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Page "learned" ¶ 605
from Brown Corpus
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More and time
More potent a charm to bring back that time of life than this record of a few pictures and a few remembered facts would be a catalogue of the minutiae which are of the very stuff of the mind, intrinsic, because they were known in the beginning not by the eye alone but by the hand that held them.
More than 36 other big Navy ships are no less than a day's sailing time away.
If, at any time during the assignment pass, the compiler finds that there are no more index words available for assignment, the warning message `` No More Index Words Available '' will be placed in the object program listing, the table will be altered to show that index words 1 through 96 are available, and the assignment will continue as before.
More complex assistive technology devices have been developed over time, and as a result, sports for people with disabilities " have changed from being a clinical therapeutic tool to an increasingly competition-oriented activity ".
More than one time constant is needed when describing reactions of higher order.
More than 2, 000 awards were made during World War I, and by the time the United States entered World War II, approximately 2, 800 awards had been made.
More broadly, eschatology may encompass related concepts such as the Messiah or Messianic Age, the end time, and the end of days.
His time in England was fruitful in the making of lifelong friendships with the leaders of English thought in the days of King Henry VIII: John Colet, Thomas More, John Fisher, Thomas Linacre and William Grocyn.
More generally, processes close to a massive body run more slowly when compared with processes taking place farther away ; this effect is known as gravitational time dilation.
More than two years of intensive research was undertaken to chronicle the historical events that resulted in what was then Australia's worst peace time disaster.
More of a " boy's club " than a production company, the four men gradually drifted apart and went their separate ways by 1923, at which time Hawks decided that he wanted to direct instead of produce.
More often, measurement of certain hormones and metabolites at the time of hypoglycemia indicates which organs and body systems are responding appropriately and which are functioning abnormally.
More common were instruments with split sharps, also designed to accommodate the tuning systems of the time.
More than 30 of the species are found at the in Japan, collectively placing them with the name and associated tanka for visitors to read and observe, reminding them of the ancient time in which the references were made.
More precisely, these proofs have to be verifiable in polynomial time by a deterministic Turing machine.
More than likely chocolate, vanilla and strawberry became the standard for the reason that they were the most popular flavors in the United States at the time of introduction.
More recently, Smith has devoted her time to what she terms ' pure photography ' ( a method of capturing still objects without using a flash ), which she began to pursue following the death of her husband in 1994.
More important, United States policy toward Latin America at this time made Paraguay eligible for major economic assistance.
More specifically, it is the set of expressed proteins in a given type of cells or an organism at a given time under defined conditions.
More advanced implementations may support more complicated operations, such as pull_lowest_priority_element, inspecting the first few highest-or lowest-priority elements ( peeking at the highest priority element can be made O ( 1 ) time in nearly all implementations ), clearing the queue, clearing subsets of the queue, performing a batch insert, merging two or more queues into one, incrementing priority of any element, etc.
More likely he died in an epidemic raging in Rome at the time.
More correctly, radiosity B is the energy per unit area leaving the patch surface per discrete time interval and is the combination of emitted and reflected energy:
More recently historians have re-evaluated this view and see his patronage of the arts and occult sciences as a triumph and key part of the Renaissance, while his political failures are seen as a legitimate attempt to create a unified Christian empire, which was undermined by the realities of religious, political and intellectual disintegrations of the time.
More importantly, they went further in the playoffs than the previous year, but fell again to the New England Patriots, this time in the AFC Championship game.

More and was
More splenetic was Senator Edward Carmack of Tennessee, a Parker man.
More, the U.S. action was hailed by a principal opposition leader, Dr. Juan Bosch, as having saved `` many lives and many troubles in the near future ''.
More than once I was confronted by professional gamblers, `` bookies '', loan `` sharks '', gangsters, `` thugs '' and `` finger men '' -- people of a class I did not even know existed -- to repay my husband's staggering losses, `` or else '' I shuddered to think that someone so dear to me could even associate with such a sinister milieu.
More emphasis was put upon the fact that international law was the law of `` civilized nations '' ; ;
More aerial and underground equipment was installed as well as office improvements to take care of the expanding business.
But to return to the main line of our inquiry, it is doubtful that Utopia is still widely read because More was medieval or even because he was a martyr -- indeed, it is likely that these days many who read Utopia with interest do not even know that its author was a martyr.
The medieval was the most important to Chambers because he sought to place Thomas More, the author of Utopia, in some intelligible relation with St. Thomas More, the martyr.
and More was far too well read not to have come across it in one or several of the forms thus given it.
The actual function of patristic communism was adequately set forth by St. Gregory almost a millenium before More wrote Utopia.
More than 20, 000 people were forced to leave the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2009, an action the DR Congo said was in retaliation for regular expulsion of Congolese diamond miners who were in Angola illegally.
More memory was added, as was the circuitry for the many sounds in the game.
More recent researchers, in particular Ronald Willis and Joy Munns have studied the tour in detail and concluded that the presentation was made after a private cricket match played over Christmas 1882 when the English team were guests of Sir William Clarke, at his property " Rupertswood ", in Sunbury, Victoria.
" More serious than the destruction of the Gothic army ," writes Herwig Wolfram, " than the loss of both Aquitanian provinces and the capital of Toulose, was the death of the king.
More than six feet tall ( about 1. 9 m ), he was also noted for his immense physical strength.
More purely Hellenic myth would have Amathus settled instead by one of the sons of Heracles, thus accounting for the fact that he was worshiped there.
More recently, " Twilight Zone " by 2 Unlimited was sung a cappella to the instrumentation on the comedy television series Tompkins Square.
More recently, for example, it was claimed by A. A. Kovalyov as the residence of Lu Fang ( 盧芳 ), a Han throne pretender from the Guangwu era.
More ambitious was the Logic Theory Machine, a deduction system for the propositional logic of the Principia Mathematica, developed by Allen Newell, Herbert A. Simon and J. C. Shaw.
In August 1967 Capp was the narrator and host of an ABC network special called Do Blondes Have More Fun?

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