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So and called
So, for that matter, are the newer dances -- the `` Kalmuk Dance '' with its animal movements, that genial juggling act by Sergei Tsvetkov called `` The Platter '', the rousing and beautiful betrothal celebration called `` Summer '', `` The Three Shepherds '' of Azerbaijan hopping up on their staffs, and, of course, the trenchant `` Rock 'n' Roll ''.
So they called it the Aster CT-80 ( CP / M / Tandy-1980 ).
There was also a special coffee table book called The History of The Beano: The Story So Far, published by Waverly Books.
As he would later relate, " So I called up Bart and said, ' Bart, the film is a disaster.
So experiments with electrons add confirmatory evidence to the view of Dirac that electrons, protons, neutrons, and even larger entities that are ordinarily called particles nevertheless have their own wave nature and even their own specific frequencies.
So too a tangle in the hair was called an elf-lock, as being caused by the mischief of the elves ( or especially by Queen Mab ), and sudden paralysis was sometimes attributed to elf-stroke.
So long as an insurer maintains adequate funds set aside for anticipated losses ( called reserves ), the remaining margin is an insurer's profit.
So that his philosophy could be solely grounded in itself, he assumed nothing without his Fichtean deductions from first principles, and elaborated what he called a Wissenschaftslehre.
So called from the Dominican convent where they originally met, in the Rue Saint-Jacques ( Latin: Jacobus ) in Paris.
So, Elton John may be called Sir Elton or Sir Elton John, but never Sir John.
So was fulfilled what was said through the prophets: " He will be called a Nazarene.
So any interaction between an isolated wavefunction and the external world that results in this wavefunction collapse is called an observation or measurement, whether or not it is part of a deliberate observation process.
So the mission of St. Stephen was to grant a norm to Hungary through the Holy Crown ( also called the Doctrine of the Holy Crown ).
So far, the quest for a theory of everything is thus unsuccessful on two points: neither a unification of the strong and electroweak forces – which Laplace would have called ` contact forces ' – has been achieved, nor a unification of these forces with gravitation has been achieved.
So called " slow start " occurs in the beginning of a file transfer, and after packet drops caused by router congestion or bit errors in for example wireless links.
So tape drives were typically designed for so called start-stop operation.
Jesperson called Westerberg the next day, asking " So do you want to do a single or an album ?".
Bride's Magazine began to be published in 1934 as a newspaper advertising insert called So You're Going to Get Married!
So Intel created a slightly modified version of Protected mode, called Enhanced mode which enables the usage of SSE instructions, whereas they stay disabled in regular Protected mode.
So the guests were given a sweet bread baked by a mere kitchen boy, called Toni, which won general praise.
So for instance he was called rex sive dux (" King or Duke ") by one source ; Pope John XXII, in a letter to the King of France, refers to Gediminas as " the one who calls himself rex ".
So, why is the T1 Superframe framing format commonly called D4 Framing?
So he called me Duke.

