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More and than
More potent a charm to bring back that time of life than this record of a few pictures and a few remembered facts would be a catalogue of the minutiae which are of the very stuff of the mind, intrinsic, because they were known in the beginning not by the eye alone but by the hand that held them.
More temperately than in the study of Grey and despite his Liberal bias, Trevelyan vividly sketches the England of pre-French Revolution days, portrays the stresses and strains of the revolutionary period in rich colors, and brings developments leading to the Reform Bill into sharp and clear focus.
More than twenty-four hundred years old, bruised, battered, worn and partially destroyed, combining to an astounding degree solidity and grace, it still stands, incomparable testimony to man's aspiration.
More important is the simple human point that all men suffer, and that it is a kind of anthropological-religious pride on the part of the Jew to believe that his suffering is more poignant than mine or anyone else's.
More industrial acreage lies vacant in St. Clair county than in any other jurisdiction in the St. Louis area.
More often than not, as the Old Grad wanders along the old paths, his memory of happy days when he strolled one of the paths with a coed beside him becomes an ache and a pain.
More importantly, several of the more advanced of the less developed countries have found through experience that they must plan their own complex investment programs for at least 5 years forward and tentatively for considerably more than that if they are to be sure that the various interdependent activities involved are all to take place in the proper sequence.
More than that, Sam Rayburn is the very living symbol of an iron-clad integrity so powerful in his nature and so constantly demonstrated that he can count some of his best friends in the opposition.
More than 25 carefully selected cities were visited, including New York, Brooklyn, Long Island City, Newark, Elizabeth, Stamford, Waterbury, New Haven, Bridgeport, Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, and Waltham.
More than 2000 copies have been sent out to prospective clients.
More than 36 other big Navy ships are no less than a day's sailing time away.
More than one president has found that a long-range plan helps him to attract major gifts.
More often than not I have found easy excuse to leave my own work and stand at a respectable distance where I could watch this man transform raw nature into a composed, not imitative, painting.
More campers than campsites
More than 50% of all lumber is unitized ; ;
More than once I was confronted by professional gamblers, `` bookies '', loan `` sharks '', gangsters, `` thugs '' and `` finger men '' -- people of a class I did not even know existed -- to repay my husband's staggering losses, `` or else '' I shuddered to think that someone so dear to me could even associate with such a sinister milieu.
More than anything, it is the therapist's intuitive sensing of these latent meanings in the stereotype which helps these meanings to become revealed, something like a spread-out deck of cards, on sporadic occasions over the passage of the patient's and his months of work together.
More time was spent in trying to marry these incompatibles than over any subject discussed at Yalta.
More than that, Allied air had complete superiority in the Eighth Army's sector.
More often than not he would bow to the inevitable.
More than half of the sorghum and barley seeds we produce and most of the byproducts of the milling of cereals and the crushing of oilseeds are fed to livestock.
More than 200 million tons of seeds and seed products are fed to livestock annually in the United States.
More than 11 thousand business establishments in the United States were based on cereals and oilseeds in 1954.
More than creatures of metropolitan forces, the churches have taken the lead in counteracting the interdependence of metropolitan life, crystallizing and perpetuating the stratification of peoples, giving form to the struggle for social homogeneity in a world of heterogeneous peoples.

More and year
More than 250 streams drain a basin of about 1. 6 million km², contributing a volume of 660 km³ per year to the Baltic.
Easy listening artist Barbra Streisand teamed up with Donna Summer to do " No More Tears ( Enough Is Enough )" in 1979, then with Barry Gibb to do " Guilty " the following year.
More importantly, however, he went on to maintain the same high level of performance throughout the season, kicking precisely 100 goals for the year to become the first player to top the ton since Richmond's Jack Titus in 1940.
" One year later, the earliest recorded use in reference to a theological distinction was by Sir Thomas More, who spoke of " Tyndale his evangelical brother Barns ".
More importantly, early next year the Pathé production unit down in the south of France in Nice made le Médecin du chateau ( The Physician of the Castle ), in which there are cuts back and forth between criminals threatening a doctor's wife and child, while the doctor himself drives home to rescue them after being warned by telephone.
More limited private tours are also available throughout the year if scheduled well in advance.
More than $ 65 billion are wasted each year due to poor bioavailability.
More importantly, they went further in the playoffs than the previous year, but fell again to the New England Patriots, this time in the AFC Championship game.
More than 3, 000 students — three out of every four — take part in at least one for-credit “ service learning ” class by the time that they graduate ; nearly 45 percent participate in a service-learning class in any given year.
More became Master of Requests in 1514, the same year in which he was appointed as a Privy Councillor, a member of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council.
In this novel, Thomas More is brought through time to the year 2535, where he is made king of the future world of " Astrobe ", only to be beheaded after ruling for a mere nine days.
" H. G. Wells, in an unsigned review for the Pall Mall Gazette, called Earnest one of the freshest comedies of the year, saying " More humorous dealing with theatrical conventions it would be difficult to imagine.
More than 7, 000 Spanish passengers travelled that year on charter flights to and from Tallinn Airport.
More than 500 oil tankers pass through the strait each year, to and from the Cherry Point Refinery and refineries near Anacortes.
More than a year after the raid, the Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions concluded that while certain offences had been committed, including criminal damage and assault with a weapon, there was insufficient evidence to charge any person with a specific offence.
More than 400 utopian works were published prior to the year 1900 in the English language alone, with more than a thousand others during the twentieth century.
More recent editions have restored the name Tudor Mansion to the mansion, and say the mansion is in Hampshire, England in the year 1926.
This year, Psyche continued to perform several joint concerts together with No More.
The year ended for Psyche, together with No More and several other artists at a New Year's Eve concert under the name " Silence Of The Lambs Tribute " in Fribourg, Switzerland.
More recently, the Fermi mission was launched carrying the Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor, which detects bursts at a rate of several hundred per year, some of which are bright enough to be observed at extremely high energies with Fermi's Large Area Telescope.
More recently, the same charge has been leveled against members of the riot grrrl band Pussy Riot for which three members have each received a two year sentence on 17 August 2012.
More than 200 airliners will finish active life each year, and will be dismantled and recycled under the newly established PAMELA Project.
More than one year later, all diplomatic means having been exhausted, on 10 July 1739 King George II authorized the Admiralty Board to seek maritime reprisals against Spain.
More than a year later, on 3 August 1921, Hitler redefined the group as the " Gymnastic and Sports Division " of the party ( Turn-und Sportabteilung ), perhaps to avoid trouble with the government.

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