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Kaplan and had
Kaye had one character he never shared with the public ; Kaplan, the owner of an Akron, Ohio rubber company, came to life only for family and friends.
In July 1960, Missiles and Rockets reported Martin N. Kaplan, Senior Research Engineer, Electronics Division, Ryan Aeronautical Company, San Diego, had conducted experiments that justified planning for a more comprehensive research program.
Five years earlier, a photograph of Kaplan had appeared with the front-page newspaper article that was published near the beginning of the intensified period of United States gravity control propulsion research ( 1955-1974 ).
The Korean significance had been an untouchable taboo in Japan and one of the reasons that the Japanese version of Kaplan and Dubro's Yakuza ( 1986 ) had not been published until 1991 with deletion of Korean-related description such as the component of Yamaguchi-gumi.
Thornhill returns to the hotel, where he is surprised to learn that Kaplan had already checked out when Eve claimed to have spoken to him.
* Gabe Kaplan did a comedy skit in the 1970s ( also featured on his 1974 album Holes and Mellow Rolls ), that had him impersonate a drunken Ed Sullivan on his final show, being nasty in general, and finally saying good night to the audience.
In those 11 years, Martin and his panel of pals successfully ridiculed and made fun of these legendary stars in this order: Ronald Reagan, Hugh Hefner, Ed McMahon, William Conrad, Kirk Douglas, Bette Davis, Barry Goldwater, Johnny Carson, Wilt Chamberlain, Hubert Humphrey, Carroll O ' Connor, Monty Hall, Jack Klugman & Tony Randall, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Leo Durocher, Truman Capote, Don Rickles, Ralph Nader, Jack Benny, Redd Foxx, Bobby Riggs, George Washington, Dan Rowan & Dick Martin, Hank Aaron, Joe Namath, Bob Hope, Telly Savalas, Lucille Ball, Jackie Gleason, Sammy Davis Jr, Michael Landon, Evel Knievel, Valerie Harper, Muhammad Ali, Dean Martin, Dennis Weaver, Joe Garagiola, Danny Thomas, Angie Dickinson, Gabe Kaplan, Ted Knight, Peter Marshall, Dan Haggerty, Frank Sinatra, Jack Klugman, Jimmy Stewart, George Burns, Betty White, Suzanne Somers, Joan Collins, and Mr T. For nearly a decade, Martin had recorded as many as four albums a year for Reprise Records.
Eshkol's second wife was Elisheva Kaplan, with whom he had three daughters, Dvora, Ofra, and Tama.
Irving Kaplan rated Rabi and Harold Urey as " the worst teachers I ever had ".
The development of the theory was initiated by Joan Bresnan and Ronald Kaplan in the 1970s, in reaction to the direction research in the area of transformational grammar had begun to take.
His left eye, however, had only a localized tumor that prompted Henry Kaplan ( doctor ) | Henry Kaplan to try to treat it with the electron beam.
His left eye, however, had only a localized tumor that prompted Henry Kaplan ( doctor ) | Henry Kaplan to try to treat it with the electron beam.
On 29 June 2005, Kaplan filed an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft, alleging that Microsoft technicians had stolen technology from GO that had been shown to them under a non-disclosure agreement.
He had enjoyed his years at LSE, was amazed by the enthusiastic reception Kaplan had received in the English press, and returned to London whenever opportunity dictated and even when it didn't.
Writer Anna Kaplan says that Huber had once desired to live in a cabin in the woods in isolation of the world, but was encouraged by another teacher to teach Zen.
His left eye, however, had only a localized tumor that prompted Henry Kaplan ( doctor ) | Henry Kaplan to try to treat it with the electron beam.
The University has had six permanent Chancellors: Irvin G. Wyllie ( 1966 – 74 ), Alan Guskin ( 1975 – 85 ), Sheila Kaplan ( 1986 – 93 ), Eleanor J. Smith ( 1994 – 97 ), John P. Keating ( 1998 – 2008 ), Deborah L. Ford ( 2009 – present ).

Kaplan and been
New performance measures have been introduced that attempt to address some of theoretical concerns with traditional indicators, including: modified Sharpe ratios ; the Omega ratio introduced by Keating and Shadwick in 2002 ; Alternative Investments Risk Adjusted Performance ( AIRAP ) published by Sharma in 2004 ; and Kappa developed by Kaplan and Knowles in 2004.
The view more popularly associated with Kaplan is strict naturalism, à la Dewey, which has been criticized as using religious terminology to mask a non-theistic ( if not outright atheistic ) position.
They have been trying to kill Thornhill, whom they believe to be the agent on their trail, ' George Kaplan '.
Towards the end of the episode Tony realizes that their Kaplan may have been inspired by the George Kaplan in Hitchcock's North By Northwest.
The Kaplan Herald has been in continuous publication since 1956 as the Kaplan Journal.
Rensselaer has been proclaimed to be " the next Massachusetts Institute of Technology " and was named as a " New Ivy " by Newsweek and Kaplan.
Versions of this theory have been defended by Keith Donnellan, David Kaplan, Nathan Salmon, Scott Soames and others.
The duck concept and all of the commercials to date have been created by Kaplan Thaler Group, an advertising agency based in New York City.
In recent years, the actual role of Kaplan in the assassination attempt has been questioned by several historians, Arkadi Vaksberg and Donald Rayfield being among them.
Two organisations have been banned in 2002 because their programme was judged as contrary to the constitution: The " Hizb ut-Tahrir " and the so called " Caliphate State " founded by Cemalettin Kaplan and later led by his son Metin Kaplan.
He led one of the few microtonal composition courses in the United States ( Jamie Saft, Cuong Vu, Judith Berkson, Noah Kaplan, Bhob Rainey, Katt Hernandez, Tim Crofts, composer Randall Woolf and Matthew Shipp have been among his students ).
After the court decision was temporarily suspended, Kaplan reappeared on May 31, claiming to have been sick during his disappearance.
As well, there have been several celebrity guest stars who did voice acting on Garfield & Friends for both Garfield & US Acres portions, including Imogene Coca, Stan Freberg, George Foreman, Chick Hearn, James Earl Jones, Marvin Kaplan, Robin Leach, John Moschitta, Jr., Jack Riley, Rod Roddy, Will Ryan, Pat Buttram, Dick Beals, Paul Winchell and Don Knotts.
Kaplan judges the Roddy article as dangerously misleading because of the credence it gives to the claim that without organised Jewish pressure the council declaration on the Jews would not have been accepted.
It has been translated into German by Gershom Scholem ( 1923 ) and into English by Aryeh Kaplan.
Although blue dye has indeed been obtained from the Murex trunculus snail, in 2002 Dr. S. W. Kaplan of Rehovot, Israel proclaimed that he was able to dye wool with the extract of Janthina.
Charges were brought against Kaplan, who had been identified at the scene, but were later dropped.
In that case incommensurate, such as helical spin arrangements may result, as had been discussed originally by A. Yoshimori, T. A. Kaplan, R. J. Elliott, and others, starting in 1959.