So and Cool
' So I was like ' Cool ' because I'm like, ' I wanna sing on this record somehow, that's how I can do it ,' totally unplanned you know?!
* Sweet Day So Cool ( 1912 )
Their first album Playing with a Different Sex is considered a post-punk classic with strong, sarcastic songs like " It's Obvious " and " We're So Cool " taking a dry look at gender relations.
Take 6's 1998 release, So Cool, brought the group back to its a cappella origins.
The Thousand-Year Door was met with controversy in 2008 after Morgan Creek Productions filed a lawsuit against Nintendo alleging that they illegally used the song " You're So Cool " from the film True Romance in an advertisement for the game.
" A Real Cool Time " almost certainly features a melodic homage to Cheap Trick's " So Good to See You " from their 1977 In Color album.
Other notable rap singles of this era include Maestro's " Drop the Needle ", Devon's " Mr. Metro ", Dream Warriors ' " My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style " and " Wash Your Face in My Sink ", Ground Control's " Another Dope Jam ", MCJ and Cool G's " No Sex With My Sister " and " So Listen ", and Kish's " I Rhyme the World in 80 Days ".
(" Warning ") and (" One More Chance "), Craig Mack (" Flava in Ya Ear " ( Remix )), LL Cool J (" Doin It "), Nas (" If I Ruled The World ( Imagine That )", " Street Dreams ", " Hate Me Now "), Missy Elliott (" The Rain ( Supa Dupa Fly ))", " She's a Bitch "), Busta Rhymes (" Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See "), TLC (" No Scrubs "), Kelis (" Caught Out There "), Jay-Z (" Big Pimpin '"), Kanye West (" Gold Digger ", " Heartless ", " All of the Lights ", " Diamonds from Sierra Leone "), Aaliyah (" Rock the Boat "), Christina Aguilera (" Not Myself Tonight "), Coldplay (" Viva la Vida "), Ne-Yo (" So Sick "), Hoobastank (" If I Were You "), Left Eye ( The Block Party ), t. A. T. u.
Videos that use this style include " Diamonds on My Neck " by Smitty, " I Ain't Heard of That " by Slim Thug, " So Sick " by Ne-Yo, " My Hood " by Young Jeezy, " Gomenasai " by t. A. T. u., " Check on It " by Beyoncé, " Freeze " by LL Cool J, " Snap Yo Fingers " by Lil Jon and many others.
The combined forces of the JSA and JLA were required to stop the rampaging Thunderbolt and subdue Triumph, culminating in Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt merging with Lkz to become a new purple Thunderbolt ( Now summoned by the phrase " So Cool ").
#" So Damn Cool " ( Eichstadt ) – 4: 24
He contributed songs for Prince's side projects, writing " He's So Dull " for Vanity 6, and co-writing " Wild And Loose ", " After Hi School ", and " Cool " for The Time.
The Lonely Island has collaborated with many major artists including T-Pain in " I'm on a Boat ", Akon in " I Just Had Sex ", Justin Timberlake in " Dick in a Box ", " Motherlover " and " 3-Way ( The Golden Rule )" ( the last of which also featured Lady Gaga ), Beck in " Attracted to Us ", Rihanna in " Shy Ronnie " and " Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde ", Michael Bolton in " Jack Sparrow ", Nicki Minaj in " The Creep ", Julian Casablancas in " Boombox ", Jack Black in " Sax Man ", Norah Jones in " Dreamgirl ", Snoop Dogg in " Turtleneck and Chain ", Will Ferrell in " Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions ", Santigold in " After Party ", Natalie Portman in " Natalie's Rap ", E-40 in " Santana DVX ", Adam Levine in " Iran So Far ", and Seth Rogen in " Like a Boss ".
*" Extremely Cool " cover from the Album Desert So Dry by Morgan Hill

So and are
So we are faced with a vast network of amorphous entities perpetuating themselves in whatever manner they can, without regard to the needs of society, controlling society and forcing upon it a regime representing only the corporation's needs for survival.
So all-important are ideas, we are told, that persons successful in business and happy in social life usually fall into two classes: those who invent new ideas of their own, and those who borrow, beg, or steal from others.
So far as the existing body of formal principle and procedure is concerned, categorical novelties are not to be anticipated in Jewish-Gentile relationships ; ;
So successful has been this program, worked out by white and Negro civic leaders, that further extensions are expected in the next few months.
So, if the Orioles are to improve, Brandt, Triandos and Walker will have to do it.
So be it -- then we must embark on a crash program for 200-megaton bombs of the common or hydrogen variety, and neutron bombs, which do not exist but are said to be the coming thing.
( Note: So far as State Police cars are concerned, only their replacement is under this division ).
So few answered the question relating to their efforts to assess movable property that the results are inconclusive.
So our innate generosity of spirit prompts us to share our trials, errors and solutions with any who are taking the pool plunge for the first time -- in the pious hope that some may profit from our experience.
So the results are subject to considerable confusion.
But the greater part of semester time was actually centered around the attitudes: `` So we are married -- now how do we make the best of it ''??
So, after the sitting has been held, several readings at one time are mailed, and the distant sitter ( whose name or whose communicator's name was given to the medium ) must mark each little item as Correct ( Hit ), Incorrect ( Miss ), Doubtful, or Especially Significant ( applying to him and, he feels, not to anyone else ).
So obvious are these advantages that nearly 95 per cent of the population of New York State now has access to a system, and enthusiastic librarians foresee the day, not too distant, when all the libraries in the state will belong to a co-op.
So we are the more prepared to give Parker the credit for having taken the right side in an unnecessary controversy, to salute his courage, and to pass on, happily forgetting both him and the entire episode.
So you see how small an atom is and how complicated you are.
So if you are made of atoms, you are just a big machine ; ;
So the plot creaks, the sets are decaying, the costumes are pre-historic, the orchestra was sloppy and not very well connected with what the singers were doing.
So British subjects voluntarily naturalized in a foreign state are deemed aliens from the time of such naturalization, unless, in the case of persons naturalized before the passing of the act, they have declared their desire to remain British subjects within two years from the passing of the act.
( So prevalent are these isolated peaks and ridges that a specialised term has been adopted in Germany to describe this kind of country, thought to be in great part the result of wind action.
So, a taiga or boreal forest is at the mercy of whatever abiotic stress factors may come along, while tropical zones are much less susceptible to such stressors.
So, galantamine and homoaporphines do not contain isoquinoline fragment, but are, in general, attributed to isoquinoline alkaloids.

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