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Like and predecessor
Like his predecessor, Lord Germain, he turned for advice to Arthur Phillip.
Like its predecessor, Modern Times employed sound effects but almost no speaking.
Like its predecessor, Hexen II also used a hub system.
Like its predecessor, the UN does not have its own standing armed forces, but calls on its members to contribute to armed interventions, such as during the Korean War and the peacekeeping mission in the former Yugoslavia.
Like its predecessor, Accent, Mach used a single shared-memory mechanism for physically passing the message from one program to another.
Like his predecessor, Farrakhan was a dynamic, charismatic leader and a powerful speaker with the ability to appeal to the African-American masses.
Like his predecessor Nicholas I, Adrian was forced to submit in temporal affairs to the interference of the emperor Louis II, who placed him under the surveillance of Arsenius, bishop of Orte, his confidential adviser, and Arsenius ' nephew Anastasius, the librarian.
Like his famous predecessor Innocent III, he set his mind on the achievement of two great goals: the recovery of the Holy Land in the Fifth Crusade and a spiritual reform of the entire Church.
Like his predecessor, Gregory was nominated by the nobility, and the electors unanimously agreed that he was the most worthy to become the Bishop of Rome.
Like its predecessor, Character Options have released a spring-loaded toy version constructed of injection-moulded plastic.
The band's second album Different Light ( 1986 ) was more polished than its predecessor and, with the help of the worldwide No. 1 hit " Walk Like an Egyptian ", saw the band firmly in the mainstream.
Like his predecessor Herodotus, known as " the father of history ", Thucydides places a high value on eyewitness testimony and writes about events in which he himself probably took part.
Like its predecessor, American Doll Posse debuted at # 5 on the Billboard 200.
Like its predecessor, it was also well-received critically.
Like his predecessor Henry, he was disliked by much of the Czech nobility.
Like its predecessor, the album features diverse musical styles and experimentation with stereo sound.
Like its predecessor, it drew heavily from war films, as shown in titles of levels such as " Bridge Over the River Kwai " and " Saving Private Ryan ".
Like its immediate predecessor, Joan Baez, Vol.
Like its predecessor, the Embargo Act, it was mostly ineffective, and contributed to the coming of the War of 1812.
Like the Former Shu, the capital was at Chengdu and it basically controlled the same territory as its predecessor.
Like his famous predecessor Man o ' War, Secretariat was a large chestnut colt and was given the same nickname, " Big Red.
Like its predecessor, Beadle ’ s New Dime Novels ran for 321 issues, until 1885.
Like its predecessor, it was overwhelmingly Royalist.
Like its predecessor, the sequel remains a highly influential film in the gangster genre.

Like and Clement
Like all the pontiffs, Clement X advised the Christian princes to love each other, and to prove it by an entire confidence, by generous measures, and by a prudent and scrupulous conduct.
Like Clement, Ellington was very close to the roadbuilding interests, and also favored increased funding for education.
Like many, Krauss had been drawn to the criticism of Clement Greenberg, as a counterweight to the highly subjective, poetic approach of Harold Rosenberg.

Like and V
Like his father before him, Henry V was faced with waning power.
Like every partially ordered set, Open ( X ) forms a small category by adding a single arrow U → V if and only if.
Like FEM, the field strength at the tip apex is typically a few V / Å.
Like the " dimension of image " characterization this can be generalized to a definition of the rank of a linear map: the rank of a linear map f from V → W is the minimal dimension k of an intermediate space X such that f can be written as the composition of a map V → X and a map X → W. While this definition does not suggest an efficient manner to compute the rank ( for which it is better to use one of the alternative definitions ), it does allow to easily understand many of the properties of the rank, for instance that the rank of the transpose of A is the same as that of A.
Like their English and Welsh counterparts, then, the parks in Scotland are effectively " managed landscapes ", and are classified as IUCN Category V Protected Landscapes because of this.
Based on these two points, as well as a number of contemporary allusions, and the belief that the play is similar to Hamlet in vocabulary, and to Henry V and As You Like It in metre, scholars have suggested 1599 as a probable date.
He is known for his roles as teenage father Ricky Baker in the 1991 film Boyz n the Hood, groom-to-be Lance Sullivan in the 1999 film The Best Man, as Tracy Reynolds, NBA star in the 2002 film Like Mike, and as the Visitor Ryan in the 2009 TV series V.
He is best known for directing and / or starring in several film adaptations of William Shakespeare's plays including Henry V ( 1989 ) ( for which he was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Director ), Much Ado About Nothing ( 1993 ), Othello ( 1995 ), Hamlet ( 1996 ) ( for which he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay ), Love's Labour's Lost ( 2000 ), and As You Like It ( 2006 ).
* William Shakespeare-As You Like It, Much Ado About Nothing, Henry V and Julius Caesar ( approximate date )
Joe is replaced by a new character, Ryuuzaki Tetsuya, and the Gekiganger III is replaced by Gekiganger V. ( Like Combattler V, the V is pronounced as the letter V ; the English dub, however, referred to it as " Gekiganger 5 ").
Like his immediate predecessors, John V was unusually generous towards the dioconies of Rome, distributing 1, 900 solidi to " all the clergy, the monastic diaconies, and the mansionarii ".
Like ČD class 680 trains are equipped to work on, and 3, 000 V DC, thus suitable to operate in Poland, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.
Sammie's hit song " I Like It " & Black Dada's " Imma Zoe " have reached Billboard's Top 100 Songs and have been broadcast on network television networks B. E. T., MTV & T. V.
* Like the Saturn V and Saturn IB rockets launched from Launch Complex 39 at the Kennedy Space Center in the past, the Space Shuttle vehicles are first assembled vertically in the Vehicle Assembly Building on a Mobile Launcher Platform ( MLP ).
Like several other sounds V has a second, opposite meaning.
An article published by the Buffalo News attributes the origin of the term to William Shakespeare's plays Henry V and As You Like It, in which the author includes similes of weasels sucking eggs.
A G-type main-sequence star ( G V ), often ( and imprecisely ) called a yellow dwarf, or G dwarf star, is a main-sequence star of spectral type G and luminosity class V. Such a star has about 0. 8 to 1. 2 solar masses and surface temperature of between 5, 300 and 6, 000 K .< sup >, Tables VII, VIII .</ sup > Like other main-sequence stars, a G V star is in the process of converting hydrogen to helium in its core by means of nuclear fusion.
Like other techniques that linearize the Michaelis – Menten equation, the Eadie-Hofstee plot was used historically for rapid identification of important kinetic terms like K < sub > m </ sub > and V < sub > max </ sub >, but has been superseded by nonlinear regression methods that are significantly more accurate and no longer computationally inaccessible.

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