncan-Jones accepts a 1600 – 1 attribution for the date Hamlet was written, but notes that the Lord Chamberlain's Men, playing Hamlet in the 3000-capacity Globe, were unlikely to be put to any disadvantage by an audience of " barely one hundred " for the Children of the Chapel's equivalent play, Antonio's Revenge ; she believes that Shakespeare, confident in the superiority of his own work, was making a playful and charitable allusion to his friend John Marston's very similar piece.
The ideas of imperialism put forward by historians John Gallagher and Ronald Robinson during the 19th century.
Louis Feldman has stated that there is " no necessary contradiction between Josephus and the gospels as to the reason why John was put to death " in that the Christians chose to emphasize the moral charges while Josephus emphasized the political fears that John stirred in Herod.
John put off dealing with the badly deteriorating situation in North Wales, where Llywelyn the Great was leading a rebellion against the 1211 settlement.

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