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Other and independent
; Others: The Other category is a list of other places set apart from the list of independent countries.
Other telephone companies, many of which were publicly owned, were regulated by provincial authorities until court rulings during the 1990s affirmed federal jurisdiction over the sector, which also included some fifty small independent incumbents, most of them in Ontario and Quebec.
Other denominations, such as The Church of Jesus Christ ( Bickertonite ), have an evangelist position independent of the original patriarch office instituted by the movement's founder Joseph Smith, Jr.
Other combinations linked independent deities based on the symbolic meaning of numbers in Egyptian mythology ; for instance, pairs of deities usually represent the duality of opposite phenomena.
Other independent companies were grouped under the Mutual banner in 1912, and there were also important new entrants, particularly the Jesse Lasky Feature Play Company, and Famous Players, which were both formed in 1913 to take advantage of the fact that films could reproduce the real substance of a stage play ( plus embellishments ), and so the best plays and actors from the legitimate stage could be enticed into films.
Under the mainstream radar, there have been acclaimed independent musical films, such as Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Dancer in the Dark ; and foreign musical films, such as 8 Women, The Other Side of the Bed and Yes Nurse!
Other proteins implicated in scaffolding likewise have functions independent of structural tethering at the MAM ; for example, ER-resident and mitochondrial-resident mitofusins form heterocomplexes that regulate the number of inter-organelle contact sites, although mitofusins were first identified for their role in fission and fusion events between individual mitochondria.
Other branches of Mormonism include Mormon fundamentalism, which seeks to maintain practices and doctrines such as polygamy that were discontinued by the LDS Church, and various other small independent denominations.
Other California punk bands on the independent label Epitaph, run by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz, also began achieving mainstream popularity.
Other areas remained independent, such as the powerful comuni ( municipalities ) of Asti and Alessandria and the marquisates of Saluzzo and Montferrat.
Other Stanford-affiliated institutions include the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory ( originally the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center ) and the Stanford Research Institute, a now independent institution which originated at the university, in addition to the Stanford Humanities Center.
Other subjects gained in independence and prestige, and questions were raised about the place in institutions that were increasingly understood to be devoted to independent reason of a discipline that seemed to involve commitment to the authority of particular religious traditions.
Other independent developers create game software for a number of video game publishers on various gaming platforms.
The San Francisco national chapter retained the name " Mattachine Society ", while the New York chapter became " Mattachine Society of New York, Inc ." Other independent groups using the name Mattachine were formed in Washington, D. C. ( Mattachine Society of Washington, 1961 ), and in Chicago ( Mattachine Midwest, 1965 ).
Other popular attractions include the annual Grand Illumination ( see also here ) in Oak Bluffs ; the Martha's Vineyard Film Society which screens independent and world cinema all year long ; the Martha's Vineyard Film Festival which runs its Summer Film Series and Cinema Circus every Wednesday in July and August, the second week in August, The Run & Shoot Filmworks Martha's Vineyard African-American Film Festival < http :// www. mvaaff. com > which showcases the works of independent and established African-American filmmakers and its winter festival in March ; Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival in September, Katama Farm in Edgartown ; and the Flying Horses Carousel in Oak Bluffs, the oldest carousel in the United States.
Other SOCs are entirely independent of the WPATH.
Other area residents thwarted his attempts to incorporate Meadowdale as an independent town.
Other independent bands such as Tortoise, Broadcast, and Labradford would also release material on Duophonic.
Other schools in the township include Westtown School, an independent school for grades pre-K through 12 ; the St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish School, a Catholic school for grades pre-K through 8 ; and the Concept School, a private school for grades 5 through 12.
Other Southerners argued for diversification from a plantation economy to keep the South independent from northern bankers.
Other orders and groups belong within the Augustinian family either because they follow the Rule of Augustine, exist as independent societies, or have been formally aggregated through their constitutions into the worldwide Augustinian Order.
Walker sang on a rare Donovan's Brain track, " 22 Lost Marbles " ( which appeared on A Pot By Any Other Name, a free CD with issue 30 ( Spring 2001 ) of the independent music magazine Ptolemaic Terrascope ), and a Brain cover of a song " The Single # 2 ", originally by the band Man.

