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Materials and used
Materials used to refresh recollection are admissible as evidence.
Materials that were used in the building of castles varied through history.
Materials other than sand are also often used, such as oatmeal, which are necessarily non-toxic and light enough to easily vacuum away.
Materials used include iron, cast iron, solid steel, stainless steel, brass, and synthetic materials like polyvinyl.
Materials commonly used in urban areas for pavement and roofs, such as concrete and asphalt, have significantly different thermal bulk properties ( including heat capacity and thermal conductivity ) and surface radiative properties ( albedo and emissivity ) than the surrounding rural areas.
Materials and parts used in FAA certified aircraft must meet the criteria set forth by the technical standard orders.
Materials commonly used to produce photodiodes include:
Materials vary widely ; while wooden boards are generally used in high-level games, vinyl and cardboard are common for low-level and informal play.
Materials used include aida cloth, evenweave, and linen fabrics, in cotton, linen, and man-made materials combined in more and more ways ; and fibers from cotton floss to silk, rayon, viscose, and metallic.
In the US, onshore and offshore pipelines used to transport oil and gas are regulated by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration ( PHMSA ).
Materials used depended on the wealth, climate and necessity.
Organic production materials used in and foods are tested independently by the Organic Materials Review Institute.
Materials used in construction include teak wood or tun wood ( Cedrela tuna ), which is a variation of mahogany, for the neck and faceplate ( tabli ), and gourds for the kaddu ( the main resonating chamber ).
Materials used include, marble, alabaster, stone, terracotta, wood ( history of wood carving ), ivory, gesso, plaster, bronze, lead and ceramics.
Materials used to make crowns vary ; some are less prone to breaking than others and can last longer.
The most widely used modules were Financial s and Controlling ( FICO ), Human Resources ( HR ), Materials Management ( MM ), Sales & Distribution ( SD ), and Production Planning ( PP ).
Materials used in the past for arrowheads include flint, bone, horn, or metal.
Materials such as mother of pearl or abalone shell are often used on the slide which covers the mortise, as well as in round decorative " eyes " on the side surfaces.
Materials used in the mosaics include enamel, polished stone, agate, onyx, jasper, cornelian, crystal, marble, and granite.
Materials readily available in the area generally dictate the construction materials used ( e. g. brick versus stone, versus timber ).
Materials used in most modern tampons are so highly absorbent that they pose the risk of absorbing the vagina's natural discharge and upsetting its natural moisture balance, which is what enables toxic shock syndrome to occur.
Materials used for building nests include fine leaf-fibers, grass, and twigs.
American wire gauge ( AWG ), also known as the Brown & Sharpe wire gauge, is a standardized wire gauge system used since 1857 predominantly in the United States and Canada for the diameters of round, solid, nonferrous, electrically conducting wire .< ref >< abbr title =" American Society for Testing And Materials "> ASTM </ abbr > Standard B 258-02, Standard specification for standard nominal diameters and cross-sectional areas of AWG sizes of solid round wires used as electrical conductors, ASTM International, 2002 </ ref > The cross-sectional area of each gauge is an important factor for determining its current-carrying capacity.

Materials and for
Materials for this shelter would cost about $700.
* Metallic Nanostructure group of the National Institute for Materials Science ( Japan )
* NNFCC: The UK's National Centre for Biorenewable Energy, Fuels and Materials
In his Materials for a History of the Baptists in Rhode Island, Edwards wrote :" The first mover himself for it Baptist college in 1762 was laughed at as a projector of a thing impracticable.
* Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements ( EU )
* Japanese Reference Materials for Studying Japanese Cinema at Yale University by Aaron Gerow
** Perseus Classics Collection: Greek and Roman Materials: Text: Hesiod ( Greek texts and English translations for Works and Days, Theogony, and Shield of Heracles with additional notes and cross links.
Fantasy author Philip Pullman echoes this idea in the fantasy series His Dark Materials, in which the characters finally come to the conclusion that people should make life better on Earth rather than wait for heaven ( this idea is known as the Republic of Heaven ).
Materials for the building's exterior were chosen with careful precision.
Standards that describe calibration and operation for radiation dosimetry, as well as procedures to relate the measured dose to the effects achieved and to report and document such results, are maintained by the American Society for Testing and Materials ( ASTM international ) and are also available as ISO / ASTM standards.
* CMR – Centre for Materials Research
* Dissemination of IT for the Promotion of Materials Science ( DoITPoMS )
* CORE-Materials Open Educational Resources for Materials Science & Engineering
The full title was A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles ; Founded Mainly on the Materials Collected by The Philological Society ; the 352-page volume, words from A to Ant, cost 12s. 6d ( equivalent to £ 265 for 2010 ) or ( US $ 3. 25 ) at the time.
The degree of chalking can be assessed according to International Standard ISO 4628 Part 6 or 7 or American Society of Testing and Materials ( ASTM ) Method D4214 ( Standard Test Methods for Evaluating the Degree of Chalking of Exterior Paint Films ).
Materials that can be characterized by classical theory of elasticity is known as linear elastic materials, even for such materials the linear relationship between stress and strain may be valid only for a certain range of strains.
* APS International Prize for New Materials, 1992 ( Joint with R. F. Curl & H. W. Kroto )
It was based on a system of state ownership of industry managed through Gosplan ( the State Planning Commission ), Gosbank ( the State Bank ) and the Gossnab ( State Commission for Materials and Equipment Supply ).
Materials in which the band extrema are aligned in k, for example gallium arsenide, are called direct bandgap semiconductors.
* Thesaurus for Graphic Materials, Library of Congress tool for indexing visual materials

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