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Pennsylvania and Delaware
South of Laurel Grove Cemetery, and below the junction of the Neversink and the Delaware, was the Tri-State Rock, from which Stevie could spy New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as New York, simply by spinning around on his heel.
Among these may be mentioned: the Mazatzal Mountain region in Gila and Maricopa Counties, Arizona ; Red Feather Lakes, near Ft Collins, Colorado ; Amethyst Mountain, Texas ; Yellowstone National Park ; Delaware County, Pennsylvania ; Haywood County, North Carolina ; Deer Hill and Stow, Maine and in the Lake Superior region of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ontario in Canada.
* 1682 – William Penn receives the area that is now the state of Delaware, and adds it to his colony of Pennsylvania.
That is larger by than the combined areas of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.
WBAL also feeds the games to a network of 43 stations, covering Washington, D. C. and all or portions of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina.
Category: People from Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Delaware is bounded to the north by Pennsylvania ; to the east by the Delaware River, Delaware Bay, New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean ; and to the west and south by Maryland.
Most of the boundary between Delaware and Pennsylvania was originally defined by an arc extending from the cupola of the courthouse in the city of New Castle.
The Wedge of land between the northwest part of the arc and the Maryland border was claimed by both Delaware and Pennsylvania until 1921, when Delaware's claim was confirmed.
Penn strongly desired access to the sea for his Pennsylvania province and leased what then came to be known as the " Lower Counties on the Delaware " from the Duke.
The fact that Delaware and Pennsylvania shared the same governor was not unique.
He was secretary to a Provincial Council of Pennsylvania Indian commission in 1761 that made a treaty with the Delaware and several Iroquois tribes.
* 1806 – The original Lower Trenton Bridge ( also called the Trenton Makes the World Takes Bridge ), which spans the Delaware River between Morrisville, Pennsylvania and Trenton, New Jersey, is opened.
* 1776 – Delaware Separation Day – Delaware votes to suspend government under the British Crown and separate officially from Pennsylvania.
It is bordered on the north and east by the U. S. state of New York, on the southeast and south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Pennsylvania, and on the southwest by Delaware.
New Jersey shares the Delaware Water Gap with neighboring Pennsylvania.
New Jersey is bordered on the north and northeast by New York ( parts of which are across the Hudson River, Upper New York Bay, the Kill Van Kull, Newark Bay, and the Arthur Kill ); on the east by the Atlantic Ocean ; on the southwest by Delaware across Delaware Bay ; and on the west by Pennsylvania across the Delaware River.
* 1732 – John Dickinson, American lawyer and Governor of Delaware and Pennsylvania ( d. 1808 )
Between 1907 and 1923, Newport News built six of the U. S. Navy's total of 22 dreadnoughts -- Delaware, Texas, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Maryland, and West Virginia -- and all but the first would still be in active service in World War II.

Pennsylvania and were
He could no longer build anything, whether a private residence in his Pennsylvania county or a church in Brazil, without it being obvious that he had done it, and while here and there he was taken to task for again developing the same airy technique, they were such fanciful and sometimes even playful buildings that the public felt assured by its sense of recognition after a time, a quality of authentic uniqueness about them, which, once established by an artist as his private vision, is no longer disputable as to its other values.
Sometime on Saturday evening, August 22nd, while my family and I were dining at the Hostaria dell' Orso, in Rome, you jimmied a window of our home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and let yourselves into the premises.
The first superhighways -- New York's Henry Hudson and Chicago's Lake Shore, San Francisco's Bay Bridge and its approaches, a good slice of the Pennsylvania Turnpike -- were built as part of the federal works program which was going to cure the depression.
These were carried out not too faithfully by Filippo Costaggini, who began by supplying the missing member to the founder of Pennsylvania and noting in pencil, in Italian, that he `` began at this point ''.
As a matter of fact, Fogg and his plane didn't get beyond Pennsylvania in the race -- an engine oil leak forced him down -- but the flying service and school he started subsequently were first steps in paying off his wry-faced backers.
A Pennsylvania soldier wrote that `` they were the hardest looking set of men that ever I saw.
But our two Jeep mates -- Keo Viphakone from Luang Prabang and John Cool from Beaver, Pennsylvania -- were beaming under their coatings of dust.
In Inside Africa, John Gunther describes one of these, the Societe Generale, as `` the kind of colossus that might be envisaged if, let us say, the House of Morgan, Anaconda Copper, the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, the Pennsylvania Railroad, and various companies producing agricultural products were lumped together, with the United States government as a heavy partner ''.
Pennsylvania iron interests were reassured by his support for protective tariffs.
While Republicans were discouraged, Democrats were energized and did especially well in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and New York.
The railroads were the first big businesses in America, and the Pennsylvania was one of the largest of them all.
The sixty-odd club members were the leading business tycoons of Western Pennsylvania and included among their number Frick's best friend, Andrew Mellon, his attorneys Philander Knox and James Hay Reed, as well as Frick's business partner, Carnegie.
* Carnegie, Pennsylvania, and Carnegie, Oklahoma, were named in his honor.
Beginning in 1906, Pennsylvania conservationist Major Israel McCreight of Du Bois, Pennsylvania argued that President Theodore Roosevelt ’ s conservation speeches were limited to businessmen in the lumber industry and recommended a campaign of youth education and a national policy on conservation education.
Organized sports competition on Sundays was illegal in Pennsylvania until 1931, when challenged by the Philadelphia A's, the laws were changed permitting only baseball to be played on Sundays.
In 2007, the Pennsylvania Game Commission said that photos the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization claimed showed a juvenile Bigfoot were most likely of a bear with mange.
Back in the United States, Lynch returned to Virginia, but since his parents had moved to Walnut Creek, California, he was forced to stay with his friend Tony Keeler for a while, before he decided to move to the city of Philadelphia, where, at the advice of Jack Fisk, who was already attending it, he decided to enroll at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, something he preferred far more than his previous art college in Boston, claiming that " In Philadelphia there were great and serious painters, and everybody was inspiring one another and it was a beautiful time there.
Eisenhower's Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors, who were primarily farmers, included Hans Nikolaus Eisenhauer of Karlsbrunn, who migrated to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1741.
A 2008 University of Pennsylvania study of 6, 000 dog owners who were interviewed indicated that dogs of smaller breeds were more likely to be " genetically predisposed towards aggressive behaviour ".
During his time in Canada, Sapir also acted as an advocate for Indigenous rights, arguing publicly for introduction of better medical care for Indigenous communities, and assisting the Six Nation Iroquois in trying to recover eleven wampum belts that had been stolen from the reservation and were on display in the museum of the University of Pennsylvania, the belts were only returned to the Iroquois in 1988.