Other and partially
Other volcanic peaks rise from the floor of the valleys, some of the Kirunga ( Mfumbiro ) group, north of Lake Kivu, being still partially active.
Other object types, including AutoCAD 2006's dynamic blocks, and all of the objects specific to the vertical-market versions of AutoCAD, are partially documented, but not well enough to allow other developers to support them.
Other historical accounts from 1711, 1825 and 1839, however, point out that the island had a low grassy or suffrutescent ( partially woody ) flora during those periods ( Sachet, 1962 ).
Other breeds have a partially closed stud book but still allow certain infusions from other breeds.
Other Möbius inversion formulas are obtained when different locally finite partially ordered sets replace the classic case of the natural numbers ordered by divisibility ; for an account of those, see incidence algebra.
Other schools in London ( outer London ) did this, and many became partially selective ( up to 50 %) at this time.
Other Lutheran bodies and synods that have dioceses and bishops include the Church of Denmark, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, the Evangelical Church in Germany ( partially ), and the Church of Norway.
Other ancient structures include a temple to Demeter and a partially unexcavated temple to Zeus There is a large necropolis approximately 10 km between Cyrene and its ancient port of Apollonia.
Other movies that were filmed partially in Santa Paula include The Philadelphia Experiment ( 1984 ), For Love of the Game ( 1999 ) Bubble Boy ( 2001 ) starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Bedtime Stories ( 2008 ) starring Adam Sandler.
Other programming languages described, or partially described, using Meta-IV and VDM-SL include the BASIC programming language, FORTRAN, the APL programming language, ALGOL 60, the Ada programming language and the Pascal programming language.
Other fasts may be only partially restrictive, limiting particular foods or substance.
Other ranges situated partially in Valais are the Chablais Alps, the Mont Blanc Massif, the Urner Alps and the Lepontine Alps.
Other modern political concepts, such as the French decrees, Orders in Council in the British Commonwealth and American executive orders are partially based on this notion of decrees, although they are far more limited in scope and generally subject to judicial review.
Other females may parasitize if their partially complete clutches were destroyed while laying instead of re-nesting.
Other partially arboreal mammals are also predated given the opportunity, including porcupines, squirrels, opossums, anteaters, and even relatively large carnivores such as kinkajous, coatis and tayras.
Other important paved roads include A114 highway, connecting Vologda to Cherepovets and Saint Petersburg, the roads connecting Vologda to Kirillov ( the part which continues to Lipin Bor, Vytegra, and Pudozh, is partially paved ), Vologda to Veliky Ustyug via Totma, Totma to Nikolsk via Imeni Babushkina, and Kotlas to Manturovo and eventually to Kostroma and Moscow via Veliky Ustyug and Nikolsk.
Other conditions where face recognition does not work well include poor lighting, sunglasses, long hair, or other objects partially covering the subject ’ s face, and low resolution images.
) Other heroes such as Metamorpho, Animal Man, The Creeper, Hawk and Dove are only partially shown due to the limited size of the page.
Other characters including " Plucka Duck " were brought in to partially fill the void left by Carroll's departure.
Other styles have both lions with a single large pearl in each of their partially opened mouths.
Other sources claim that as one born into wealth and classically educated, Bourn was partially motivated by a sense of civic responsibility.
Other flags with the symbol, used by separatist or political movements and partially recognized states:
Other beings, beside Jesus, who were similarly partially " incorporated " into the Cosmic Christ Spirit ( except they were " incorporated " on various dimensional levels higher than the 3rd-dimensional, physical level ) in the process of its descent to and " incarnation " on Earth, included the Solar Christ Spirit ( as differentiated from the Cosmic Christ Spirit-the Solar Christ Spirit resides in the higher-dimensional levels of the Sun of our solar system ), Sananda Kumara ( one of the " Seven Holy Kumaras " or " Lords of the Flame " living in the higher-dimensional realms on the planet Venus-he is a brother of Sanat Kumara ), and the bodhisattva Maitreya ( the being next in line, after Gautama Buddha, to attain buddhahood on Earth, sometime in the future ).
Other villages are Dhenia, Mammari, Athienou and Troulli while Lymbia lies partially within the zone.

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