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Like and famous
Like Agatha Christie, she isn't overly fond of the detective she is most famous for creating – in Ariadne's case the Finnish sleuth Sven Hjerson.
Like Plato, Aristotle believed in an eternal cosmos with no beginning and no end ( which in turn follows Parmenides ' famous statement that " nothing comes from nothing ").
Like the PDP-1 before it, the PDP-5 inspired a series of newer models based on the same basic design that would go on to be more famous than its parent.
Like many famous artists, Poe's works have spawned innumerable imitators.
The first of these, It's Always Fair Weather ( 1956 ) co-directed with Donen, was a musical satire on television and advertising, and includes his famous roller skate dance routine to " I Like Myself ", and a dance trio with Michael Kidd and Dan Dailey which allowed Kelly to experiment with the widescreen possibilities of Cinemascope.
His most famous novels were ' A Town Like Alice ' and ' On the Beach '.
One of his most famous numbers is " They Ain't Makin ' Jews Like Jesus Anymore ," a song in which Kinky verbally and physically beats up a drunken white racist who berates blacks, Jews, Greeks, and Sigma Nus in a bar.
Like Petrarch, who had been the first famous philologist to study the works of the ancient Roman poets, Alberti loved classics, but he compared continual reading and rereading in libraries.
* Like Laertes, who received the famous list of maxims from his father Polonius, Robert Cecil received a similar list from his father Burghley — a list that E. K. Chambers suggested as Shakespeare's likely source.
Like his famous predecessor Innocent III, he set his mind on the achievement of two great goals: the recovery of the Holy Land in the Fifth Crusade and a spiritual reform of the entire Church.
Like the famous overestimates of the atmospheric density of Mars, this was completely false.
In 1997 he released his second solo-album ; Als Een Rivier ( Like a River ) was recorded without his famous friends, although some of the songs sound like they did contribute.
Like its counterpart Montmartre, Montparnasse became famous at the beginning of the 20th century, referred to as les Années Folles ( the Crazy Years ), when it was the heart of intellectual and artistic life in Paris.
The most famous Shakespearean allusion is, however, the debunking one by Rosalind, in Act IV scene I of As You Like It:
Lillie Langtry ( October 13, 1853 – February 12, 1929 ), usually spelled Lily Langtry when she was in the U. S., born Emilie Charlotte Le Breton, was a British music hall singer and stage actress famous for her many stage productions including She Stoops to Conquer, The Lady of Lyons and As You Like It.
Like any great cathedral, Lincoln has had its share of organists who have achieved international renown: perhaps the most famous is William Byrd, the Renaissance composer.
Like Clover, Soundhole had spent time backing a famous singer, Van Morrison.
Like the rest of Martha's Vineyard, is a popular summer resort for the rich and famous.
A famous example of open-sections can be seen in the movie Some Like It Hot.
In 1930, the local Hondo Lions Club erected the now somewhat famous sign reading " This is God's Country, Don't Drive Through It Like Hell " at the city limits with the intention of slowing down those speeding while traveling through town.
Like Qixi and Chilseok, Tanabata was inspired by the famous Chinese folklore story, " The Princess and the Cowherd ".
Asher proposed to call the disorder " Munchausen Syndrome ," commenting: " Like the famous Baron von Munchausen, the persons affected have always travelled widely ; and their stories, like those attributed to him, are both dramatic and untruthful.
Like in Binche, the Nivelles carnival includes the famous Gilles.
This position was primarily discussed by Nagel in one of his most famous articles: " What is it Like to Be a Bat?

Like and predecessor
Like his predecessor, Lord Germain, he turned for advice to Arthur Phillip.
Like its predecessor, Modern Times employed sound effects but almost no speaking.
Like its predecessor, Hexen II also used a hub system.
Like its predecessor, the UN does not have its own standing armed forces, but calls on its members to contribute to armed interventions, such as during the Korean War and the peacekeeping mission in the former Yugoslavia.
Like its predecessor, Accent, Mach used a single shared-memory mechanism for physically passing the message from one program to another.
Like his predecessor, Farrakhan was a dynamic, charismatic leader and a powerful speaker with the ability to appeal to the African-American masses.
Like his predecessor Nicholas I, Adrian was forced to submit in temporal affairs to the interference of the emperor Louis II, who placed him under the surveillance of Arsenius, bishop of Orte, his confidential adviser, and Arsenius ' nephew Anastasius, the librarian.
Like his predecessor, Gregory was nominated by the nobility, and the electors unanimously agreed that he was the most worthy to become the Bishop of Rome.
Like its predecessor, Character Options have released a spring-loaded toy version constructed of injection-moulded plastic.
The band's second album Different Light ( 1986 ) was more polished than its predecessor and, with the help of the worldwide No. 1 hit " Walk Like an Egyptian ", saw the band firmly in the mainstream.
Like his predecessor Herodotus, known as " the father of history ", Thucydides places a high value on eyewitness testimony and writes about events in which he himself probably took part.
Like its predecessor, American Doll Posse debuted at # 5 on the Billboard 200.
Like its predecessor, it was also well-received critically.
Like his predecessor, Clement V, he centralized power and income in the Papacy and lived a princely life in Avignon.
Like his predecessor Henry, he was disliked by much of the Czech nobility.
Like its predecessor, the album features diverse musical styles and experimentation with stereo sound.
Like its predecessor, it drew heavily from war films, as shown in titles of levels such as " Bridge Over the River Kwai " and " Saving Private Ryan ".
Like its immediate predecessor, Joan Baez, Vol.
Like its predecessor, the Embargo Act, it was mostly ineffective, and contributed to the coming of the War of 1812.
Like the Former Shu, the capital was at Chengdu and it basically controlled the same territory as its predecessor.
Like its predecessor, Beadle ’ s New Dime Novels ran for 321 issues, until 1885.
Like its predecessor, it was overwhelmingly Royalist.
Like its predecessor, the sequel remains a highly influential film in the gangster genre.

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