Kaplan and leading
The company also owns Kaplan, Inc., a leading international provider of educational and career services for individuals, schools, and businesses.
Kaplan, who was prosecuted as an enemy of the state in Turkey and faced the death penalty, came to Germany in 1983 as a refugee, together with his father, Cemaleddin Kaplan, who was a leading figure in Turkish Islamist circles in Germany.
It was designed by Louis S. Kaplan ( 1896 – 1964 ), who as a young architect won a competition to design the Trenton War Memorial and after its dedication became the leading state architect until the early 1960s, designing or adapting many of its armories.
One of the leading practitioners of this confidence trick was " Kid Dropper " Nathan Kaplan, an early twentieth century gangster.

Kaplan and at
Kaplan began his career as an Orthodox rabbi at Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, a synagogue in New York.
Kaplan began his career as an Orthodox rabbi at Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun in New York City, was a founder in 1912 of the Young Israel movement of Modern Orthodox Judaism, and was the first rabbi hired by the new ( Orthodox ) Jewish Center in Manhattan when it was founded in 1918.
In agreement with prominent medieval Jewish thinkers including Maimonides, Kaplan affirmed that God is not personal, and that all anthropomorphic descriptions of God are, at best, imperfect metaphors.
* Audio and Video Resources for Mordecai Kaplan at Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
poetry, entitled " The tiger at Withdrawal " ( Harman Kaplan, Kaçan 1999 ).
Further work conducted in 1991 by Gilla Kaplan at Rockefeller University in New York City showed thalidomide worked in leprosy by inhibiting tumor necrosis factor alpha.
Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, who developed Reconstructionist Judaism and taught at the Conservative Jewish Theological Seminary of America, also rejected the idea of a personal God, Kaplan instead thought of God " as a force, like gravity, built into the very structure of the universe ," believing that " since the universe is constructed to enable us to gain personal happiness and communal solidarity when we act morally, it follows that there is a moral force in the universe ; this force is what the Constructionists mean by God ," although some Reconstructionists do believe in a personal God.
Knowing that Kaplan has a reservation at a Chicago hotel the next day, Thornhill sneaks onto the 20th Century Limited.
They fly to Rapid City, South Dakota, where Thornhill ( now pretending to be Kaplan ) meets Eve and Vandamm in a crowded cafeteria at the base of Mount Rushmore.
Kaplan is located at ( 30. 004548 ,-92. 285964 ).
In his 1994 book The Airport: Terminal Nights and Runway Days at John F. Kennedy International, James Kaplan describes the home township of an interviewee as " thickly populated, for no particular reason, with pilots, many of whom do their flying out of Kennedy.
Daniel Dominic Kaplan Sleator is a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University.
In agreement with the classical medieval Jewish thinkers, Kaplan affirmed that haShem is not personal, and that all anthropomorphic descriptions of haShem are, at best, imperfect metaphors.
Its world premiere performance was given on 18 October 2005 at the Royal Albert Hall in London with Gilbert Kaplan conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
* Kaplan Arena at William & Mary Hall at The College of William & Mary – Williamsburg ( 10, 300 )
The English expression " a Birmingham screwdriver " meaning a hammer, references the habit of using the one tool for all purposes, and predates both Kaplan and Maslow by at least a century.
* Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse a nightclub-style venue ; used for intimate concerts, " Meet the Artist " and Great Performers events, lectures, and other events where a small, intimate space is preferred ; was also used for jazz performances prior to the construction of the new Jazz at Lincoln Center facilities
The unusual presence of journalists, who also included Robert D. Kaplan of The Atlantic Monthly, at such a strategy meeting was revealed in Bob Woodward's 2006 book State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III.
Woodward reported in his book that, according to Mr. Kaplan, everyone at the meeting signed confidentiality agreements not to discuss what happened.
Contributors included editors and writers who went on to careers at The New Republic, Time, Slate, The New York Times Book Review, and The New Yorker: Peter Beinart, Lev Grossman, Fred Kaplan, Robert S. Boynton, Warren St. John, Jonathan Mahler, Jennifer Schuessler.
* Doug Pruzan ( Alex Skuby ), Carrie's former boss at Kaplan, Hornstein & Steckler

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