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L and Enfant
* 1754 – Pierre Charles L ' Enfant, French-American architect and engineer, planner of Washington, D. C. ( d. 1825 )
Berthe Morisot, L ' Enfant au Tablier Rouge, a sketch
Among the early projects on which Pei took the lead were the L ' Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC and the Green Building at MIT.
Pei wanted the open spaces and buildings of L ' Enfant Plaza to be " functionally and visually related " to one another.
Pei and his team also designed a united urban area for Washington, D. C., L ' Enfant Plaza ( named for French-American architect Pierre Charles L ' Enfant ).
Pei's associate Araldo A. Cossutta was the lead architect for the plaza's North Building ( 955 L ' Enfant Plaza SW ), South Building ( 490 L ' Enfant Plaza SW ), and Center Building ( 475 L ' Enfant Plaza SW ; now the United States Postal Service headquarters ).
( Vlastimil Koubek was the architect for the East Building or L ' Enfant Plaza Hotel, located at 480 L ' Enfant Plaza SW ).
Pierre ( Peter ) Charles L ' Enfant was given the task of creating the city plan for the new capital city.
L ' Enfant chose Jenkins Hill as the site for the Capitol building, with a grand boulevard connecting it with the President's House, and a public space stretching westward to the Potomac River.
In addition to coming up with a city plan, L ' Enfant had been tasked with designing the Capitol and President's House, however he was dismissed in February 1792 over disagreements with President George Washington and the commissioners, and there were no plans at that point for the Capitol.
L ' Enfant secured the lease of quarries at Wigginton Island and along Aquia Creek in Virginia for use in the foundations and outer walls of the Capitol in November 1791.

L and Plaza
Johnson travels to Los Angeles for a dinner at the Century Plaza Hotel where earlier in the day thousands of war protesters clashed with L. A. police.
Broome County's offices are housed in the Edwin L. Crawford County Office Building of Government Plaza located at 60 Hawley Street in Downtown Binghamton.
On Ledoux street, just south of the Taos Plaza, is the Ernest L. Blumenschein House and Harwood House.
Metro has designated five other " core stations " that have high passenger volume, including: Gallery Place, transfer station for the Red, Green and Yellow Lines ; L ' Enfant Plaza, transfer station for the Orange, Blue, Green and Yellow Lines ; Union Station, the busiest station by passenger boardings ; Farragut North ; and Farragut West.
Image: Bennett Plaza IMG_0385. JPG | The Bennett Plaza, named for ranchers L. P. and Ruth Bennett, offers a respite to travelers.
William L. Mack Plaza
The better known hotels are L ’ Fisher, Bacolod Convention Plaza, Pagcor Hotel, and Business Inn, Sugarland Hotel, all in Bacolod City.

