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Page "hobbies" ¶ 284
from Brown Corpus
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She and hesitated
She hesitated, as though hunting over words and ways of putting them.
She hesitated, thinking she would be unable to accurately depict the three-dimensional quality of the map she says she saw on the ship.

She and she
She had reached a point at which she didn't even care how she looked.
She was amazingly light, and so relaxed in his arms that he wasn't even sure she was conscious.
She stared at him, her eyes wide as she thought about what he had said ; ;
She was carrying a quirt, and she started to raise it, then let it fall again and dangle from her wrist.
She showed her surprise by tightening the reins and moving the gelding around so that she could get a better look at his face.
She had offered to walk, but Pamela knew she would not feel comfortable about her child until she had personally confided her to the care of the little pink woman who chose to be called `` Auntie ''.
She remembered little of her previous journey there with Grace, and she could but hope that her dedication to her mission would enable her to accomplish it.
She regarded them as signs that she was nearing the glen she sought, and she was glad to at last be doing something positive in her unenunciated, undefined struggle with the mountain and its darkling inhabitants.
She did not pause to consider what she would do if her plan should fail ; ;
She was sure she would reach the pool by climbing, and she clung to that belief despite the increasing number of obstacles.
She wished that she could talk to her mother about it.
She confessed she was unhappy, he asked was it her husband??
She set the dipper on the edge of the deck, leaving it for him to stretch after it while she looked on scornfully.
She quickly exploited the exalted position she now occupied, by harassing the disorganized males and even putting many of them to death.
She softly let herself into the bed, and took her regular side, away from the door, where she slept better because Keith was between her and the invader.
She came from Ohio, from what she called a `` small farm '' of two hundred acres, as indeed it was to farmer-type farmers.
She, too, is concerned with `` the becoming, the process of realization '', but she does not think in terms of subtle variations of spatial or temporal patterns.
She could not resist the opportunity `` of showing her superiority in argument over a man '' which she had remarked as one of the `` feminine follies '' of Sara Sullam ; ;
She has rarely been photographed with him and, except for Carl's seventy-fifth anniversary celebration in Chicago in 1953, she has not attended the dozens of banquets, functions, public appearances, and dinners honoring him -- all of this upon her insistence.
She read everything else she could get her hands on, including an article ( she thinks it was in the Atlantic Monthly ) by Mark Twain on `` White Slavery ''.

She and hopped
She got on the can for a minute, then hopped back in bed, and no longer feared the turtle.

She and rolled
She looked out at the corn field, the great green deep acres of it rolled out like the sea in the field beyond the whitewashed fence bordering the grounds.
She was the driver of the vehicle when she rolled off the road and was thrown out, she died from her injuries.
She then rolled over at 19: 27 after a long chase.
She was in the passenger seat when the vehicle rolled over several times and both passengers were ejected.
She rolled down the window and looked up, but saw only darkness above them, even though it was a bright, starry night.
She modeled her " story quilts " on the Buddhist Thangkas, lovely pictures painted on fabric and quilted or brocaded, which could then be easily rolled up and transported.
She has a sterretjieskombuis ( star-filled kitchen ) because the corrugated iron roof covering her kitchen, was blown away by the wind when she rolled the rocks and pumpkins ( that kept it down ) off it, in order to paint it.

She and rocked
She made headlines across Canada when her report on the sponsorship scandal rocked the country's political scene.
* The line " She rocked out to Wham !, not a big Limp Bizkit fan " is a reference to Wham!

She and skipped
She had skipped her lunch hour in the fear that he might call while she was out.
She skipped a piece of water at him and laughed, a funny, hoarse laugh he liked to hear.
She is ten years old, but is in the sixth grade, having skipped a grade.
She also skipped a grade and graduated from Hollywood Professional School when she was 16 years old.
She didn't let herself be set back by rare or complicated expressions: she skipped them, saying: what is important will sooner or later emerge again and will explain itself if necessary.
She does not appear to have inherited any natural dragon powers and abilities, saying it skipped her generation.
She then skipped a large majority of the clay season with a right wrist injury.

She and jumped
She had jumped away from his shy touch like a cat confronted by a sidewinder.
She jumped as the little man now appeared at the window and, reaching through the opening, offered her a bottle of coke.
She jumped out onto the flat expanse of rock and, seating herself, shook her short-cut brown hair and tilted her chin far upward.
She announced that Alcmene had safely delivered her child, and this surprised Lucina so much that she immediately jumped up and unclenched her hands.
She jumped aboard the ship soon after the expedition set out, invoking the protection of Artemis, whose virgin priestess she was.
She told the goddess that the baby was born ; this so startled her that she jumped up and unclasped her hands.
She had been captured by pirates and after a long voyage she had jumped overboard in the Bristol Channel and swam ashore.
She was threatened by men carrying rocks and bottles and when she jumped into her car to flee, the attackers jumped on the car, smashed the windshield, punctured the tires and poured bleach on her.
She dropped out of the race in October 2006 to take care of her mother who had jumped off a building while off her medications.
She is jumped three grades in Manticorian service ( skipping the ranks of rear admiral and vice admiral ), giving her the rank necessary for the post.
She was as enthusiastic about the script and about the visual references that were sort of put to her, and jumped on board.
She jumped in the bath, I had a kip and then played like a dream.
She toys with Turlough sadistically with a knife, but he manages to convince her that he jumped overboard to throw in his lot with her, to find out the secret of how she will win the race.
She has never considered her career to have jumped off so suddenly: " I think it's funny when people say I ’ m an overnight sensation, because I ’ ve been working at it for 10 years.
She escaped from the apartment where she was being held in the rough suburb of Arlöv, moved to Malmö, and after three months, day after she had been raped by her boyfrend and two other men, on 7 January 2000 jumped from a bridge and died three days later in the hospital.
She jumped the world record at the 1995 World Championships in Gothenburg with 15. 50m after studying a picture of Jonathan Edwards.
She jumped 14. 27 metres in 1998 and 14. 40 metres in 2000.
She also jumped two career bests: 15. 03 in the triple jump in the Rome Golden Gala, and 6. 67 in long jump in Rieti.
She jumped to the conclusion that this must be the house for sale, drove out to Hemingford Grey in a taxi, knocked at the door and announced the astonished owners that she would be interested in buying it.
She jumped at the chance to join A. E. G. I. S.
She had plans visit her Grandma, however while she was out picking a bouquet of flowers, a large wolf, with the biggest jaws, jumped her, and ran away with her basket of goodies she had planned to give to her grandmother.
She had been on her way to school one morning when a car jumped the curb, went into the driveway in front of the school and killed her.
She then whirled around and started chasing Bill, who jumped on a pile of cottonseed sacks to escape.

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