Pennsylvania and home
* Several major landmarks in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Franklin's longtime home, including:
** Franklin Field, a football field once home to the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League and the home field of the University of Pennsylvania Quakers since 1895
The local area is home to a relatively large number of American chestnut trees, planted by pioneers from New York and Pennsylvania who settled in western Michigan.
Commodore is the commonly used collective name for Commodore International Limited and the various national companies that operated underneath it, including Commodore Business Machines ( CBM ), the U. S .- based home computer and electronics manufacturer with headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania that it shared with its parent.
Eisenhower retired to the place where he and Mamie had spent much of their post-war time, a working farm adjacent to the battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, only thirty miles from his ancestral home of York.
At Harmony, Pennsylvania, four to six members were assigned to a home, where they lived as families, although not all those living in the household were related.
* 1931 – A fire at a home for the elderly in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania kills 48 people.
Hammerstein died of stomach cancer on August 23, 1960, at his home in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, at 65, shortly after the opening of The Sound of Music on Broadway.
The President's House in Philadelphia became a hotel and was demolished in 1832 while the unused presidential palace became home to the University of Pennsylvania.
** An avalanche in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania kills 26, including Vulcan Crucible Steel Co heir-apparent Samuel A. Stafford Sr., when two 100 ton boulders fall on a bus filled with wartime steel workers on their way home.
* May 21 – Seven Years ' War – French and Indian War: Mary Campbell is abducted from her home in Pennsylvania by Lenape.
Indeed, as it turned out, all eight electors in Pinckney's home state of South Carolina, as well as at least one elector in Pennsylvania, cast ballots for both Jefferson and Pinckney.
As Democrats convened in Baltimore in June 1852, four major candidates vied for the nomination: Lewis Cass of Michigan, the nominee in 1848, who had the backing of northerners in support of the Compromise of 1850 ; James Buchanan of Pennsylvania, popular in the South as well as in his home state ; Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois, candidate of the expansionists and the railroad interests ; and William L. Marcy of New York, whose strength was centered in his home state.
The couple made their first home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia is the economic and cultural center of the, home to 6 million people and the country's fifth-largest metropolitan area. The Philadelphia metropolitan division consists of five counties in Pennsylvania and has a population of 4, 008, 994.
5. 46 % report speaking Pennsylvania German, German, or Dutch at home ; a further 1. 54 % speak Spanish.
California became home to half this group, while the remainder went to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.
“ California and Pennsylvania, starting Jan. 1, 2011, will be the first two states in the country to require sprinklers in every new home based on the International Code Council ( ICC ) mandating the installation of residential fire sprinklers in all new one-and two-family residences, including townhouses in the 2009 International Residential Code ( IRC ).
On March 2, 1962, in a Warrior " home " game played on a neutral court in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Chamberlain scored 100 points against the New York Knicks, a single-game record that the NBA ranks among its finest moments.
He finds Nick in a crowded roulette club, but Nick appears to have no recollection of his friends or his home in Pennsylvania.
Originally an outgrowth of Knight and Wilhelm's Milford Writers ' Conference, held at their home in Milford, Pennsylvania, USA, it was founded in 1968 by Robin Scott Wilson at Clarion State College in Pennsylvania.

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