L and Corp
The franchise company was started in 1969 as National Fast Food Corp. National Fast Food's principals at the time included S. Robert Davis, a real estate developer who built and leased several Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken properties, his friend Dave Thomas, who sold his Colonel Sanders franchises back to that company for $ 3, 000, 000 and went on to found Wendy's, and L. S. Hartzog, who at the time ran a chain of bakeries selling biscuits to Colonel Sanders franchisees nationally.
:: Example: See also Eolas Technologies Inc. v. Microsoft Corp., 399 F. 3d 1325, 1339 ( C. A. Fed. 2005 ) (“ oftware code ... drives the functional nucleus of the finished computer product .” ( quoting Imagexpo, L. L. C.
In an editorial page column, publisher L. Gordon Crovitz said the Bancrofts and News Corp. had agreed that the Journals news and opinion sections would preserve their editorial independence from their new corporate parent:
The company entered the toy industry in 1988 through the acquisition of Coleco Industries and in 1990 when they acquired another financially troubled company, Buddy L Corp., a 70-year-old manufacturer of steel and plastic toy cars and trucks based in the United States.
SS / L was acquired in 1990 for $ 715 million by Loral Corp. from Ford Motor Company as the Space Systems Division of Ford Aerospace.
* Stephen L. Green ' 60 Chairman of SL Green Realty Corp, the largest landlord in NYC.
In 2001 Playoff Corp. became Donruss Playoff L. P., acquired the rights to produce baseball cards and established its headquarters in Arlington, Texas.
The party had not even fielded a nominee in the gubernatorial election four years prior, but suddenly the nomination seemed valuable, in large measure to the factors cited above, and in the primary Dunn defeated four opponents, including 1962 Republican nominee Hubert Patty, then-Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives ( and future 1st District-Congressman ) William L. Jenkins, Claude K Robertson, Knoxville attorney, and industrialist Maxey Jarman, head of Genesco Corp. Harry W. Wellford ( then a private attorney but later U. S. District Court and then U. S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Justice ) served as Dunn's campaign chair and closest confidant.
L. A. Live cost approximately $ 2. 5 billion USD and was developed by Anschutz Entertainment Group ( AEG ), Wachovia Corp, Azteca Corp and investment firm MacFarlane Partners with help from Los Angeles taxpayers.
The buyer of Zeckendorf's property and leases was the L ' Enfant Plaza Corp. ( also known as L ' Enfant Properties, Inc .).
Meanwhile, over-optimistic construction schedules and labor shortages had delayed the construction of L ' Enfant Plaza's North and South buildings ( which were the first structures to be built by L ' Enfant Plaza Corp .) by six months.
In 1981, Eastern Realty Investment Corp. ( the real estate investment arm of the Electric Supply Pension Scheme, a pension plan based in the United Kingdom ) purchased L ' Enfant Plaza itself, La Promenade, the North Building, the South Building, and the L ' Enfant Plaza Hotel building.
Rouse, then vice president of Exxon Mobil and a major donor to the Bush inauguration ; Kenneth L. Lay, then head of Enron Corp .; Jack N. Gerard, then with the National Mining Association ; Red Cavaney, president of the American Petroleum Institute ; and Eli Bebout, an old friend of Cheney's from Wyoming who serves in the state Senate and owns an oil and drilling company.
During the operations at Mannequin Hill, north-east of Sequehart, on the 3rd and 4th of Oct. 1918, L .- Corp. Coltman, a stretcher bearer, hearing that wounded had been left behind during a retirement, went forward alone in the face of fierce enfilade fire, found the casualties, dressed them and on three successive occasions, carried comrades on his back to safety, thus saving their lives.
Combining the names, the new name was Magnasync / Moviola Corp. President L. S. Wayman instantly ordered a tripling of production, and the new owners realized their investment in less than two years.
John is also the older brother of late Birmingham businessman Bill L. Harbert, who was a co-founder of Harbert Corp. and who headed up the company's international operations.
Adjacent to the airport is the 56th Fighter Group restaurant, operated by Specialty Restaurants Corp. Also, Troop L of the New York State Police, which covers Nassau and Suffolk Counties, is headquartered at the airport.
" Allied Tube & Conduit Corp. v. Indian Head, Inc., 486 U. S. 492, 499, 100 L. Ed.
As mentioned in the Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc., 464 U. S. 417, 104 S. Ct. 774, 78 L. Ed.

L and .
Ultracentrifugation was then carried out in a Spinco model L ultracentrifuge at 40,000 rpm for 125 to 150 min, refrigeration being used throughout the run.
A general line L meets Q in two points, Af and Af, through each of which passes a unique generator of the regulus, Af, whose lines are simple secants of Aj.
The line Af is the image of L.
For if it did, the plane of L and l' would contain two generators of Af, which is impossible.
Hence, thought of as a line in a particular plane **yp, any tangent to Q has a unique image and moreover this image is the same for all planes through L.
Clearly, any line, l, of any bundle having one of these points of tangency, T, as vertex will be transformed into the entire pencil having the image of the second intersection of L and Q as vertex and lying in the plane determined by the image point and the generator of Af which is tangent to **zg at T.
On C there is a Af correspondence in which the Af points cut from C by a general line, l, of the pencil correspond to the point of intersection of the image of L and the plane of the pencil.
A straight line relationship is usually observed in a plot of Af against load L, having slope k, and Af.
Make sure that the metal tube through which the wire passes is in the shape of an inverted `` L '', the foot of the `` L '' about three inches long, so that the puppet can hang directly under the light.
* Ackrill J. L. ( 2010 ).
* Bernard L. Austin ( 1902-1979 ), American admiral
* J. L. Austin ( 1911 – 1960 ), British philosopher
Much work has been done on the reconstruction of Proto-Mon – Khmer in Harry L. Shorto's Mon – Khmer Comparative Dictionary.
* Bolens, L. ( 1997 ).
In Korea, the Hangul alphabet was created by Sejong the Great Hangul is a unique alphabet: it is a featural alphabet, where many of the letters are designed from a sound's place of articulation ( P to look like the widened mouth, L to look like the tongue pulled in, etc.
To do this, Moseley measured the wavelengths of the innermost photon transitions ( K and L lines ) produced by the elements from aluminum ( Z = 13 ) to gold ( Z = 79 ) used as a series of movable anodic targets inside an x-ray tube.
* A. N. I. M. A. L., an Argentinian heavy metal band

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