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Likewise and allowing
Likewise, a baserunner can attempt to steal a base, or the batter can choose to swing at an intentional ball ; however, these rarely occur since taking these risks is rarely more beneficial to the offensive team than allowing the walk.
Likewise, their voice may stay at the same loudness, but the noise from jets may be reduced allowing their voice to become > LOD.
Likewise, the Santiago and half Huaylas battalions strengthened the Chilean right wing, allowing the relieved units to gather up and resume the attack.

Likewise and particular
Likewise, cold-cathode gauges may be reluctant to start at very low pressures, in that the near-absence of a gas makes it difficult to establish an electrode current-in particular in Penning gauges, which use an axially symmetric magnetic field to create path lengths for ions that are of the order of metres.
Likewise, Banach's fixed point theorem, based on earlier methods developed by Charles Émile Picard, was included in his dissertation, and was later extended by his students ( for example in the Banach – Schauder theorem ) and other mathematicians ( in particular Bouwer and Poincaré and Birkhoff ).
Likewise, the mind-independent properties of quantum systems could consist of a tendency to respond to particular measurements with particular values with ascertainable probability.
Likewise Lebanon, and Beirut in particular, is often depicted symbolically as a phoenix bird having been destroyed and rebuilt 7 times during its long history.
Likewise, iron may be defined in terms of the results of testing or measuring it in particular ways.
Likewise, displeasure toward a particular incident, player, or team may be met by fans with booing, shouting of expletives, and sometimes throwing of objects onto the field.
Likewise, the Doctor of Sacred Theology is also a research doctorate in theology, but particular to Catholic Pontifical Universities and Faculties.
Likewise, where competition for resources is more competitive — both in the number of species and the height of surrounding plants — there are times when it is to the advantage of a plant to develop into arborescent, dendroid “ trees .” This development is because these particular Pachypodium must compete with other plants for resources in a dry deciduous forest, composed of, perhaps, arborescent Aloe, members of the Didiereaceae genera -- Alluaudia, Alluaudiopsis, Decaryia, and Didierea ; all endemic to Madagascar -- and Uncarina species, for instance.
In particular, a vector field on a smooth manifold M is a choice of tangent vector at each point of M: this is a section of the tangent bundle of M. Likewise, a 1-form on M is a section of the cotangent bundle.
Likewise, if a person is understood as having a particular purpose, then behaviour can be evaluated as good or bad in reference to that purpose.
Likewise, some fire stations and emergency personnel use the term to identify the leader of a particular accident scene, or the leader of a hospital ward.
Likewise, the mind-independent properties of quantum systems could consist of a tendency to respond to particular measurements with particular values with ascertainable probability.
Likewise, an AHJ may make a written approval of an installation or product that does not meet either NEC or listing requirements, although this is normally done only after an appropriate review of the specific conditions of a particular case or location.
Likewise, the ethical intuitionist claims that basic moral truths — whether they are principles ( such as don't kill people ) or judgments ( such as it is wrong to kill people )-- are known without inference, and in particular they are known via one's rational intuition.
Likewise, if one accepts the Marxist view of National Socialism as the culmination of capitalism, then the Nazi phenomenon is universal, and fascism can come to power in any society where capitalism is the dominant economic system, whereas the view of National Socialism as the culmination of Deutschtum means that the Nazi phenomenon is local and particular only to Germany.
Likewise, if a leader has already implicitly decided on a particular course of action, an advisor wishing to have influence must work within the framework of the decision the leader has already made.
Likewise, we can understand the bimetallic strip as a particular type of thermometer, not concerning ourselves with the details of how this type of thermometer happens to work.
Likewise the non-canonical Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Peter, and Gospel of James are not addressed to any particular gender, or any specific person.
Likewise, scholars like Patricia Williams, Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, and Mari Matsuda embraced the focus on the reproduction of hierarchy in critical legal studies, but criticized CLS scholars for failing to focus on racial domination and on the particular sources of racial oppression.
Likewise, credit card and gaming industry officials did not believe Internet gambling posed any particular risks in terms of money laundering.
Likewise in the follow up series Dracula Lives, a two part story in particular called The Pit of Death in which the protagonist is thrown into the titular pit where many of Dracula's brides are kept, among them his blind wife.
Likewise, the workstation is not assigned to any particular person.

