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Most and aquatic
Most amphibians lay their eggs in water and have aquatic larvae that undergo metamorphosis to become terrestrial adults.
Most aquatic turtles have flat, streamlined shells which aid in swimming and diving.
Most crustaceans are free-living aquatic animals, but some are terrestrial ( e. g. woodlice ), some are parasitic ( e. g. Rhizocephala, fish lice, tongue worms ) and some are sessile ( e. g. barnacles ).
Most are free-living in freshwater, such as the commonly studied genus Tetrahymena, but some are parasitic on fish or aquatic invertebrates.
Most early examples of artificial flies imitated common aquatic insects and baitfish.
Most species are herbivorous as nymphs, feeding on submerged leaves and benthic algae, but many are hunters of other aquatic arthropods.
Most of the aquatic species in the Mackenzie River are descendants of those of the Mississippi River and its tributaries.
Most species are aquatic and live in varying depths of saltwater, from shallow reefs and shorelines to deep sea bottoms.
Most are strict carnivores, with diets consisting mainly of fish, aquatic crustaceans, snails, amphibians, and sometimes birds and small mammals.
Most families of water beetles have larvae that are also aquatic ; many have aquatic larvae and terrestrial adults.
Most of the aquatic life of the bay is concentrated near that region.
Most amphibian larvae and some fully aquatic adult amphibians possess mechanosensitive systems comparable to the lateral line.
Most are able to swim well ; some species are actually semi-aquatic and feed mainly on fish and other aquatic animals.
Most midges, apart from the gall midges ( Cecidomyiidae ), are aquatic during the larval stage.
Most of the species are herbaceous aquatic plants growing in marshes and ponds.
Most seagrasses complete their entire life cycle under water, having filamentous pollen especially adapted to dispersion in an aquatic environment and ribbon-like leaves that lack stomata.
Most authors consider mesosaurs to have been aquatic, although at least some of them may have been amphibious, rather than completely aquatic, as indicated by their moderate skeletal adaptations to an aquatic lifestyle.
Most species live in aquatic habitats and prefer oligotrophic conditions.
Most species are terrestrial, though some are arboreal ( the genus Boophis is morphologically simiar to the tree frogs ) or aquatic.
Most are annual or perennial herbaceous plants from tall, but a few are subshrubs ; some are aquatic.

Most and species
Most species seem to prefer a ready-made hollow such as a deserted mouse nest, a bird house, or the hole made by a woodpecker ; ;
Most species lay their eggs underground and when the larvae hatch, they make their way to adjacent bodies of water.
Most agnostid species were eyeless.
Most species of Asparagales are herbaceous perennials, although some are climbers ( e. g. species of Asparagus, family Asparagaceae ) and some are tree-like.
Most species have 20 body segments, bearing 11 pairs of leaf-like phyllopodia ( swimming legs ), and the body lacks a carapace.
Most species show cyclical parthenogenesis, where asexual reproduction is occasionally supplemented by sexual reproduction, which produces resting eggs that allow the species to survive harsh conditions and disperse to distant habitats.
Most marine species live in tropical waters, but a few occur in oceanic trenches, and others are found in polar waters.
Most species are rather simply colored, lacking the flashy spotted or rosetted coats like many species of felids and viverrids have.
Most are terrestrial, although a few species, like procyonids, are arboreal.
Most species of Carnivora are, to some degree, omnivorous, except the Felidae and Pinnipedia, which are obligate carnivores.
Most have highly-developed senses, especially vision and hearing, and often a highly acute sense of smell in many species, such as in the Canoidea.
Most of the species are herbaceous perennial plants, but some are annuals.
Most species of brachiopods, a small phylum of marine invertebrates, survived the K – Pg extinction event and diversified during the early Paleocene.
Most species of Cimolestes were mouse to rat-sized, but the Late Cretaceous Cimolestes magnus reached the size of a marmot, making it one of the largest Mesozoic mammals known ( 20-60g ).
Most species ( about 62 %) are in six extremely diverse families, each with at least 20, 000 described species: Curculionidae, Staphylinidae, Chrysomelidae, Carabidae, Scarabaeidae, and Cerambycidae.
Most of the organisms collected were simple, soft-shelled foraminifera ( 432 species according to National Geographic ), with four of the others representing species of the complex, multi-chambered genera Leptohalysis and Reophax.
Most species of cacti have lost true leaves, retaining only spines, which are highly modified leaves.
Most predictions of forestry related biodiversity loss are based on species-area models, with an underlying assumption that as the forest declines species diversity will decline similarly.
Most species are suited to being planted outside or in containers.

Most and have
Most avant-garde creators, true to their interest in the self-sufficiency of pure movement, have tended to dress their dancers in simple lines and solid colors ( often black ) and to give them a bare cyclorama for a setting.
On matters of race he was similarly inflexible: `` Most of the modern Latin races seem to have inherited the rigidity of the Roman mind ''.
) Most people would have to hire a contractor to build this shelter.
Most of Billy Haughton's 2-year-olds have worked from 2:40 to 2:35.
Most drill presses have a quill return spring that raises the spindle automatically when the feed lever is released and holds the quill in the raised position.
Most counties also have maps available from the county engineer showing roads and other features and from the assessor's office showing ownerships of land.
Most Europeans have been exercising newborn infants for centuries.
Most professors in the course must, naturally, again have a higher degree than the course offers.
Most others have been content to give only the most general attention to the broadest and most obvious features of the phonology when designing orthographies.
Most of this testimony may have been legally admissible as bearing on the corpus delicti of the total Nazi crime but seemed subject to question when not tied to the part in it of the defendant's Department of Jewish Affairs.
Most of our largest cities have one or more separate vocational or technical high schools.
Most adolescents have some ideological diffusion at various developmental stages, as they experience a proliferation of ideas and values.
Most of these former churches are now used as warehouses, but `` neither Anglicans nor Nonconformists object to selling churches to Roman Catholics '', and have done so.
Most of them have been assimilated, but sometimes a man in Miyagi or Akita prefectures is much more hairy than the average Japanese, and occasionally a girl will be strikingly lovely, her coloring warmed and improved by a little of the tawny honey-in-the-sun tint of the invaders from the South.
Most have four limbs and live in fresh water or on land but the caecilians, though included in the group, live in burrows in damp soil and are limbless.
Most alkali metals have many different applications.
Most such printed sources have been updated for intervals of only about every fifty years ( e. g., J1900, J1950, J2000 ).
* Most monocots are unable to thicken their stems once they have formed, since they lack the cylindrical meristem present in other angiosperm groups.
Most of the physical properties of astatine have been estimated ( by interpolation or extrapolation ), using various theoretically-grounded or empirically-derived methods.
Most of them have mitred abbots.
Most do not enter the World to Come immediately, but now experience a period of review of their earthly actions and they are made aware of what they have done wrong.
Most Orthodox siddurim ( prayerbooks ) have a prayer asking for forgiveness for one's sins that one may have committed in this gilgul or a previous one.

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