Likewise and character
Likewise, the process of character simplification in mainland China since the 1950s has the result that Japanese speakers who have not studied Chinese may not recognize some simplified characters.
Likewise, character set has been widely used to refer to a specific repertoire of characters that have been mapped to specific bit sequences or numerical codes.
Likewise, comics of questionable character ( in the view of the Nazis ) were banned outright.
Likewise, the 30 Rock sitcom character Dennis Duffy attracts disdain and mockery for his career as a pager salesman.
Likewise, Peter Jackson has made brief cameos in all of his movies, except for his first feature length movie Bad Taste in which he plays a main character.
" Likewise, character names are rife with puns and innuendo.
Likewise, a new antagonist named Gill took over M. Bisons role from the previous games as the new boss character.
Likewise, the headmistress of the initial drafts was not a specifically villainous character.
Likewise, in Cyder, Ambrose Philips refers to Milton as " that other bard " and contrasts Milton to his character Abdiel.
Likewise, blogs that ordinarily cover non-war issues may dedicate their coverage during a time of war to the conflict, with some reverting to their previous missions at the end of the war, and others retaining their new character.
Likewise, Angie's portrayer Debbi Morgan became the first actor to portray the same character as a regular on three different soap operas.
Likewise, the character of Daryoon has had his name spelled / pronounced differently from " Darün " to " Dariun ".
Likewise, the animation frames when a character advances towards an opponent are the same when he or she retreats.
Likewise, for the Latin America version the main character was called Brando Drummond and the carrier " Gran Dragon del Espacio ") who was drafted for the job because his latent psychic powers made him the only one capable of doing so, all other similarly empowered candidates having been assassinated by alien agents with he himself having been injured in an attack that ended his sports career.
Likewise, the Red Room is referenced in the manga / anime series Monster, in which a backroom in a bar that's curtained off serves as a meeting place for the Baby ( whose character was partially inspired by the Man from Another Place ) and Nina Fortner.
Likewise, Gibson includes a character who awkwardly wears only one shoe ; this character ( Ashpool ) is an insane killer.
Likewise, yet another theory identifies Fergus ' father with the obscure Sumarlidi Hauldr, a character in the Orkneyinga Saga.
Likewise, Unilever used integrated agency Billington Cartmell to tie into the 2010 Football World Cup, with the character – now transformed into the " Fanimal " – on posters ( notably in pub's gents toilets with risque slogans ), print ads, radio spots, an interactive website and even distributed in the form of a shouting rubber mascot.
Likewise, the game's character designs were split amongst four artists.
Likewise, in The Nutty Professor and its sequel, Eddie Murphy played the title character and almost every member of his family.
One critic noted “ On the surface, Cleopatra Jones is about a black distaff James Bond who drives a fancy car equipped with a submachine gun in the door, wears smart clothes, is a karate expert, and travels all over the world as a United States secret agent, destroying the poppy wherever it is found .” Another critic, Chris Norton, even suggested, “ Like Bond, Cleo is not a stealthy character who tries to infiltrate the underworld by losing her identity … Bond seldom tried to hide his identity, often using his real name during introductions, and all Bond films rely on his being recognized as 007 .” Likewise, Jones is rarely undercover, and is flashy and flamboyant on tbe job.
" Likewise, when Nancy forgave Lisa for her past transgressions in the 1970s, public opinion softened toward Lisa and she became a respected character on the program.
Likewise, the character of the narrator's grandfather is loosely based on the real life story of the Rev.

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